1.12 Self Pity

This chapter is Rated PG 13 (Strong language, and adult content)

Author’s note:  This chapter might seem a little boring after the last one I promise things will get more exciting soon!  I hope you enjoy it anyways 🙂  Please pardon my crappy photo editing in a couple of the pictures.  You’ll see what I mean. Haha. Oh yeah.  I also got off my lazy bum and added pictures to the family tree.  There are a few blank spots without pictures, due to the fact that either a character hasn’t been introduced yet, or they are dead.  Click HERE to view the family tree.



I was turning into a hermit.  Only a few days had passed since I met my mother, when I found out who she truly was, an evil bitch who didn’t have one maternal bone in her body.  I cut everyone out.  Mika, Janice, Riley, all of whom had called repeatedly to check up on me to see how I was doing.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I just wanted to be alone, to wallow in my own self pity.


A knock on the door dropped me cruelly back into the land of reality, making my pen jump across the white paper, leaving an angry black streak across the pristine page.  I glared at the door, silently willing whoever it was to turn back and leave me the hell alone.

Another knock, louder this time.

I sighed.  It was only a matter of time before someone came to check on me.  Did I really expect I could hide out in the safety of my own apartment forever?


I sighed and set my notebook down on the end table, and walked to the door quietly, hoping that they would give up, and assume I wasn’t home.  I looked out the tiny peep-hole, and got the shock of my life.  Melody.  My half-sister!  What was she doing here?  How did she know where I lived?

“Your door is paper-thin.” Melody said dryly.  “I can hear you breathing.  I’m not going away until you see me.”



I unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door with a loud groan.  Melody tapped her foot impatiently and stepped around me into my living room.

“Well come on in I guess.” I commented, slightly annoyed to have her just stroll into my apartment unannounced.  Melody looked perfect, not a blond hair out-of-place.  Standing next to her I was hyper aware that I had been wearing the same clothes, although comfy for the past couple days while I wallowed in my own misery.  At least I had showered and brushed my hair.  Melody looked very fashionable with her casual dress and string of pearls that probably cost more than a month’s rent on this shitty little apartment.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, smoothing down the front of my wrinkled shirt with shame.

“So this is where you live huh?” Melody commented, looking around with a look of utter disdain.  Imagine her look if she would have seen the apartment before I made it over, I thought with a small smile.

“Speaking of which.” I said, a little more crossly then I intended.  “How did you find my apartment?  You don’t look like the type that comes down to this side of town very often.”


“I’m resourceful.” Melody smirked at me.  “I asked around, it wasn’t hard.”

“Well if you don’t  mind, I’d like to be alone.” I said opening the door so Melody could get the hint and leave.  She didn’t.

“I went to school with Zoe you know.” Melody said examining her perfect nails.

“I feel sorry for you.” I said honestly.  “Zoe isn’t exactly one of my biggest fans.”

“Well see, we have something in common.” Melody grinned, her eyes lighting up.  “Did you know she used to be fat?”

“No I didn’t.” I shook my head. “And I don’t get why that matters, and I’m not guessing you came here because we both share an extreme dislike of my ex roommate.  So get to the point already, I’m really not in the mood for visitors right now.”

“Yeah you said that already.” Melody grinned, dropping her purse down by the door and walking towards the couch.


“You really need an interior decorator.” She commented looking around my small apartment that was probably the size of her walk in closet.

“You really know how to make a girl feel special.” I huffed, feeling slightly insulted.  “Not everyone grew up rich like you.”

Melody didn’t comment, and just continued to look around my apartment, not bothering to hide her look of disgust.

“So you never said.  How did you find me?” I asked leaning back into the sofa, hoping that Melody wasn’t sitting on one of the springs that popped out of the cheap sofa.

Melody sighed, looking annoyed.  “I asked around town about you, and that led me to Zoe’s house.  She’s not one of your biggest fans that’s for sure.” Melody laughed.  “She told me where your apartment was, then gave me a message for you.”

“And what was that?” I pinched the bridge of my nose to stem off my headache.

