1.21 Family PT 1

This chapter is Rated R (Minor swearing, and slight nudity.  (If simulated birthing scenes aren’t your thing.  Probably best to skip this chapter)

Author’s note:  This chapter was hard to write.  I went back and forth on it for a few days wondering how to get across what I wanted to get across. LOL.  I decided to go with a couple of time jumps, otherwise I could seriously see this generation lasting for ten more chapters, and I’m so more than ready to wrap everything up and move onto the next!  I hope this chapter doesn’t seem rushed, because it is…well slightly.   Also, a huge thank you to those who recommended the show Once Upon A Time to me.  I started watching it, and I’ve been addicted to it.  That’s partly the reason why this chapter hasn’t been released sooner…Haha. 🙂  Part 2 should be released tomorrow.  It’s pretty much done, I just might need a couple more pictures to make it complete.  We’ll see. 🙂



“I think that’s the last of it.”  Melody smiled at me, slamming down the trunk of her car, and brushing her hands off on the front of her jeans.  “Are you sure you want to do this?” Melody looked at me with the concerned expression that after several months, I had gotten used to seeing on people’s faces when they looked at me.  “You know you can always change your mind.  Nobody will blame you for it.”


“Yes.” I confirmed, looking back up at my grandmother’s house quickly, feeling a pain of homesickness wash over me like a tidal wave.  “It’s what Mika would have wanted.  He always talked about Maine.  It was our sanctuary.  He would want our babies to be born there, I think.  He always had hopes that him and I would end up there someday.” I said patting my very swollen pregnant belly.  Twins, I couldn’t believe it…


I looked up at my grandmother’s house feeling my eyes grow misty.  I had grown up in this house, and spent some of the best moments of my life within its walls, but as much as I loved my childhood home, it was now haunted by memories of what would never be.  Every time I walked down the street I was always reminded of the night Mika’s grandfather took us hostage, the night Mika gave up his life to ensure that I and his unborn babies would live a life of safety, even if it was at a devastating personal cost. The house across the street stood as a dark reminder of a past that would haunt me for the rest of my life, a dark stain on an otherwise pristine white page.  To my surprise, the house had sold.  A nice family lived there now, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was close to having an anxiety attack every time I looked at it, the dark almost gothic like towers seemed to blot out the sun, and bathe everything in darkness.  I would had been more than happy to light a match, and sit back and watch the house burn down to the ground… Two weeks after Mika’s death, a letter arrived.

My Dearest Madeline,

Please know I love you, more than anything in this world.  You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I have never regretted a minute of our time together.  My only regret is that our time together was so short. 

I hope you understand why I had to do what I did.  I could never live with myself if anything happened to you or our unborn baby. 

A life on the run is no place for you Madeline, and I would never want that life for you or our child.

My heart breaks as I write this letter, but I hold the memory of our time together in my heart.  My grandfather can never take those memories away…                   

Enclosed is a map.  Remember how we always talked about Maine? 

Some of the best memories of my life were spent in a little seaside town named Port Acadia. 

You and the baby will be safe there, and it will be the fresh start you are looking for.

I love you Madeline.  More than anything….

Love, Mika.


The letter was frayed around the edges and the ink was slowly fading, but I never went anywhere without that letter.  Besides my unborn children, it was my last link to Mika.  I leaned against Melody’s car and once again took out the letter, carefully unfolding it, my fingers gently tracing over the familiar words that were burned into my memory.  Tears poured down my face making the words blur on the page.  I closed my eyes, feeling the slow trickle of tears and gently refolded the letter, replacing it in the pocket of my dress.  If I closed my eyes I could picture him standing beside me, devilishly handsome with his tousled black hair and lop-sided grin, and eyes that would twinkle when the light hit them.


Melody slowly approached me looking concerned.  “You ok?” She asked leaning her hand on my shoulder.

I smiled gratefully at my sister, reaching into my purse for a tissue.  “I will be.” I said firmly.  “I feel like I’m doing the right thing.  This feels like a fresh start.  For all of us.  There are too many bad memories here.”  I looked at my sister. “What about you?  Do you have any regrets moving?”


