1.17 I Trust You

This chapter is Rated PG 13

Credits:  Storytelling hospital from Jamee

Hospital objects from Mod The Sims


Mika’s POV:

I screeched to a halt and jumped out of  my car in front of Madeline’s apartment leaving my engine idling.  The sign next to my car said ‘No parking zone, all cars will be towed by owners expense’, but I didn’t care, I knew we wouldn’t be long.  I just hoped Madeline trusted me enough to pack quickly and be willing to come with me without hesitation and no explanation.  Not that I would blame her if she refused.  As I ran into the building, I caught my wide-eyed reflection in the window.  I looked crazed, my hair mussed, and my eyes looked bloodshot and disturbed.  No, if I was Madeline, I wouldn’t be willing to come with me either…

Never before had an elevator moved so slowly…I watched the numbers tick slowly by with a slight ding that made my heart pound.  Finally the elevator doors opened, and a couple exited laughing and talking.  I ducked my head as they passed so they wouldn’t see my wild bloodshot eyes, I looked like the type of person you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, the kind of person that trouble followed wherever you went, the type of person you’d do best to avoid.  As the elevator slowly shut, I watched the happy couple stroll out of the building arm and arm like they didn’t have a care in the world.  Yearning churned in my guts making me dizzy.  How I wish Madeline and I could be live like that, to not be under constant worry nor fear.


I knocked once, and threw open the door to Madeline’s apartment, when I got no response.  My heart plummeted down to my shoes causing me to gasp out loud.  No, no, no…I screamed in my head rushing forward.  Madeline was curled up into a fetal position on the floor.  He got to her.  I was too late.


Dropping to my knees on the threadbare carpet I shook her once, and pressed my fingers to her Carotid artery.  Her pulse was slow and steady.  Relief flooded my body as I sagged back against the wall feeling tears spring up in my red rimmed eyes.

Madeline cracked her eyes open.  “Mika?” She nearly whispered.  “Something’s wrong…”


She had no clue how true her statement was, but we didn’t have time to talk about it now.  We had to get on the road, before it was too late.

“I must have passed out.” Madeline sighed rubbing at her eyes with closed fists.  She looked so small and pale, and my heart broke.  Her expression changed to one of panic.  “Mika, the baby! After I got off the phone with you I had a terrible cramp.  I’ve had cramps before, but never like this.  I think something’s wrong…” She cried, her green eyes full of tears that streamed down her face.  Each tear that fell from her eyes felt like a stab to the heart, this was all my fault!

“We’re going to the hospital.” I announced standing up.  “I’ll pack for you.  I’ll be quick baby, I promise.”  I kissed the top of her forehead and helped her to the couch.

“Why do we have to pack.  Mika, what’s going on?” she cried, reaching out towards me.

“I’ll explain everything, but right now you have to trust me.”  I said firmly, wishing I had the time to sit down and answer all her questions.

Madeline nodded once, her eyes shiny with tears, and her chin trembled slightly.  “I trust you.” She finally whispered closing her eyes and leaning back into the couch.


I went through each of the drawers pulling out clothes at random and stuffing them into suitcases, and at the last-minute, decided to pack her picture frames she had displayed all over the room.  I felt a pang of regret rip through my chest as I looked at the pictures, wrapping them in Madeline’s clothes to protect the glass.  I was tearing the woman I loved away from everything and everyone she knew, the last thing I could do was make sure to bring her keepsakes.

I looked around her bedroom to make sure there wasn’t anything I missed, anything that would be important to Madeline.  My gaze landed on the bed, and for a moment I closed my eyes lost in the memory of our first time together.  The night we conceived our child.  I had no idea how much Madeline would come to mean to me, and how I could not live without her and the idea of our baby.

But is it fair to rip her away from her life, and everyone she knows just so you don’t have to live without her? I asked myself, sitting down on the edge of the bed, running my fingers over the soft comforter.  Maybe the kindest thing you can do for her is to just leave, she’ll get over you eventually and move on.  And the most important thing, she’ll be safe.

“Mika?” Madeline called from the living room, shaking me out of my thoughts.  No, I thought.  This is the way it has to be, for everyone.


Madeline stood when I walked back out into the living room.  Her eyes lowered landing on the suitcases in my hands.  I watched her face grow pale.

