Generation 1 Finale PT 1

This chapter is Rated R (Language and adult situations)

Author’s note:  I’m sorry this chapter is a day later then I promised.  I got called into work yesterday so it put me a day behind.  Once again, I’m so sorry for how long its taken me to release these final chapters of Madeline’s generation.  I’ve been so busy with things that  The Sims had to take a backseat for awhile, and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.  This chapter took me forever, but I had fun with it, and hope that everyone else enjoys the chapter, and what’s left to come.  Once again, thank you all for your patience.  You are all awesome! 🙂 I already got most of the next part of this finale chapter finished, and I’m shooting for sometime next week. 🙂



The obnoxious ringing of my cell phone across the room woke me up from my slumber.  I cracked one exhausted eye open and sighed.  “This better be important.” I grumbled.  I was always grumpy waking up from a nap.  Naps were such a rare occurrence in the past year, that I valued every minute that I could close my eyes more than a few seconds.

The twins looked up at me with wide blinking eyes as if saying ‘Are you going to get that mom?’

“Yeah, yeah.  I’m coming.  Hold your horses.” I told the phone as I yawned, and stretched to work the kinks out.


“Mika.”  I nudged him with my slipper clad foot.  Out cold.  I guess he too figured with the twins occupied in the play pen, he was safe to nod off for a while.

I smiled at my sleeping fiancé.  I didn’t have the heart to wake him.  He worked so hard, and needed his sleep.  Mika worked nights bartending at a little hole in the wall, aptly called ‘Hole in the wall.’  Despite the name, it was a popular place for the locals to come visit and drown their sorrows.  Despite the fact that Mika worked all night long and usually crawled into bed at the ass crack of dawn, he was always willing to help out with the twins.  He was an amazing father, and I told him that every single day…


I scrambled up from the couch stepping on one of the twin’s blocks.  Nothing hurts worse than stepping on a small square pointy object in the sole of your foot!  “Mother…..Fuuuuudge”  I yelled, and corrected myself quickly, looking over my shoulder guilty.  Mika was always after me about my potty mouth, even though they were still too young to understand.  I considered myself a work in progress.  Limping, I made it over to the telephone.  The caller ID on the screen told me it was my sister who was calling.


“What?” I barked into the phone, rubbing the sole of my foot with my other hand.

“What crawled up your ass?” Melody asked, amused.

“Forget it.  What do you want?” I barked.

“Meow, what crawled up your ass?  Nevermind.  Guess what were doing tonight?” Melody asked, changing the subject so quickly it made my head spin.

I sighed.  I didn’t like where this conversation was heading.  The only thing I wanted to do tonight was crawl into bed, and pray that the twins slept through the night.  Maybe even read a book if I was feeling ambitious.  A little snuggle time with Mika and my night would be perfect…


“Promise you wont be mad at me?” Melody whined anxiously.

“I promise nothing.” I said cautiously.  “Why do I have a feeling I’m not going to like what you have planned?”

I turned back around to glance at my children playing quietly, and my sleeping fiancé and groaned, Melody’s ideas were rarely good ones, and I had a feeling whatever she had planned would involve me having to actually put on pants.


“Well I was thinking.  Since your old friend Janice is in town for the wedding.  I figured now would be a good time to have your bachelorette party.”

I ignored the fact she called Janice old and instead said “I told you I didn’t want a bachelorette party.  All I wanted was a nice dinner in a nice restaurant, somewhere Grandma can join in.” I said tiredly.  I couldn’t wrap my head around my grandma and strippers.  Just the thought of my proper grandmother rubbing her face against a tanned, muscular exotic dancer covered in baby oil was enough to make me want to kill myself.

“Your going to kill me….” Melody laughed, not sounding sorry at all.  In fact, she sounded pretty damned pleased with herself.  “Janice and I already planned it.  So get out of your frumpy mom duds, and slap on the war paint, because your going to have fun tonight!”