“Not a one.” Melody said with a shake of her long blonde hair.  “I’m excited to start college, and lord knows I was lucky Port Acadia University was willing to take me with my horrible grades.” She let out a musical laugh that instantly made me smile.  “And Mason is excited to move.  He sees this as one big adventure.”

I smiled.  The time spent away from North Port and Melissa had done little Mason a world of good.  He was starting to come out of his shell, and was doing amazing in school under my grandmothers guidance.  It was great to see him acting like a kid again.  I was surprised Melissa didn’t put up more of a fuss signing over custody of Mason to my grandmother, but once my grandmother threatened to bring child protective services into the mix, Melissa started singing a different tune.  Melissa and David finally divorced, which really wasn’t a surprise to anyone.  What also wasn’t a shock was that David quickly moved in with his secretary much to Melissa’s chagrin.  I guess she had been right about David having an affair after all….


The front door slamming shut shook me out of my day dreams, and Mason jumped off the porch running over to me with a wide grin throwing himself into my arms.  “I’m going to miss you Madeline.” He buried his head into my chest, his voice muffled in the fabric of my shirt.


“I’m going to miss you too Mason, but before you know it you’ll be moving as well.  Grandma just has a few loose ends she needs to tie up first.” I smiled reassuringly at my little brother, ruffling his fine dark hair.  “She wants you to finish up the school year with your friends.  It’s only a few months to summer.  It will be over before you know it.”


“I really wish you’d wait until after the baby is born.” Meredith fretted a worried frown etched into her face.  “You shouldn’t making such a long trip this late in your pregnancy.”  She scolded, and turned to fix Melody with a stern glare.  “You make sure not to hit any pot holes.”


“Do you think I’d risk Madeline giving birth in my new car?  Please!  I just got this re-upholstered.” Melody laughed, looking at her fingernails and looking bored.  I could tell she was impatient to get onto the road.


Meredith threw her arms around me, sobbing quietly.  “I love you so much, be safe, and make sure you call me the second you arrive!”

“I will, I promise, ouch you’re crushing my stomach!  You gotta remember, I’m the size of a house.” I laughed, fighting the urge to cry at the site of her tears.  If I started crying now, I was afraid I’d never stop.  Saying goodbye to my childhood home was proving more difficult than I could have imagined.


Meredith Drake hugged Melody tightly.  My sister rolled her eyes at me over our grandmothers shoulder, but I couldn’t help but smile.  Melody could be self-centered and selfish pain in the ass, but you couldn’t help but love her.   I was proud of her for going to college, something she never imagined she would be able to do while having to be the caretaker of Mason all those years, while our mother went out to get plastered and high on a daily basis.  Mother of the year, she was not.  Melody swore she never wanted children, but I knew she would make a great mother some day!


I waddled over to the passenger side door and lowered myself into the small space.  I guess it was a good thing I didn’t have my driver’s licence.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to fit under the steering wheel!

Melody slid across the front end Duke’s of Hazard style which earned her a shake of the head and a disapproving frown from our grandmother, but even she looked sad as she climbed into the driver’s side a little misty eyed, even though she tried her best to hide her emotions from me.  Melody had a hard time expressing her feelings.  I guess all those years of having to be strong for  Mason taught her how to keep her feelings buried deep.

“Let’s get this show on the road!” Melody grinned at me, popping a CD into the deck, and shoving her expensive designer shades down onto her nose.

I closed my eyes and leaned back into the seat as Melody slowly backed out of the driveway, taking my grandmother’s threats serious, so it seemed.  I wasn’t sure I could bear to look back at the house I grew up in, knowing this was the last time I’d ever see it again.


“Look out Maine.  Here we come!” Melody hooted, turning the volume up on the radio.



A week later…..


God she was beautiful, even at almost nine months pregnant she radiated with beauty.  He stared at her with hunger in his eyes wanting to be near her, but afraid she would reject him.  Maybe it was better just to stay hidden, instead of digging at old wounds that had long since healed….

“I love you.” He whispered watching her through the glass as she washed her after supper dishes.  She seemed to scrub the same pot over and over again, as if lost in deep thought.  He had watched her for days since she moved in, and the saddest part was watching her eat alone.  He should have been there.  It was never supposed to be like this…

The late spring air was cool, and the breeze coming off the ocean should have chilled him to the bone, yet he couldn’t feel the cold.  As long as she was in his sights, all he felt was warmth…..


