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I use a lot of CC in my game. I know it slows my game down some and there are always risks, but I can’t play without it. LOL. If you see something you like and want in your own game feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to track it down for you as best I can.


Nraas Industries.


Everything Island by Ruth Kay

Great Bear.  Sims 3 forums.


Due to the sheer volume of the amount of clothing and hair I have in my game, it would be darn near impossible to list them all, but here is a good place to start, as I find most of my CC this way.

My Sims 3 Blog

Sims:  N/A

Poses:  (Please keep in mind some links may contain adult situations/poses)

Fairstead Sims

Mrs. OB’s Sim Stories


Mod The Sims

MyPalSim’s poses (some poses are 18+)

Rayne’s factory

My Blue Book

Zhippidy’s custom poses (Some are 18+)

Red Rise and Delight.

IMHO Sims 3 poses

World of Creations

Clarisse’s Sims 3 Poses

Slices of my soul

Emmy’s blog

Forever Hailey Creations

Kiddo’s Dreams

F&L Club


Blakc’s Pose Place

Casey’s Poses

Extraordinaire17’s Poses

Ms. Adrienne


I get many of my houses from beautiful custom worlds. I apologize if I miss any.

Ruthless_KK (Everything Island and Sims 3 Exchange)

The Sims Resource

My Sim Realty

Mika’s house:  Mod the sims Starter home series by Nivaso


4 thoughts on “Custom Content

  1. Sorry to bug you, I am pretty sure I have that pose with Zoe and Tanner in the bathroom somewhere, but I can’t remember the name or where I got it, could you please tell me where you got that erotic pose from?Thanks!

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