“This is really happening isn’t it?” Madeline whispered, looking around her apartment probably for the last time.

“I’m sorry.”  I said.  “For everything.  It would have been best if you never met me.”  How I hated myself at this very moment…

“Shhh…” Madeline whispered, raising a finger to my lips.  “Don’t talk like that.  I’ll never regret the night I met you, not for a million years.”

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Gimme a sec.” She whispered.  She gazed around her small apartment.  “I used to think this place was a dump, and I couldn’t wait to leave this place for something better.  Now that it’s finally happening, I’m going to miss this place.”


As the elevator closed around us it sounded so final.  Madeline leaned against me closing her eyes.  I chewed my lip until it was raw and sore.  I wanted to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  I needed to know if the baby was ok.  I would never forgive myself for a million years if the stress I caused Madeline caused her to miscarry our baby.


The car was still idling out front, the fumes from the tail pipe belching out the back and being carried away by the wind that came from the North.

I helped Madeline into the front seat, and hurried around the car to the driver side, sliding in quickly behind the wheel.

“You’re in trouble aren’t you.” Madeline asked leaning her head against the glass of the passenger side window.

“Yes.” I said, I wasn’t going to lie to her.  She deserved complete honesty.  I swallowed thickly, my heart racing.  “My grandfather is a very bad man, and into some very dangerous things, and has made it clear that he would be willing to hurt you to get to me.”

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Madeline’s eyes widened.  “Can’t you go to the police?”

“Afraid not.” I said wishing that it was that easy.  “He has paid them off, and there is no telling what government officials he has in his back pocket.” I said bitterly.

“So we run then?” Madeline said glumly.

“For now.” I said.  “I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to you.  When I saw you on the floor curled up into a ball the first thought that ran through my head was that he found you, and killed you to get to me.  I can’t let that happen.  I know this all seems like so much right now, and I promise I’ll explain more after we find out if the baby is ok.  My first priority right now is you.”


“We need help!” I yelled as we stepped through the hospital double doors into the front lobby.  I knew what we must have looked like, Madeline in her pajama’s with tear streaks on her cheeks, and my wide-eyed, panic-stricken expression.  I wouldn’t have been surprised had the night nurse on duty called hospital security.


“Sir, keep your voice down, this is a hospital.” The nurse hissed from behind the desk, dressed in pink scrubs.  “Please fill out these forms and take a seat.  The doctor will call you shortly.”

“She’s pregnant.” I said in a rush feeling a surge of panic.  I refused to wait, I had to know now that Madeline and the baby were ok.  “She passed out.”


“How far along.” The nurse asked, all business.

“A little over a month or so.”

“Any bleeding or spotting?”

“Not that I know of.  Just the cramping and she passed out.”  I tapped my foot impatiently.  “Please, I have to know if she’s ok.”


A minute later Madeline was in a wheelchair on her way up to Obstetrics, and I followed close behind, not wanting to leave her side, even for a minute.


“I really feel much better now.” Madeline said after she changed into a hospital gown.  She stretched back on the hospital cot looking sheepish, the color was returning to her cheeks.

“Are you still cramping?” I asked, on pins and needles from my spot beside her in the worlds most uncomfortable chair.

“A little.” She admitted.  “But it’s not like before.”

“I’ll never forgive myself if something happened to our baby.” I said flatly, wanting to hold her hand, but feeling so guilty I felt that even the slightest touch would cause her pain.


A slight rap of knuckles sounded on the door and the doctor came through the door.  “I’m Doctor Harris, I understand you had some cramping?”

“Yes, earlier it felt like my stomach was ripping apart.  That can’t be normal can it?”  Madeline asked from the hospital bed, looking worried.

“Cramping in the first trimester if fairly common, but lets take a look so we can put your mind at ease.”  He smiled at Madeline and turned towards me.  “You must be the father?” Doctor Harris shook my hand, his handshake was firm, and his eyes met mine directly, his eyes were kind, instantly putting me at ease with his bedside manner.


“I’m sure there isn’t anything to worry about.  You haven’t had any bleeding or spotting?” Doctor Harris asked Madeline.

“No.  Just the cramping, and then I passed out.”

I watched from my seat as Doctor Harris’s face creased in a frown.  “What were you doing that caused you to pass out?”

Madeline looked at me once then turned back to the doctor.  “I was on the phone, and received some bad news.”