“Go fuck yourself.” Melody laughed.  “Still the same classy Zoe from high school.”


“Why does she hate you so much anyways?” Melody asked, her face rapt with attention like a bloodhound on the scent for fresh gossip.

“It’s a long story.” I sighed, not caring.  This was old news.  My past issues with Zoe seemed very far away.  “Look, tell me why you’re here.  You obviously didn’t come to talk about Zoe, or to insult my apartment, so spill.”

She sighed.  “I need your help.”  She looked at me with defeat.

I looked at my half-sister blankly.  Here was a girl who looked like she had everything in life handed to her on a silver platter and she needed help from me?  “From me?” I asked incredulously, not disguising my look of complete shock.


“I know what you must think of me.” Melody began, looking up at me with big blue eyes.  “Here’s a girl who looks like she has everything, but my life isn’t perfect.  Anything but actually.”  She stared down into her lap, then looked back up at me, her eyes shimmering with tears that clung to her thick lashes.

“I heard what my mother said to you.  That’s not her, it’s the drugs.  She isn’t like that, so cruel and hateful, but her life is falling apart.  My dad is at his wit’s end, and they are on a brink of divorce.” Melody continued.

“I don’t know how I could help.” I admitted.  “Your mother obviously could care less about me, and told me she wished she aborted me.  I’m the last person who could help you.”

“That’s not true.” Melody cried out.  “If you could just talk to her, and get her to admit she has a drug problem, maybe she’d listen to you.”

“If life at home is so miserable, why don’t you just leave?” I wondered, not at all feeling sorry for my mother.  She made her bed, now she can lie in it.

“I’ve wanted too, and almost have a few times.  It’s not that easy.  My little brother, our little brother, Mason.  He’s ten.  What would happen to Mason if I left?”

“Your dad?” I asked.

“Works all the time.  He’s never home.  He’s a very busy man.  Most of the time, it’s just Mason and I, and mom of course when she’s actually dressed and out of bed.  Most of the time she’s god knows where, and comes back smelling like a goddamn crack house.”

I folded my hands into my lap feeling a twinge of pity course through my body.  Obviously there was more to Melody then I first realized, and it was not only I, who was affected by my mothers shitty parenting skills.

“Most of the time she doesn’t even make dinner.  I do all the grocery shopping, all the cooking, all the house work.  If it wasn’t for me, the house would fall apart.  We used to have staff who cleaned the house every other day, but I had to let them go because they were starting to catch on that my mom is a drug user.  She’s high all the time, around Mason, my dad.  Everybody.  She just doesn’t care.  The day you came over was one of her good days.  She was out of bed, and actually brushed her hair and put on clean clothes.  But ever since you left its been worse.  I don’t even know where she is or if she’s even alive.”


The room started to spin, and I stood suddenly, almost spilling onto the floor.  I grabbed the coffee table to steady myself, my face cold and pale.

“Excuse me for a minute.” I said politely, my hands clasped over my mouth, and running quickly to the bathroom before I could vomit.


I just made it to the toilet in the nick of time.  When I was finished, I flushed, then walked to the sink to splash cold water on my face.  I had been so sick lately, with all this stress in my life as of late, who could blame me?

I stared into my reflection, resisting the urge to punch the glass.  Why did Melody have to find me and involve me in her drama.  My mother made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with me, and I had intended to respect her wishes, wanting nothing to do with the woman who wished she would have aborted me.  She could go fuck herself as far as I was concerned.  But what about Melody and Mason?  I thought feeling another surge of pity.  Not your problem, Madeline.  I thought.  But it was now, Melody had placed me right in the middle of it, her concern for her little brother very evident.

With one last look at my reflection I headed back out into the living room.


Melody was standing, her hands on her hips giving me a little smirk.  “What are you pregnant or something?” She laughed.

My stomach dropped down into my shoes.  What?  That thought had never occurred to me until now, what with all the other shitty things going on in my life.  Pregnant?  No, I couldn’t be.  It was nerves.  That’s all it was, a bad case of the nerves.

