Playing around with the sims 4

Yes….I caved.  I was extremely bored this morning and downloaded The Sims 4, just for shits and giggles.  I figured I would post some screen shots of my sims “adventures.”  Well I can say with certainty now that The Sims 3 is far superior.  At least I think so.   I decided to take some screen shots for you. Keep in mind I didn’t play for very long, and got bored very quickly.  I’ll post some more later, If i can muster up the urge to play again.


The game loads FAST.  How fast?  Under a minute which is a nice refresher from The Sims 3 where if I knew I was going to be playing I would load the game, and go take a shower, or fold some laundry or something.

Animations are smoother and more realistic.  No more sitting on the couch waving your arms and head around like a fricken lunatic while having a simple conversation about the weather.

Conversations are smarter.  What I mean by this is that your sim can be doing multiple things at once and still converse with other sims.  I held a conversation with a dude who was using the weight machines and as he was pumping iron I was conversing with him.  Both sims don’t have to be sitting or standing as it was with the sims 3.

Community lots are full of sims living their daily lives.  No more going to a night club, or the gym and sitting around by yourself like a loser.  Every place I went too was packed with sims to talk too.

I liked CAS and how easy it was to make sims.  I wish there was more makeup and better hair to choose from, but I liked the clothing choices so far and how detailed you could get with changing body types.

Thought bubbles go away when you go into tab mode to take pictures which is nice. I’m so anti bubble when taking story pictures!

Needs don’t go down as drastically like they do in the Sims 3.  Much more realistic, as I spent the whole entire first day of playing at the gym, at the park and exploring.  By 8 pm, she wasn’t falling asleep standing up for once.  That was nice. 🙂 They also don’t need to pee constantly.  (high-five)



Both towns are tiny.  I guess it depends on how you personally play, but for me this is a con. I love huge towns full of sims.  There are only small handful of houses to choose from, and a couple empty lots


No more roaming around at will.  It’s more like the sims 2 where you had to visit community lots by clicking on them.  Same idea here.  I used to love to explore places that were hard to get too and get beautiful scenic photos.  Not anymore.

Plastic hair–yeah, enough said. Very disappointing. I only found a few hair styles that I liked.  I’m hoping once CC comes out I’ll enjoy Create a sim a bit more than I do.  The clothing however is pretty decent.

Only a few community lots, one night club, a gym, a park, a library, and museum.  That’s all the community lots.  I got bored really quickly. Oh and the park.  I guess that counts.

No color wheels.  (Sigh) I miss that a lot actually, so that’s a huge con for me.  Not too many color choices (for me) to choose from.

No toddlers.  (WTF) From a story perspective that’s going to be pretty rough to explain if you are like me and like your stories to be realistic.  I foresee lots of time jumps in my future!

No family tree.  Again, WTF! I love family trees.

Camera angles.  Woah do they suck.  No overhead view, even when scrolled all the way out, and your stuck with the same angle which basically follows your sim around without being able to see a whole lot around you.

Taking pictures.  You can still go into tab mode which is nice but gone are the tilt controls.  You can still pan around and take some pretty decent pics, but it’s not the same as it was in Sims 3.  And it’s not as cool at all.

No more patterns.  Again, I feel spoiled in the Sims 3.  I loved the patterns how everything was unique and vibrant when you’d decorate.   Without it everything is the same.  Why take that away from us? I don’t get it.


Overall thoughts:

Is it fun?  Yeah it’s alright, but I got bored with it pretty quickly.  Like I said, there is only a few places to visit, and they aren’t very big either.  Overall, I feel like this game is a step back from The Sims 3, where you could do so much more!  Yeah, I know this is only the base game, and I’m hoping that in time they will provide a lot more for us to do.

There are several things that I haven’t really explored, and once I do I’ll post an update here.  I haven’t really played around with the Sims themselves.  Flirting, whoohoo, marriage, having children, family dynamics, careers, friendships, ect, so I still have a LOT of playing around to do!


09-04-14_11-31 AM

This is Adaline King.  Yeah, she has a chronic case of bitch face, she’s just as upset about the big chunk of plastic on her head as I am.  She’s rockin’ the pony tail–one of the few hairs that didn’t royally piss me off and remind me of playing with leggos as a child.

09-04-14_11-31 AM-2

This is Adaline’s street.  Pretty yes?  Wish I could send that bitch out to walk around the world as she wanted.  Sadly you can’t roam around at will.  You can however choose to jog, but she didn’t go very far.