He tore his eyes away from her with a sigh that echoed in the stillness of the night.  It was time to leave.  The longer he stayed the greater risk he took being seen.  He had a couple of close calls already.  He paused, briefly imaging what it would be like if she saw him standing alone on the dock, wind blowing through his hair.  What would her reaction be?  One of joy?  He would hope.  No, not like this, he thought with a decisive shake of his head.  It can’t be like this…

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He whispered as if she could hear him, looking back over his shoulder once more, and then walked down the dock where his rowboat was moored.


A strangled cry of pain behind him made him pause in his footsteps.  No, it was too early! He thought, his pulse racing as he turned around to see Madeline clutching her stomach in pain!  The baby was on it’s way!

Madeline’s POV:


Doctor says any day now, I told myself as I washed my hands and wiped them on a dish towel that hung on the wall beside the sink.  I remembered his words.  It isn’t uncommon with twins to deliver early.  It gets awfully crowded in there!

A twinge in my stomach gave me pause.  I had been having a lot of what doctors called Braxton Hicks lately, and for a minute I debated on calling Melody to come over, I just didn’t want to be alone.  It’s too late, I thought, noting the late hour.  Melody has school in the morning.  Her first official day of Port Acadia University.  Besides, the one you really want is dead.  Mika is dead.  You  need to get used to saying those words.  A tear slipped down my face as I leaned against the counter.  “Mika is dead.” I whispered, my voice raw with emotion.  “He’d want you to move on with your life.”  Even as I said those words, I knew they were true, and that he would want me to find happiness, but how could I?  I felt as if there was an empty spot in my chest where my heart used to be.  Nobody would ever be able to fill that hole, and it wouldn’t be fair to another to even try…

As much as I loved the new house,  Mika was everywhere, the house even smelled like him, which I knew deep down was impossible.  The house had stood vacant for years!  It had to have been wishful thinking on my part.  I seemed to smell and see him everywhere.  One night a couple days ago, I had even sworn I had saw him on the dock watching me.  I blinked, and then he was gone.  Maybe I really was going crazy?

A week had passed since I moved in to Mika’s childhood home in the small coastal town of Port Acadia.  It has been hard seeing the house for the first time, as it looked exactly how Mika had described it to me.  He had told me some of his best memories had been in this house, and I hoped to make memories here with my own children.  Mika’s children.  I could almost picture him smiling down at me, happy I was safe in the place where he had been the happiest.


It had taken a couple days and a lot of help from Melody despite her constant griping about cleaning.  I remember teasing her that day, pointing my duster at her and telling her to get to work.  “Poor little rich girl, it must had been so hard growing up with a maid.  Welcome to the way the rest of the world lives.”  I had laughed, as Melody had chucked a throw pillow at my head.

“What do you want to do with the pictures?” Melody had asked picking up a framed photograph of Mika and his little brother when they were very young.  Mika looked to be about seven or eight in the picture. 

“Put them in the box.” I had said closing my eyes, and fighting off the urge to dissolve into tears.  “It hurts right now to look at them.  Maybe some day, I can, but it isn’t now.”  Would I ever be able to look at a picture of Mika without feeling like I couldn’t breathe?

“What do you think of the house?” I had asked after we spent an entire afternoon cleaning and removing the dust covers from the furniture.

“It’s cute.” Melody had said looking around.  “It’s cozy.  You’re going to think this is stupid.” She had laughed and looked embarrassed.  “When I was little I used to want to live in a house like this.  Cozy, warm.  Inviting.  This looks well lived in and loved.  A family lived here, and they loved each other…” Her voice had trailed off looking sad.  “Sorry, I know its cheesy.”

“It’s not.” I had replied, swallowing the lump in my throat. I knew exactly what she ment… 



On my tip toes I reached up to put the dish back in the cupboard.  Suddenly an excruciating pain tore through my stomach and I screamed out, almost falling over.  The metal pan dropped from my fingers and hit the floor with a loud clang and bounced across the floor coming to a rest by the fridge.