“I’m gonna do what now?” I asked, pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration.  I could feel a massive headache coming my way with the speed of a freight train, and it was only going to get worse.  “Melody…”

“Suck it up buttercup, because there is no way you’re getting out of this.  I already talked to Mika, and he’s going to watch the kids, and I already made plans.   Besides, you need this.  All you do is sit home and write, and take care of the twins.  You need a life girl!”  Melody said.

I snuck a quick look at my sleeping fiancé and narrowed my eyes.  Traitor.  “I’ll get you back for this.” I said, as I knew there was no way out of the situation.  “I should have never picked you to be my maid of honor.” I laughed.

“Oh you love me.”  Melody laughed into the phone, I could almost picture her self-satisfied smile.

“You make it hard sometimes…” I laughed.  I couldn’t stay mad at her for long.

“Get ready.  Bring your swimsuit. “I’ll pick you up at 8.  Don’t puss out.”  Melody hung up the phone, leaving my head spinning like a top.

Looks like I had plans tonight after all…


Scowling.  I walked back to the couch and nudged Mika in the shoulder.  “Wake up.”  I glared at him as he opened his eyes.

Mika smacked his lips together and grunted.  “Huh?  What?”  He asked rubbing his eyes.  “What’s going on?”

“Really Mika?  I told you I didn’t want a bachelorette party.  You sold me to the devil, and tonight Melody is going to come collect her prize.” I frowned at him.  I glanced down at the twins, playing hide and go seek in their playpen.  All I felt was disappointment…I really had been looking forward to a nice quiet Saturday night with my future husband.


“I figured it would be good for you.” Mika smiled at me, making my insides churn like they always did at his smile.

“Good for me?” I repeated.  I sounded like a parrot.

“Yes.  Your sister is looking forward to this, and she just wants to see you have a good time.  So be a good older sister and pull up your big girl underpants and indulge her would ya?”


Mika gave me a wicked grin.  “Besides, if you come home totally wasted, I can have my way with you.”  He winked at me, his dark eyes twinkling playfully.


“Well I guess I better go get ready.” I said sadly looking down at my pajama’s.  I felt Mika’s arm go around my shoulder and I leaned into his embrace.

“You’re making it tough to leave.” I smiled, kissing his stubble covered cheek.

I stood, and he playfully smacked  me on my ass.  “Go get em tiger.”



The pulsing music from the sprawling house before me told me I was in the right place.  I watched the taxi pull away from the curb, and for a moment, I just stood there wishing I was at home in my bed holding a nice thick paper back book in my comfy sweat pants.

I looked down at the address in my hand hastily scrawled on the back side of a grocery list.  I was in the right place.  I knew Madeline’s friend Mackenzie from college was well off, but I hadn’t expected this…


“It’s open!” I heard when I knocked on the front door. I let myself in and stepped into the open foyer leading into the living area with wall to wall windows.  The fading sunlight spilled in through the windows.


“Madeline!” Melody squealed, her hands covering her face like an excited child at a surprise birthday party.  I braced myself as my sister lunged at me with the speed of a freight train and launched herself into my arms like she hadn’t seen me in a month.  It had been two days, which was a lifetime considering she lived across the street from me.

I patted her back awkwardly.  I couldn’t help but notice she was already two sheets to the wind.  Seconds later a drink was thrust into my open hand, and Melody was back to dancing wildly next to the massive stereo system with Mackenzie and Janice.


“Where is grandma?” I yelled over the sound of the thumping bass from the stereo.

“Out by the pool.” Melody yelled back. “Come dance with us.”

I took a sip of my drink and watched the three stooges dance like drunken idiots.  “I’m going to say hi to grandma.” I announced, opening the sliding glass door and stepping out onto the porch closing the door behind me, muffling the loud sound of their laughter and the loud music.


“Hey.” I sat down beside her on a comfortable patio chair that overlooked the huge swimming pool.

Meredith smiled at me knowingly.  “Your sister means well.  I think this is more for her then it is for you.”

“Yeah.”  I said in agreement.  I stared out over the pool, the reflections from the fading sunlight played upon the water.


“Having children does change you doesn’t it?” My grandmother said wistfully.

I nodded in agreement, but said nothing.