I laughed in response.  “I’ve been sick.  It’s the flu, that’s all it is.” I said confidently.  It has to be.  I can’t be pregnant.  You don’t need this shit right now Madeline!

“Yeah whatever, don’t breathe on me.” Melody stepped back a few steps holding out her fingers in the shape of an X like I was walking breathing petri dish full of the Ebola virus or something.


“So can you help me?”  Melody asked hopefully.  “I know how she treated you, and I would never ask if it wasn’t so important.  It’s not just about saving their marriage, I understand that is probably over.  It’s about Mason.  Our little brother.  He’s so young and doesn’t need to see our mother like this.  I’ve tried everything.  I flushed her drugs down the toilet and you should have seen her reaction.  The drugs turn her into an animal. I’m honestly afraid she could hurt Mason and I.”

“I don’t know how I can help, but I’ll try my best.  But please understand that this might not work out the way you want it too.  Sometimes people are just too far gone, no matter how hard you try.”


“I hope not.” Melody said quietly, looking up at me gratefully.  “Mason needs his mom.  He’s young enough to still need his mother.  As for me, I lost her a long time ago.”

Sounds like we have something in common after all, I thought sadly.


“Thanks Madeline, for everything.”  Melody said, taking me completely off guard by wrapping me in a hug.  She smelled like expensive vanilla perfume, and shampoo.  I closed my eyes and accepted the hug, knowing it would be rude to push her away.

I patted her back awkwardly.  “Don’t thank me yet.  She might not even be willing to talk to me, but I’ll try.  Ok?  That’s the best I can offer.”

“I got to get going.” Melody reached down to pick up her purse on the floor.  “Mason has school tomorrow, and I need to make sure he’s got his lunch packed, and make sure he gets a bath before bed.  He’s a good kid.”  Melody’s eyes shown with pride.  “That’s why this is so important to me.  This isn’t for me, it’s for Mason.”

With one last smile, Melody was out the door, the smell of her perfume lingered like a cloud long after she left.


I stared at the door for what seemed like forever after Melody left.  I didn’t know what to think.  Chances were Melissa, I couldn’t stomach calling her mother, wouldn’t even talk to me.  What did Melody expect for me to accomplish?

I hardly knew my half-sister, and I’ve never met my young half-brother, but from what I’ve seen despite Melody’s valley girl exterior lay a heart of gold and genuine concern for her little brother.  I hoped I could help, and that it wasn’t too late for Melissa…

Another wave of Nausea brought me back to realty, making me focus on other problems.  Was this nausea I’d been experiencing morning sickness?


I grabbed my check book and left my apartment wishing I would have asked Melody for a ride to the supermarket.  I was going to buy a pregnancy test to put my mind at ease.  There was no way I could be pregnant!  After all, Mika and I only slept together once, even I couldn’t be that unlucky.  Could I?

I ran my hands over my flat stomach.  No, it just wasn’t possible.


“Wait here, I’ll only be a minute.” I said to the cab driver as I pulled open the car door.  I hurried across the parking lot, eager to get this over with.  The bright lights from the corner convenience store hurt my tired sore eyes as I pushed open the door.


My face flooded with shame as I placed the pregnancy test in front of the bored looking store cashier.

“It’s not me, it’s for a friend.”  I blurted, my face as red as a fire engine.

The clerk yawned, a pimply looking highschool kid with frizzy curly hair.  He looked down at the pregnancy test like he had just noticed it for the first time.  “Yeah sure. Whatever.”

“22.38” He yawned, popping his gum loudly looking completely disinterested.   Jesus, I thought.  Pretty expensive for something you’re just going to pee on.

I tossed him a twenty-dollar bill, and a five, leaving me with fifteen dollars to get through the week.  Fantastic.



“Best use with first morning urine.” I muttered reading the directions on the back, and unwrapping the foil package.  There was no way in hell I was waiting until morning, I had to know now, or I’d never get to sleep!

I peed on the stick, capped the test strip and set it down on the counter to wait for the results.  I crossed my fingers tightly.  Both hands for extra luck.  “Be negative, be negative…” I chanted squeezing my eyes shut in silent desperation.