I felt a surge of wetness run down my thighs, causing my eyes to widen!  It was time!  I wasn’t ready….


“No no no…” I chanted as I tried my best to hobble to the living room where my cell phone was.  I could hardly stand upright, the pain so intense I could hardly breathe.


I made it as far as the Dining room.  Another contraction hit so hard I cried out and nearly blacked out from the pain.  I slid down to the floor, bringing my knees up to my chest.  I can’t have the baby here.  I panicked.  I’m all alone…


Mika’s POV:


Blood pumped through my veins fast and hot as I threw open the door to my childhood home, the door slamming into the wall, causing the windows in the kitchen to rattle.

“Madeline!” I yelled, my eyes wide with fear, as I saw her on all fours on the carpet of the dining room.


“Oh god, I’m hallucinating again.” Madeline moaned from the floor, on her hands and knees, gasping from the pain.  “Or have I died?”  Tears streamed down her face, causing my heart to ache.

“No baby, you’re not hallucinating, and you’re not dead.  I’m really here…” I lay my hand on her back, her skin was hot to the touch, but it felt so amazing to touch her again after all this time…

“But you died.” Madeline cried out with confusion, clutching her stomach as another contraction hit.  “You’re dead Mika.  I’m going crazy.”


“We don’t have time to explain this right now, but I’m very much alive.  We need to get you to the hospital.” I spoke with a sense of urgency.

“Not enough time.” Madeline gasped out.  “Water already broke, and contractions are only minutes apart.”

“Shit.” I swore my eyes wide.

“Shit….about…sums up….the….situation.” Madeline cried out, her face red from breathing deeply between each word.


In my arms she felt as light as a feather, and I couldn’t resist pressing my lips against hers after all this time.  I hurried through the dining room and into the living room.  It wasn’t the birthing suite at the hospital I had envisioned my child being born, but the couch would have to work.

I set her down gently, removing her dress.  I hurried back into the kitchen grabbing a couple towels and then placing them beneath her.

“I’m calling 911!” I grabbed Madeline’s phone off the end table and frantically punched in the three numbers.


“911 emergency, please state the nature of your call.” The calm voice on the other end sounded like music to my ears.

“My girlfriend is having a baby!” I yelled into the phone.

“Where are you sir?  Are you in your car right now?” The operator asked.

From the couch Madeline let out a scream that shook me to my very core, she sat upright and clutched her stomach, her face wrought with pain.

“No, no.  At home.  Her water already broke, and contractions are so close together I can’t even tell when one ends before another begins.”  I said my eyes wide.

“Sir, you’re calling from a cell phone and I can’t pull up your address.  I want to send an ambulance to you right away.” The operator said calmly.

“12 Oceanside Avenue.” I closed my eyes, praying they would hurry…

“Stay calm sir.  Ask your girlfriend if she feels the urge to push.”

“Oh god yes.” Madeline cried out when I asked her, her face red with her efforts to refrain what her body was telling her to do.

“Tell her to go ahead.  I’m going to help you deliver this baby.”  The 911 operator said smoothly into my ear.


With the phone on speaker I sat it down on the coffee table.

“You can do this Madeline.” I said wiping her brow with a cold wet towel.

“I can’t.” She begged tears coursing down her face.

“You can.”  I confirmed.  “I’m here.  We made it this far.”

She stared into my eyes, and then slowly nodded.  With that she began to push.


“You’re doing great Madeline.  I see the baby.  One more big push then it’s over.”


The sound of a baby crying rang out in the stillness of the night.  I pulled off my sweatshirt and wrapped the small baby boy in the bundle.  “It’s a boy.” I said happily presenting him to his mother.  “All ten fingers and ten toes.  He’s perfect.”  His tiny face was red as if enraged, as he seemed to beat the air with his tiny clenched fists.  Words couldn’t express how much I loved him.