“Believe it or not Melody reminds me a lot of myself when I was young.” She laughed.  I shot her an incredulous look.  “Don’t laugh.  It’s true.  I used to be quite the party animal.  I wasn’t always this...uptight.” Her voice trailed off with a hint of sadness etched into the lines of her face.  “I was so young when your mother was born.  I was just a child myself, and all I thought about was myself.  But the minute Melissa was placed in my arms, something just…clicked.”  She smiled, her eyes fixed on the distant tree line.  “Sorry.” She said finally, she shook her head her hair that she had grown out over the past year fluttered around her face making her look years younger.

“Don’t be sorry.” I smiled softly.  “Although picturing you acting like Melody is really hard to wrap my head around.” I said honestly.

“That girl.” She said fondly.  “Is a pain in the ass, reminds me so much of your mother.”

“Have you talked to…Melissa lately?” I asked, feeling a surge of anger I always felt at the mention of her name.  Would I ever get over it?

Meredith sighed, her eyes closing, the look that briefly crossed her face was one of pure pain.  “I’ve tried.  She wont see me or accept my calls.  I just hope she’s staying clean.  I think deep down she hates me for pursing custody of Mason.”

I smiled at the mention of my little half-brother.  It had taken Mason a long time to come out of his shell, but under my grandmothers love and guidance he was doing amazingly well in school.  Such a change from that lonely sullen child I had first gotten to know.

“This is your bachelorette party.” My grandmother smiled.  “We shouldn’t be talking about such serious things.  Go have fun.  This means a lot to your sister.”


The sliding glass door opened and Melody, MacKenzie, and Janice spilled into the back yard, laughing.

“Let’s go swimming!” Mackenzie giggled, stripping out of her dress, almost stumbling into the pool.

“You girls are nuts.” Janice shook her head, and sat beside me in the empty lounge chair.  “It’s early June.  In Maine.  The lakes literally just unfroze a couple of weeks ago.  You both are going to freeze your titties off.” She said in her blunt direct way, grinning in my direction.  “You two by all means, enjoy yourself.  But I’m not jumping in to save your drunken asses when you drown.” Janice laughed.

We all watched as Melody and MacKenzie jumped into the pool and began splashing each other.



“Have another drink!” Melody laughed after everyone had come inside and had a bite to eat.  Dinner had been wonderful, and I found myself warming to the whole idea of having a bachelorette party.  Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all?

“I shouldn’t.” I waved my hand and turned away from the offered bottle.  “Mika works midnights and sleeps a lot during the day, I need to be up with the twins tomorrow.”

“Your no fun.” Melody scowled and chugged at the bottle.

“If you puke, you’re cleaning it up” Mackenzie said beside me on the couch.  I liked MacKenzie, and it was generous of her to offer up her gorgeous house for my bachelorette party, but I had to admit she was a little of a bad influence on my sister.  But maybe that what college was all about?  If I hadn’t met Mika and gotten pregnant, would I be living the carefree life that my sister was?

There was a knock on the door, and I watched as Melody and MacKenzie traded knowing looks.

“You should go answer the door.” Melody laughed, hiding her smirk behind her beer bottle.  She was pointing at me.

“This isn’t my house.” I muttered, but stood, slightly tipsy from the few drinks that I had consumed.


To my complete shock when I opened the door a police officer stood under the glow of the porch lights.

“Can I help you?” I squeaked nervously.

“We’ve had some complaints in the neighborhood about loud music.  Is this a party ma’am?”

“Bachelorette party.  I’m sorry Officer, I’ll turn down the music.  I didn’t realize the neighbors were so close.” I started to turn, and saw Melody, Janice, and MacKenzie barely holding back their laughter.

“Are you the bride?” He asked, his strong fingers playing with the buttons of his cop uniform.  “Ma’am, would you please turn around and place your hands on the wall?”

“What?” I squeaked, but did as I was told.  I had watched enough ‘Cops’ on TV that I knew enough to never disobey an order from one.  I glared at Melody as she let out a huge guffaw and nearly fell off the couch.  Silent tears of laughter were streaming down Janice’s face.  My grandmother just looked shocked.  Was this funny to them?