09-04-14_11-42 AM09-04-14_11-43 AM

I sent Adaline to the gym.  Gotta keep it tight!!!  Community lots (in this town at least) Are all together, all whopping 4 of them. (Sigh) As you can see, I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of that annoying ass plumbob, which is hovering over her head like a bad omen. >.<

09-04-14_11-50 AM09-04-14_11-46 AM

Inside the gym is pretty busy, lots of sims working out which is a refreshing change from the sims 3 where you go places and find them virtually empty, except for one lousy asshat dressed in the uglist of duds, dancing by himself awkwardly.  I decided to check out her animations lifting weights.  That plumbob is still as annoying as fuck!

09-04-14_11-50 AM-209-04-14_11-46 AM-209-04-14_11-54 AM

Look who it is Don Lothorio stinkin up the joint with his green stink clouds.  Love that he’s rockin the bandana. LOL  Pardon the lame white line around Don.  You have to be careful when you take pictures that you aren’t clicking on something or else that stupid white line ruins everything.

09-04-14_11-47 AM09-04-14_11-57 AM

Boxing!  Yeah she’s hot-headed and working out some of her anger issues on the poor punching bag.

09-04-14_12-04 PM

I got bored with the gym pretty quickly and sent her to the park to get some fresh air.

09-04-14_12-05 PM

Nice stache dude…

09-04-14_12-21 PM09-04-14_12-22 PM09-04-14_12-23 PM

Grillin out, all that hard work from the gym gone from eating pure junk.

09-04-14_12-24 PM09-04-14_12-25 PM

Annoying! I tried to clean up after her and she decides to run around like a damn lunatic with the plate for a good hour or so, unable to find a sink.  (Sigh)

09-04-14_12-26 PM09-04-14_12-27 PM\

Parked her cute little perky ass on a park bench and took in the sights.  Too bad that plumbob stinks up the picture.

09-04-14_12-27 PM-2

For some reason, a lot of sims seem to walk around in a constant shitty mood.  I have a few theories on this, number one being they are extremely unhappy that their infants age into children and skip the toddler stage, and also that they are sick of the fugly plastic hair on top of their heads.  (Yes, I can’t get past those issues–don’t judge me)

09-04-14_12-31 PM

I finally sent her home after a long day of doing…well pretty much  nothing.  Everything is so plain, from the houses to community lots.  It’s a real eye sore, and I feel the immediate need to decorate.

09-04-14_12-43 PM

There.  That’s better.  Somewhat.  Most of the decorating items are pretty cool, and have more than the Sims 3 base game did, which is a plus.  There is even a section dedicated to clutter! Yay, clutter.  Who doesn’t love clutter?

09-04-14_12-46 PM

After channel surfing for a while I decided to send her to bed as I couldn’t really find anything to do to keep her interest for very long.  Hopefully my next play session of the Sims 4 will be a little bit more exciting than today was.  *Yawn*











27 thoughts on “Playing around with the sims 4

  1. Thanks for doing this. Yeah, nothing I’ve seen so far has made me want to get Sims 4. Looks to me as though it’s faster simply because it’s less complex and therefore a lot less interesting.

    • You’re welcome. It is fun to play, I just think its very different. It’s a different game entirely, and really can’t relate the two together. I do like the load times though. I wish my sims 3 loaded as fast!

  2. Interesting… I’m sad to hear that you can’t send your Sim wandering around town, that’s like my favorite thing to do… I was also sad about the Create a Style being eliminated from the game, and I love creating patterns of my own, it makes everyone’s game so unique that way. Dude, I saw this picture on Tumblr of a pregnant Sim… and I just… she was monstrously huge, like way fatter than even a real woman should be when she’s pregnant. Yes, you should gain a small amount of weight to support the baby, but this Sim was like… it looked like she gained 300 pounds plus her original body weight. It was horrifying. LOL.
    I like your review, it showed me some things I otherwise didn’t know.

    • Yeah. 😦 That was the part that bummed me the MOST. Not being able to wonder around town. They can go for a jog, but its only their block, then they turn around and go right home. OMG yes! Pregnant sims in this game ARE HUGE! Like…they are carrying quintuplets inside of them!

  3. Claustrophobia. That’s the thing I noticed when playing Sims 4. From your home to the gym, everything was so compacted. There was no space. Like at the gym. Everything just seemed so jam-packed together. Remember all the space there was in the Sunset Valley gym? Here, not so much!