Only minutes later, his sister was born.  Where he came out screaming, she was calm and quiet, and seemed to stare into my eyes with a knowing look.  She was perfect.  I wrapped her in my scarf and held her close.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was a father…


This chapter like I said above… was hard to write.  I struggled with how to bring back Mika into the story, knowing I couldn’t very well just have him stroll up to her door and knock on it and say “Sup baby.”  Sandybeachgirl came up with the idea of Mika saving the day, which seemed to be more true to his character, so a huge thanks to her for helping me with this chapter.  Also a big thanks to Seera for listening to me whine about how much trouble this chapter was giving me.  You also were a big help during this chapter. 🙂

This chapter is already split into two parts and is quite lengthy, so a lot of the scenes I had planned on got thrown out the window or this chapter would have probably been a four parter.  So I apologize for the gaps in the story, such as the part where Madeline moves into her new house in Maine.  I cut that scene and instead chose to jump a week ahead.  I hope it’s not confusing.  I seemed to lose some of my mojo for writing this chapter, and just plain struggled with how to bring Mika back into the story in a way that was believable. LOL.  I have the screenshots still so maybe I’ll add them in somewhere, but that’s doubtful, as I’m just too plain lazy to do that.  😀

Sorry for the crappy pictures in this chapter.  I realize that it was stupid for Madeline to be wearing a dress, as most of the poses made the dress act all warped and odd looking.  I had to do a bunch of close in zoom shots of faces to avoid the screwed up looking dress and Madeline’s hands disappearing into her preggo belly.  Let that be a lesson to me in the future.  Don’t give birth in a long dress!!!


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    Glad Mika was able to save the day. He’s got gorgeous little babies and he’ll be a fantastic father!

    • Haha! Yup. I figured I would pass that along to other story tellers. Long dresses = poses do not work that well (Well some poses at least) They looked crazy warped. Oh well, you live and learn!

      Melody totally deserved to go to college, she now gets to live a life that she’s only envied others having. Melody may be a little spoiled, but she has a good heart and deserves to be happy.

      Mika to the rescue!!! I struggled with this chapter so…I’m glad it turned out ok! Thanks for commenting ❤

  14. Despite the warning, I found the chapter endearing. Awww, Mika… <3<3, he's going to be such a cool dad! I loved how he saved the day.

    And poor you! I know what you mean about dresses being warped and looking all strange when using poses! I hear you, trust me! *nods enphatically and rolls eyes*

    • I’m glad you liked the chapter! Mika is going to be a great dad! Cause he had such a shitty one, I guess he knows what NOT to do to be a good dad. 🙂

      Ugh, YES! The dresses. They are cute, and fit well with maternity wear….but yeah. Never again. Hate the warpness!

  15. Glad Mica’s ok! 🙂 I read this on my phone a couple of days ago but couldn’t figure out how to comment, so of course I had to come back for that. I didn’t get the rushed feeling at all, thought this chapter was great. And twins… aww! Can’t wait to see how they turn out as they grow older 🙂

    • I’m glad you didn’t notice the rushing. I felt like I was rushing it a bit, but I am eager to just wrap everything up and move on. LOL. Thanks so much for reading!


    Why was he hiding from her? What’s going to happen now that he’s not!? Thank god he was there though… I hope Madeline is alright. I can’t even imagine a home birth with no nurse even… I know that’s how it happened all the time before but it just seems like you couldn’t live through that now. lol – what with all the germs and pain and whatnot!

    • LOL, I know, right? I couldnt imagine living how they did in the dark ages where the women went out into the woods, squatted and bit on sticks and birthed a baby. Eeew. Give me the hospital and lots and lotsa drugs!!

  17. Mika’s alive!! 😀 And the babies are born! I wonder why he was hiding from her though and what is going to happen now that he isn’t.

  18. Fingers crossed that Maddie and Mika finally get their happy ever after.

    So glad Meredith gets a chance to know her other grandchildren and she once again gets to raise one as her own. I hope one day her daughter appreciates the sacrifices she’s made to raise them. Mason finally gets a chance to be a normal happy kid for once. Melody gets to be a carefree college student before adult concerns take over.

    Mika watching Maddie from the dock was so sad. I know he couldn’t just go up to the house and say ‘Hey I’m alive and I want to be a part of your life again’ but I wanted it to happen. So it was a good thing that she went into labor when he was still there and able to help. I know she’s going to have a lot of questions but I know there were things that kept him from telling her sooner.

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