“Have you been under a lot of stress lately?” Doctor Harris asked, pressing gently on Madeline’s stomach.  “Does this hurt?”

“No.  It doesn’t.  Is that a good thing?” Madeline asked.

Doctor Harris laughed.  “Yes, it’s a good thing. Abdominal feels normal, seems to me you have been under a lot of stress lately, which can cause cramping.  But let’s have a look shall we?  You ready to see your baby?”


“This is going to feel really cold on your stomach.” Doctor Harris warned Madeline, spreading a clear jelly across her abdomen.  I leaned forward in my chair anxious to find out of our baby was ok, my stomach felt like it was twisted up in a dozen knots.

He pressed the wand against Madeline’s stomach, through the clear jelly.


“Ahhh here we go.” Doctor Harris smiled.  A second later, I heard a whooshing sound on the monitor, and the doctor turned the screen toward me so I could see.  “Here’s your baby.  That sound you hear is the heartbeat, which is within the normal range.  Congratulations!  Everything looks just fine.”

“Oh thank god.” I cried out, I reached out to hold Madeline’s hand, and she took it gratefully, her eyes full of tears which shimmered on her eyelashes.

“Have you seen your regular doctor yet?” Doctor Harris asked Madeline.

“No, I’ve been sort of distracted lately.” Madeline whispered, looking guilty.  “This all happened so fast.”

“Make an appointment with your physician as soon as you can.  I can’t stress the importance of taking prenatal vitamins.  Avoid stressful situations, and if you feel that anything you think is abnormal don’t dismiss it.  That’s what we’re here for, to put your mind at ease.  Pregnancy can be a time of great stress, but also a time of great joy and discovery.” The Doctor smiled at Madeline, patting her on the shoulder, then nodding at me with a smile.  “Congratulations once again, the nurse will be in soon to finish up with the paperwork.  It was great to meet you both.” He smiled, and turned to walk out the door.


Alone at last, I looked down at my hands in my lap, feeling a relief so great I could have cried.

“The doctor said to avoid stress.”  I began.  “And here I am putting you through so much.  This isn’t right.”  How I hated myself in this moment.

“I would be more stressed not having you in my life at all, Mika.” Madeline whispered, sitting up.  “If you think that our only option is to run, then I trust you.  I would rather be on the run with you then without you at all.  We’ll figure it out.  We always do” She said softly.  She extended her hand towards me and I took it gratefully.

God, I love this woman, I thought to myself feeling tears burn behind my lids.  With her by my side, I could face anything.  I don’t know what I would have done if Madeline had refused to come with me.  It’s only for a little while, I reminded myself.  We don’t have to run forever…


Author’s note:  I know this chapter might have seemed a little short, but I have a long two-part chapter coming next.  I’m getting excited to wrap up this generation, but trying to tell myself to slow down and enjoy it.  I hope you all enjoy whats left to come. 🙂


46 thoughts on “1.17 I Trust You

    • Good! It’s shorter then a few of my other chapters. I usually try to aim for about 30 or so pictures, and 3,000 Words total. But I don’t want to make it too long cause I worry that will be too much for people to read and they would get bored. I try to shorten it as much as possible, which causes me to not be as descriptive as I would like sometimes, but people don’t want to read a novel at there computer. hehe. Thanks so much for reading! Glad you are looking forward to the next chapter!

    • Yep! Baby is ok. I’m glad you like Mika, I like him too. He kind of grew on me big time, its rare that a sim does that to me, but he has. You’re right about the crappy family thing though, which sucks cause he’s such a great guy. Thanks for reading this chapter and commenting!!

  1. Doctor Harris reminds me of Aaron! God, I miss him. I hope that the stress doesn’t go overboard, I’d hate to see a unhealthy baby ect. I can’t believe his grandfather would go that far, but I hope that Mika will still be able to live a better life without having to do that kinda stuff.

    • I thought the same thing Parabee! Doctor Harris reminded me of Uncle Aaron from The Gallagher Legacy also It made me sad a little, because I was so attached to all those characters. I still get mad thinking about my game file being lost. I have so many back ups with this story though, now if something happened to my computer I’d be doomed. *Knocks on wood* Thanks for reading Parabee. 🙂

  2. Yay, the baby is ok. I might of died if he/she wasn’t. I hope everyone ends up ok. (Long-shot guess but I’m thinking Mika may die<I would die if that happened, so don't even THINK of doing it). Great chapter!!!