  4. You got the game!! I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to get t – everybody seems to be saying the same things about it – it’s pretty to look at but it gets old pretty fast. Like you, I will probably cave because the world is so beautiful that I’m practically drooling over it any time a screenshot is shared on Tumblr or WordPress or where ever else. I’m actually quite in to the style though, that lively, cartoony style appeals to me but i totally agree with you about the hair – it looks like it’s been molded from plasticine. I doubt it will be long before the modders and the meshers start poking their fingers in there and giving us decent hairstyles to play with.

    Thanks for this by the way – Seeing other people’s impressions of the game really helps out when I’m trying to decide if I want it or not, and by the way this post was super witty and funny. I giggled out loud at least three times! hehehe

    • You are right. The game is beautiful and for me it plays well and is very smooth. It is fun to play, but honestly its like i’ve been spoiled by the sims 3 because there is just so much more to do. I do play around with the sims 4 from time to time, and I have fun, but I still prefer the sims 3 by a long shot.

    • I can’t wait for more mods and CC for the sims 4. I do think it will help a lot. 🙂
      As for legacy tips. Have a good background story for your founder and a unique story line, it will help readers get hooked on your story when they feel like they can connect to a character 🙂

  5. Thanks for showing us around Sims 4. It seems so limiting. I’m hoping it’s just because it’s base game only.

    Your color commentary had me laughing half the time. Don’t hold back now. Tell us how you REALLY feel! LOL. 😀

    • LOL. I hope it didnt make it sound like I was anti sims 4. It’s fun, and cute, don’t get me wrong. And as more expansions come out for it, things might change. For now, it’s limited, for me at least. It’s very different then the sims 3.

  6. I agree with you completely. I hate blocky hair, and I love toddlers to death. If the Sims 4 looked more realistic and had CAP, then I’d consider it. Besides that though, I feel like EA should sell the game for like 30 bucks or less. It’s really crappy in my opinion.

    • To each their own. You may like it, but for me, I gave my honest opinions on the game, and it is fun, but just very limited for what I enjoy doing in a game. Let me say this–for story writers its limited. For people who just simply play to have fun, I’m sure they will love it. 🙂

  7. I agree with you, however you can enable the ‘Sims 3’ camera in the options menu so you can tilt your view. 🙂 But otherwise this game was terribly disappointing to be quite honest, and I don’t know how I really feel about it :/

    • Thanks for the tip about the sims 3 camera in the options menu. That did help a little, but the camera’s are still wonky to me. I’m used to being able to tilt a lot, and you can’t do that.

  8. I have to agree. Sims 3 is way superior, and not just for story boards. For builds, for paying, and yes, the hair truly sucks! I will wait for my Sim 3 platform to load most patiently, just to get the color and pattern variety. Maybe EA will get it right with Sims 5 and marry the best of both worlds. Let’s hope!

    • Yes. Sims 3 is way better for story writers, so far. The sims 4 to me just seems like a fun way to play and pass the time. 🙂 This may change in the future as more content comes out. We’ll see 🙂

  9. I have to admit I was thinking I could wait to buy the Sims4 but when 9/2 came around I looked for it in the stores around town and was slightly disappointed that none of them had it. Not surprised as the Walmart we have in town sucks and they probably haven’t stocked the shelves with it yet. But it kept me from spending a small fortune on it. Then I thought I could order it on line but held off after reading the not so flattering reviews on Amazon. Then I read this and thought I’ll wait until there’s at least another expansion pack to go with the base game or something that makes it more appealing. Besides I haven’t really explored everything in the Sims3 yet.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah truthfully I wish I would have waited to buy it, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. A lot of people seem to enjoy it, and I do too. I play it when I just want to play the sims without worrying about story lines and messing up my save game sims 3 files. It’s a fun game, but it’s limited, and I hope that it will change in the future 🙂

  10. I recently bought the game and have actually been having fun with it. At first I was a little bored because of how small the world is but after downloading lots from the gallery and kicking out fugly townies, it actually got more exciting. I think it’s better to focus on the sims themselves to get the most out of the game. I find myself playing like I did the Sims 2, where I was primarily caught up in the sims’ social lives.

    Oh and to improve your game, there’s an option in the settings to revert the camera back to Sims 3 style. The camera will work exactly like ts3 (including tilt shift!). Also, there’s a code to remove the white line, though the exact command escapes me. It should come up on a google search though.

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