“I think this is just a huge misunderstanding.” I said pressed up against the wall as I felt him patting me down.  “Can you please tell me what’s going on?” I wanted to cry.  I had just known this night was going to be a disaster!

“Would you mind taking a seat on the couch while I call for back up?” The officer asked, his face expressionless.

“Backup?” I repeated dumfounded.  My head was spinning.  All I could imagine was the look on Mika’s face when he had to bail me out of jail tonight.  I glared at Melody as I flopped down beside her on the couch.  “Are you happy?” I scowled at Melody.

“Ms. Drake?” He asked playing with the buttons of his uniform again.  “You have the right to… sexy.”  Then in one fluid motion he ripped away his uniform and flung it behind the couch leaving him standing before me in nothing but a speedo, his well oiled muscles glistening in the dim light.


With that Madeline, Janice, and MacKenzie erupted into cheers as he began grinding his body against mine.

“You are so dead.” I hissed at Melody, as he began performing fellatio on his nightstick winking at me suggestively.

“Thank me later.” Melody laughed and thrusted a handful of dollar bills down the front of his speedo.

I was numb with embarrassment as the stripper cop grinded his body against mine as I sat on the sofa as if made from stone.

“Live a little!” Melody hooted as she stood up to dance beside him, grinding her lithe body against his.  “He’s hot.”  She thrust another handful of dollar bills at him.


He then whirled away from Melody and I, and to my complete shock and utter embarrassment began grinding his muscular tan chest against my grandmothers face.  Her cheeks flushed so red I thought she was moments away from having a heart attack, but I couldn’t help but laugh, relax and enjoy the show.  I guess this was all in just good fun after all…

“Mika is going to get such a kick out of hearing about tonight.” Janice laughed, setting down her empty beer bottle on the end table.  The grin on her face told me she was having a great time.


The stripper came to a complete stop and whirled to face me, his expression unreadable.  “Did you say your name was Madeline?  Madeline Drake?” He asked.

“Hey you quit dancing!” MacKenzie whined looking annoyed.

We both ignored MacKenzie.  I stared at him.  “Yes.  That’s my name.  What’s going on?” My forehead creased in a frown.

“You are marrying Mika?”

“Will someone tell me what the hell is going on? Is this another joke?” I glared around the room, but everyone looked just as puzzled as I did.

“I’m Matthew Dimarzo.  I’m Mika’s little brother.”



Thank you guys so much for reading.  I’m so sorry it only took forever to get this chapter out, but I hope part 1 of the Generation finale was worth the wait. 🙂  I had a lot of issues with this chapter. Throwing a bachelorette party in the sims is a pain in the ass, and I had to scrap it several times altogether.  I originally had them at a club, and threw a party, and everyone showed up and left because the party sucked before the strippers arrived.  So I had to do it over again.  Round two went better…until the maid of honor Melody literally got abducted by aliens in the middle of it, and Meredith the grandmother got stuck on stage with the stripper and peed herself.  So I went with an entire different route and for the longest time was just flustered with this chapter.  I’m so happy to have it behind me. Haha!
















44 thoughts on “Generation 1 Finale PT 1

  1. oh lord. that is going to be one awkward wedding and mikka is going to be stunned when he finds out what his little brother is moonlighting as a stripper

  2. Hahahaha……I almost peed my pants!! Mika’s brother….hahaha! Great chapter! Looking forward to the next one. No prob on the time. We all have Rl to deal with. 😦

    • LMAO!! Awww i can steal you some depends from work. I don’t want you to pee yourself. haha. I’m glad you liked the chapter and are looking forward to the next one. 🙂

      • Yes, I need some Depends!! I ran out and need more. I sure would appreciate it if you could pick me up some. 😉 Always looking forward to your work!