    • Glad you liked the chapter! I can’t wait for the next couple chapters. The new world they are going too is so pretty. I had spent ages tweaking it just so. But I get bored with worlds fast and am never satisfied. My sims move around a lot. haha.

    • Glad the length was ok! Yes! Nothing says I love you like running away together from your psycho grandpa! That should be etched on a pillow somewhere! ROFL. Maybe a hallmark card, yes? LOL. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

    • LOL. Must be the lighting in this chapter, and I did change default contacts. They are susposed to be hazel. They look hazel to me. Must be my screen. I hope they aren’t yellow to everyone else. I swear Madeline doesn’t have Jaundice or liver damage that can cause yellowing of the eyes! ROFL. I’ll have to check more into this. Thanks for pointing that out Kristeeny. hehe 🙂

  3. That’s great the baby is well. I hope they won’t have to be on the run for too long and can find a safe place to live and raise their baby. I feel bad for Mika. He’s trying so hard. Great update!!

    • I feel bad for Mika too, he is trying hard. He feels very selfish expecting Madeline to pack up her life to follow him to got knows where. But Mika knows he can’t live without her, and would always wonder about the baby. Hopefully they will find somewhere safe to settle, and be able to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. Thanks for reading!!

  4. Mika really has changed in my eyes from the first time we saw him. My first impression was Oh No Madeline’s picked a bad boy. But his feeling for her are evident. I really love this story.

    • I’m glad! In all honesty, I made him intending to be that sort of bad guy. Then, I dunno, something about him made me like him, and I just couldn’t do that to him. LOL. I’m so glad you like the story! That means a lot! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Another brilliant chapter, I quite liked the description of Mika’s ride in the elevator (compared with Madeline’s in the previous chapter). Sad to see this generation end but excited to meet the next one too!

  6. Yay, baby just fine :3 Even if everythings not fine right now for them, I’m sure that the future will be bright for them. So excited to read more when it comes! 😀 This is like a drug; I’m addicted and always want more (but not a bad drug… X3)

    • LOL! I’m glad its not like a bad drug. I don’t want my story to be the Meth or Heroin of the Sims 3 story world. ROFL! Maybe just your basic pot. Puts you in a good mood and gives you a major case of the munchies. Haha. Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. huh…I thought I commented yesterday. Anyway, OMG!! RUN you two, RUN! And I’m so glad the baby’s okay. They got to hear the heartbeat! (tears)

    I’m so glad Mika decided that running was better than giving her up. Never give up your loved one! Oh, next chapter please!

    • Yay for the baby being ok! I’m glad they got to hear the heartbeat, that’s always the most emotional yet awesome time during pregnancy, especially when you hear it for the first time. 🙂 And yes! Mika feels the same way, as does Madeline, when you love someone you never give up on them! Thanks for reading Taina! 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m so excited for the next generation too. I find myself itching to write it although Madeline hasn’t even had the baby yet, and I don’t know if its even going to be a boy or a girl. Haha. Thanks for commenting Marta! 🙂

  8. Yikes, Mika must have almost had a heart attack opening the door and seeing Madeline on the floor like that, especially after he found out his grandfather already knew about her. LOL. I’m glad he checked her pulse rather than freaking out. Smart boy, I like that. 😀

    • Mika was very frightened when he saw Madeline on the floor, of course his first thought was that his grandfather got to her. Mika is smart, and he always uses his brain before he over reacts. He’s a good guy to have around in a crisis. Always thinking, and staying one step ahead! Thanks so much for reading Late Knight. 🙂

    • This is something I’ve been giving some thought too. At this point I’m not sure if Riley will make another appearance. I guess I’m open to the possibility if something comes up. Thanks for commenting Kristeeny 🙂

  9. I don’t know that I could make the decision Grace just had to make. Do you go with the man you think you love – the father of your child? or do you stay with the family you just found – and try to help them and become a family with them since they soooo badly need help.

  10. Mika is a good guy and this might be the best solution instead of giving into his grandfather’s demands. I could just imagine how awful it would have been to walk in and see the love your life on the floor. I’m glad the baby’s alright and hopefully being on the run won’t be too stressful on them.

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