It was the longest ten minutes of my life, and I resisted the urge not to stare at the test strip window until it confirmed what I hoped would be a negative result.  I wasn’t ready to be a mother.  I could hardly take care of myself, and my life was so full of drama, and the last thing I needed was to bring a baby into it.  Not that I wouldn’t love my child.  I would be ten times the mother that Melissa was, and I would love my child and protect him or her with my life.  I just wasn’t ready, and I doubt Mika was either!

Mika!  I thought with a start.  He would be so shocked.  He would probably hate me, and want nothing to do with me or the baby.  And what about Riley?  He would think I was the biggest whore this side of the Mississippi.


“Time’s up.” I muttered looking at my watch, feeling dread well up from the pit of my stomach.  I stared at the counter like it would bite me.  What did the directions say?  One line for negative, and two for positive?  I stared down at the counter feeling my heart pound.  Two lines.  Fuck.  Me.


The pregnancy test fell from my hands and clattered to the floor.  With my back against the tiled bathroom wall I slid to the floor curling up into a little ball next to the toilet.  What the hell was I going to do now?  I was pregnant.  I knew deep down it wasn’t a false positive, I could feel it.  Deep down, I knew.  How on earth was I going to tell Mika?



54 thoughts on “1.12 Self Pity

  1. SHES PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how Maddie helping Melody is going to work out… The chapter wasn’t boring…it was important! I’m not good at photo editing either lol. Can’t wait till the next chapter…


  2. I knew it! oh no this is bad news though! after how she left things with Mika I wonder how he’s going to react, i mean, I know he loves her but if he’s having a kid with a woman he doesn’t even know that well yet… it’s going to be tough. I hope that things work out between Madeline and her mother too, although it’s def. a tricky situation. Haha i laughed when Melody was talking about Zoe. At least they have that hatred in common, I hope Melody and Madeline form some kind of sisterly relationship. It would be nice for them to have each other considering the state of both their lives right now.. I loved this! can’t wait for the next chapter :3 :3

    • Madeline has a lot of stress in her life right now, that’s for sure! You are right. They don’t know eachother very well, a new baby is definitely going to complicate things. LOL Yeah Melody and Zoe don’t get along, so I wanted to add that in there. It’s funny in my game Zoe is enemies with pretty much everyone. ROFL. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. i hope madeline can help melody. she has good heart to be so concern about their little brother. if mika is the good guy as he has so far he will step up and be a good father. why is riley still in the picture.

    • She will definitely try to help Melody, but its not going to be easy that’s for sure. Melody is a good person despite the fact that she is a little bit spoiled and snobby, but her concern for her brother is genuine. As for Riley….You’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for reading!

  4. Oh boy. I suspected this, especially when she was wondering if they used protection. Mika seems like a great guy so far, hopefully he steps up to the plate. As for Melody and Mason, I really hope Madeline can do something to help them. Great chapter, can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Yeah, I definitely gave little hints towards the pregnancy about Madeline wondering if they used protection or not. Glad you caught that. 🙂 As for Madeline’s mother, she’s going to try to help, we’ll see what happens! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. OOoooOOoooh
    I’m sure Mika would understand. hopefully. I mean he doesn’t seem like the type to just abandon the mother of his child.
    I hope things work out with Melody&Madeline’s mom too!

  6. I think Mika will be thrilled…But how does she know it’s Mika’s? Didn’t her and Riley do it too? For some reason, I can see Riley freaking out and not in a good way either.

  7. A Mini-Mika on the way! Yay!

    I do feel bad for Madeline though. She has had far from an easy life and having a baby on top of all of the drama can’t be fun to deal with. I’m sure she will be a great mother, but she has to be so scared! Hopefully her sister, brother, and Mika will all be there for her.