  3. Holy shit, this was so worth the wait!! ❤ Omg, OMG!! Mika's LITTLE BROTHER?! :O Are you for real? Like the odds for that is just so little and it happens!! Omg, omg…. I'm shocked, blown away and full of feelings. I'm gonna explode!!! Want more!!! 😀 But really, holy shit how will everyone, including Mika react to this and omg at the wedding… :O You're driving me crazy with your cliffhanger girl! But still love this and soo want more now.
    But happy to see you back again 🙂

    • Awww thanks! I’m glad you think it was worth the wait. That means so much to me, you have no idea!!! Haha, yeah Mika’s little brother. I knew a long time ago that he should be a stripper paying for medical school, and really wanted to incorporate that idea somehow into the story, and thought it would be funny. Thank you, it’s good to be back again, now that things in my personal life aren’t so hectic! Thanks so much for reading!!

  4. I’m so happy you’re back! Great chapter, you’re an awesome writer. So excited for the next part I can hardly wait. I wonder how Mika is going to feel about his little brother grinding his future wife. I bet the wedding is going to be beautiful. Cant wait to see the twins grow up either.

    • Thank you! I’m so happy you liked the chapter!! I’m so hoping i can manage to pull off a beautiful wedding. I SO hate staging things, and weddings frustrate me in the game because the sims do stupid shit you don’t want them to do. I predict lots and lots of posing. Haha. Thanks so much for reading!

  5. I knew it! (Okay, I didn’t know it, but…) he looked so much like Mika that when he first appeared, I was like, “wait, is that Mika?” And then I was scrolling down and that picture where he’s dancing looked like Mika and I said to myself, “Self, she must really like Mika’s features. That guy looks just like him.” Then BAM!

    Honestly, I never saw that coming. Also, quick question: What’s with all the “M” names??

    • Yeah, he does look a TON like Mika, but i’m happy i was able to surprise you at least. 🙂 To answer your question about the M names, i’ll try to explain it as best as i can. When i first created the character Madeline, I asked my daughter what I should name her, and she gave me the name of her best friend also named Madeline. Then i created her family, and just went with the M theme as some families due when naming their children. When I made Mika his name just popped into my head as my two brothers are named Michael, and Matthew. It’s really as simple as that. Mackenzie was just some random sim I made a long time ago, that had been sitting in my sim bin, and I didn’t even realize that she too, had an M name.

  6. OMG!!!!! *Runs and tackle hugs you* I have missed you!!!!

    Sorry! I’m just so excited that you’re back and that there’s a new chapter!!!

    The second she opened the door and the cop was standing there I was like. . .Mika? It’s the eyes. They’re just so similar. I was still surprised that it was his brother but I kept thinking, “Wow, this guy has almost the same eyes as Mika. What are the odds?” lol!

    I’m glad Madeline got out to have some fun, even if it was more so for Melody. 😉 Kind of embarrassing that he was doing those things to his future sister-in-law. . .That will make for some fun reminiscing stories later. lol!

    Glad you’re back! *hugs again*

    • Aww i’m glad to see you too Sandy. I come on AIM all the time to see if you are on, and you never are. (Cries) So get your ass on sometime.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and commenting!

  7. I thought that stripper looked a lot like Mika!! Oh I know he’s going to be ecstatic to see his brother again. I hope. LOL. So glad you’re back and this chapter was amazing! ❤

    • LOL yeah, you can tell they are brothers thats for sure!!! He looks a little more different without his cop hat, but with the hat on, they could be identical twins. (They aren’t) Thanks so much Stormy for stopping by and checking out this latest chapter! ❤

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  9. LOL, I wonder if Mika knew that his brother works as a stripper.
    I know what you mean about the parties being hard to manage in the game, they’re definitely not story friendly, haha. I am thankful for poses, that’s for sure. XD
    Mackenzie’s house is really pretty. Pfft, Madison is kind of slow, huh? Bachelorette party, a cop asking if there’s a noise disturbance… LOL!

    • LOL. Naw Mika has no idea what Matthew does to pay his college tuition. Hehe. And you are so right about parties not being story friendly. I swear setting up party scenes, make me want to bash my head into my computer monitor! And yes, Madeline is a little slow, if it were me that was at that party, I would have knew right away he was a stripper!!

  10. I thought the stripper was Mika for minute there but his brother, wow totally unexpected! I wonder Mika will react to that. The twins are sooo cute, can’t wait to see them grow up.
    Mackensie’s house is really nice, great choice for a party. I tend not to do many parties in my legacies as I am usually pulling my hair out by the end!!
    Great chapter as always, don’t worry about the delay between chapters they are always worth the wait.

    • I’m so happy you think the twins are cute, I think so too. I took a sneak peek at what they looked like as they got older, and i’m pleased with how they turned out! Mackenzie’s house was nice. I originally wanted them to go to a club of some sort, but that would require making a ton of extra sims and I thought a smaller intimate party was more Madeline’s style and wanted to reflect that somehow. Yes, I tend to avoid parties like the plague also because how annoying they are to take pictures of. Thank you so much for commenting!

  11. First of all, welcome back! _< I remember Gareth getting abducted while I was trying to get pics of a chapter too hahaha they kept him for like 6 hours wtf
    Anyways.. Good chapter, glad you're back! 😀

    • Wtf it cut off like, all of my comment.. But I said “First of all, welcome back! ❤
      Well then.. That's awkward for Maddie and Matthew. XD I had a feeling he was at least related to Mika since he looked identical to him when she answered the door hahaha I wonder how Mika is going to take the news that his brother is a stripper O_O or if Maddie will even tell him.. Maybe it'll become their little secret or something since they're going to be family soon LOL"

      • LMAO!! I can imagine Gareth getting abducted. Yah they kept Melody in that damn spaceship for awhile too, and I was like screw this. Thanks for the welcome back, it does feel good to get back into writing this damn story again. I was stuck on it for so long and had ideas where i wanted to go, but no motivation to get past that stupid party after all the problems i had with it. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading and commenting 🙂

  12. Oh no! Mika is supposed to be dead, right. If his little brother tells the wrong people that Mika is alive this will be awful.
    On the other hand, his brother looks a lot like him. I hope it will be a happy family reunion.

    • Thanks for commenting MajesticDragonfly! Don’t worry, i’ll put your mind at ease now, all the drama with Mika is finished. Nobody will ever be looking for him. 🙂 And Matthew can keep a secret. He’s a good guy 🙂 Thanks for reading hun!

  13. OMG. That was… amazing. At first, I was like… O.o Who the freak is this dude… It was so awkward. My brain is still processing this chapter.

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    • Thanks! My sim making is ok at best. I suck at making male sims, but I agree Mika is hot, he’s my favorite male sims i’ve made of all time. I’m happy how he turned out. 🙂

  16. LMFAO!!!

    I thought it was Mika for sure. I’m like “how drunk can she be to not know it’s her fiance?” Then he started dancing and I’m like “WHAT’RE YOU DOING! In front of her sister and friends?!”

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    I can’t believe I missed this!! I need a new blog-following service 😦 I just stopped by to say I missed your story and here are THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS!!!

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    • LOL Yes, they look a lot a like. With the cop hat on I could hardly even tell the difference between the two of them! I’m glad you liked the chapter and got a good laugh out of their embarassing situation. 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting! ❤

  17. It was nice that Melody went to all that trouble to organize a party for Maddie. I think that Maddie should have a little fun instead of just being a mom.

    When the stripper/cop appeared I thought wow he sure looks like Mika. Then I kept asking myself is it? No it can’t be because Maddie isn’t reacting like she recognizes him. Then the shock that sets in when the stripper realizes who he’s gyrating for talk about awkward! I can only imagine how Mika’s going to react to his brother stripping to pay the bills.

  18. Oh man, I cracked up throughout the entirety of the party, including your comments about how horribly your other parties failed, LOL. Sounds just like the sims 😉

    I was wondering why the cop looked so much like Mika! This is still a little confusing though because I thought Mika’s brother was in med school? Maybe this is a side job to help him pay tuition though….LOL. Hey if you got the looks I guess XD XD XD

  19. Really cannot believe I wasn’t getting updates on this!!! I/m so made that I was behind, but so happy that I went into a clicking frenzy and ended up finding this again… The cliffhangers always killed me, (but in a good way) and this did not disappoint. I didn’t see that coming.

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The Starr Legacy

A Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

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