    • Yay for a mini Mika. 🙂 Madeline hasn’t had an easy life so far, I can only imagine all the stress she is going through. You are right though, she’ll make a great mom. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  8. OHHH! Dang. I wonder what’ll happen now. Better go dump dumb Riley and talk to Mika about it. I hope he likes children… Hmm, her half sister wasn’t as bad as I thought. I want to see what Mason looks like. LOL. Their whole family is made of M’s! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • Yay! I hope him or her is cute. Sometimes with Sims genetics you never know how they are going to mix. You can take 2 hot looking sims and come out with one ugly baby. ROFL. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Wow, she is dealing with so much right now! Poor thing! I just want to give her a hug. 😦

    Lol, does Zoe have any friends? It’s like everyone knows who she is and what’s she’s like.

    Great Chapter!!!

    • Madeline definitely is dealing with a lot of drama in her life. I’m sure Madeline would accept your hug. She does need one lol. LMAO, Zoe doesn’t have any friends. In my game she fights with everyone, and is a sworn enemy with so many LMAO!!!! Thanks for reading glad you liked the chapter!

    • That’s true, she doesn’t technically have to tell him as they were broken up when she slept with Mika, but its the right thing to do, although he’s not going to like it much. Riley doesn’t take rejection well! Thanks for reading!

  10. … Baby… o_O Well that was unexcepted, but this just makes me wanna know more! What will Mika think? How’s she gonna tell him? Can she help Melody and Mason? So many questions that I really want the answer to. But I’ll wait until the next chapter; I can wait. ^^ This is soo good!! ❤

    • Glad you liked the chapter and are looking forward to the next. That makes me so happy! I look forward to answering all your questions very soon!!! Thanks so much for being a reader and commenting!!! 🙂


    And the heir is conceived. Fuck what Riley thinks, honestly.

    I’m glad it’s for sure Mika’s.

    On a less happy note, I don’t know what Melody thinks that she’ll be able to do….
    Though, from their little exchange at least it’s apparent that she does still care, she’s not too far gone that she doesn’t care what happens to her life – or maybe she was just thinking she still needed her husband’s money. Who knows.

    • Melody is at the end of her rope with her mother and is willing to try anything. She knows its a long stretch but is hoping that maybe Madeline can somehow get through to her mother.

  12. I knew it! 🙂 Just what she didn’t need now though. Hope she tells Mika, I was thinking she tends to make bad decisions so hope she doesn’t keep Mika in the dark. But what a situation to find herself in with her mother and everything. I think she’s quite silly sometimes but now I feel sorry for her.

    • I can tell you that Madeline will definitely do the right thing and tell Mika what’s going on. Probably something the old Madeline will do, but she’ll do the right thing for once. 🙂

      • That being said – I feel like Madeline is changing… She doesn’t really even look like the same girl sometimes.

  13. Hmm… so Melody wants Madeline to talk to their mom… I wonder how that’s going to go considering how their first conversation went… It’s pretty sad when people as young as Melody have to act like a parent to their smaller siblings. I think Mika will take the news all right, given what you have shown of his personality so far. Riley, I’m fairly certain will flip out. Madeline hasn’t even broken up with him yet, which I feel she should have done soon after their beach day, and definitely before she went to Mika’s and told him she made the wrong choice.

    • I agree. It is very sad that Melody has to act like the parent towards her little brother. Their dad is too busy and very much in denial to be much help, and Melissa is hopeless. And I think you are right. Mika will take the news ok, since he’s a pretty good guy and isn’t the type to just run off on a woman he knocked up. LOL. Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot 🙂

  14. It’d be nice if Madeline can get something good out of going to meet her mother, even if it’s just getting to know her half-siblings. I don’t know how much Melissa will listen to Madeline considering how far gone she seems to be. Still, it’s worth trying, especially for Mason’s sake.

    As for being pregnant, at least she knows for certain it’s Mika’s, and he’s likely to take the news soooo much better than a guy like Riley would. I imagine it’ll still be a shocker, but I’m sure Mika will be the stand-up guy once again. It’s just one more reason Madeline and Mika should be together and get Riley out of the picture ASAP. Can’t wait to see how it all goes down. 🙂

    • Yes, if one good thing came out of this whole mess is she got to meet a brother and sister she never knew about. Even if she could help them it would probably go a long ways to making her feel better. As for being preggo, yes, there is that at least. She isn’t going to have to go on Maury Povich and have a lineup of men to get a paternity test. LOL. At least she knows who the baby daddy is. 🙂 And don’t worry she will get Riley out of the picture, she’s just been busy. Thanks for reading!

  15. Plot twist!!!! Melody is definently much nicer than I originally thought when she was first introduced. I hope that Mika accepts the baby after how maddy treated him in the last chapter. I hope that Maddy will be honest with Mika and that she won’t keep it a secret. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways great story!!

    • I’m sorry the suspense is killing you!! But I’m glad you like the story! 🙂 Glad you like the character of Melody so far. She is definitely spoiled and a little snobby, but she has a good heart. And don’t worry. Madeline will definitely tell Mika she’s pregnant. Madeline has learned that its best not to keep a secret. 🙂

  16. Is it bad of me to actually be excited? Haha! I think that, despite everything else, Mads is going to be a good mom 🙂 I mean, she knows what it s like to have a dead beat parent, and also what it is like to have a parent ho loves her unconditionally. Plus, Mika seems like he is a good guy who will live up to his responsibilities, and this might just be the thing to get her out of her relationship with Riley! That’s just my guess, anyways :p
    Also, I really like Melody! I hope that she and Madeline get along together 🙂
    Really great chapter, I love this story to bits!

    • ROFL! Naww…its not bad to be excited. I am too. 🙂 And yes…Madeline will be a good mom, since she does know what its like to have both a deadbeat, and a parent who loves her unconditionally. I’m glad you like Melody as well. 🙂 Glad you like this chapter! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  17. Well, I’m glad Madeline has somehow bonded with her sister, even if the circumstances are far from “perfect”.

    “like I was walking breathing petri dish full of the Ebola virus or something.” <—– ROFL, that line was awesome!

    And, yes, Madeline, you only slept with Mika once, but… that's all it takes!

    PS: I love how all the characters' names start with an "M" ;).

  18. Wow..Mommy dearest is using again. No surprise, it sucks that Mason is caught in the middle though 😦 Poor boy. It will be a long shot, but I hope Maddy can help her siblings. They, especially Mason, deserve better. Another not so surprising thing, Maddy is pregnant. I don’t see why she’s worried about Riley. A. Aren’t they headed for splitsville? B. He’s a douche. C. Who cares about Riley anymore. Mika should be her concern. I don’t think he’d abandon her. He was there too so he can’t just up and wash his hands of it. She needs to break up with Riley ASAP, no explanations, just bye bye. And then have a talk with Mika. I just hope she doesn’t abort it..

  19. “I can’t be pregnant!” Famous last thoughts, Madeline. Famous last thoughts.
    Anyway, I got so excited when Melody showed up at her doorstep! I’m a sister-story sap. I said before I wanted to see them connect, so when Melody tracked Maddie down I was like, “Yay! Sister bonding time!”

  20. Melody seems like a very responsible young lady to step up and take care of little brother. I hope she’s not expecting too much from Maddie. I honestly don’t know what she thinks Maddie can do.

    I wonder how long it would have taken Maddie to even think she was pregnant if it wasn’t for Melody asking her if she was. She really needs to start using her head more.

    Why hasn’t she broken up with Riley yet? Prolonging it is only going to make things worse. I hope it doesn’t take her that long to tell Mika she’s pregnant. She really needs to do something other than wallow in self-pity.

  21. Whaaaaaaaat, this chapter wasn’t boring at all! The whole time I was completely glued to it. I really liked discovering that Melody was more than beauty and a bit of an attitude–the care she shows for her little brother is truly admirable. I’m not sure either what Madeline can do for them, but I hope that she can help them out and save their mother from the downward spiral she’s currently in.

    Although, it looks like Madeline has a heck of a lot more to worry about what with being pregnant at all! As if she needed more in her life to take on–ouch! I’M starting to get stressed out and it isn’t even me!

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