1.6 The morning after.

This chapter is Rated R (Nudity, and adult situations-You have been warned. LOL)


“Oh Madeline, you didn’t.”  I squeezed my eyes shut, and prayed that when I opened them again the man in my bed would disappear like a magician’s trick.  Maybe this is all just a bad dreamA horrible nightmare!  I counted to 10 silently, opened my eyes and groaned loudly.  “You make the worst decisions.” I whispered, staring at the stranger as he slept peacefully beside me.  His lashes casted a shadow on his handsome face, and he seemed blissfully unaware of my inner turmoil.

A quick look under the blanket confirmed my worst suspicions.  He was naked, and so was I.  But did we?

A slight ache between my thighs confirmed the worst.  Yes, we did.  What a way to lose your virginity.  I had never been a prude, and wasn’t one of those types who had to be married before losing her V Card, but I at least figured I would at least remember the encounter, and know the name of the person I gave away my virginity too…

I closed my eyes again listing to the sounds of his breathing and tried to remember last night…


The minute I slid the key into the lock and shut the door behind us, he was on me, exploring every inch of my body with his hot hands.  His tongue explored my mouth eagerly.  His stubble rubbed against my chin, but I loved the way it felt…Raw and exposed.

As he pinned me against the wall his hot hands slid under the back of my shirt unclasping my bra with one hand.


“Where is your bedroom.” He whispered huskily, as he slid my pants down my hips, followed quickly by my shirt.  They pooled at my feet.  I shivered with desire, but also fear.  Could I really do this?  Did I even want too?

“Down the hall.” I whispered, my doubts instantly disappearing as he kissed my neck.  He scooped me up in his arms, and I curled my toes with desire…


It felt good to lay down, and I felt self-conscious in my bra and panties.  He stared at me with desire and I loved how I felt…strong and powerful.  Someone wanted me, and it felt good to feel wanted.  He took off his shirt and I stared at his perfect body.  He wasn’t overly muscular, but he was tight and lean in all the right places.

I wanted to lick the tattoo on his chest, I found it sexy as hell.


He removed his pants and crawled into bed with me.  His hands cupped my bare ass as he scooted me back in the bed.  I was shaking with desire, as I felt his erection straining through the thin cloth of his underwear.


He kissed every inch of my skin, starting from my lips, that were still puffy and bruised, down to my chin and collar-bone, and even lower still, my breath hitching in my chest as his tongue moved over my bellybutton, and even lower yet….


Finally, just when I couldn’t take it anymore he moved back up to kiss my neck, suddenly he was inside me, and I cried out, my moan being swallowed up by his mouth that eagerly explored mine…



I crawled out of bed as quietly as I could, not wanting to wake him up.  My eyes widened.  Wait a minute. This was my house, why was I the one who felt she had to sneak around and take the walk of shame? I stared at him, not wanting to wake him up and have the awkward ‘the morning after’ talk.  Maybe I would just leave, and when I came back he’d be gone.

Was this night or morning? I couldn’t tell.  I looked at my alarm clock.  I hadn’t even heard it go off!  8 am.  Shit!  I had to be work in an hour.  I couldn’t believe I spent all yesterday in bed with a complete stranger.  I just hoped we used protection…


I ran to the drawer and pulled out the first outfit I saw, pulling my jeans on quickly, with a little hop.  I threw on my shirt, and ran a comb through my tangled hair.  I blushed when I thought about how I had earned those tangles.  I would kill for a shower right about now.  I smelled like sex, and beer, and a little bit of his spicy smelling cologne.


“Good morning.” His rough gravely voice made me cringe as I whirled around.  My cheeks flushed hot.

“Um, yeah, about that.  I have to be to work in an hour, so….”  I hoped he got the hint, I made a point at tapping my watch.

“Can’t you call in or something baby, let’s go get breakfast.” He smiled at me, his dark eyes glinting mischievously.  God, he’s gorgeous, I thought.  At least my drunk self has good taste.  “I could make you breakfast in bed if you’d like…” He winked at me, sending shivers running down my spine.  I had to admit, I was attracted to him.

“Maybe some other time, I really gotta get going.” I pointed to the watch on my wrist.  Again.


He pulled off the blankets and stood, giving me an eyeful of his tight ass and well hung balls.  I blushed down to the roots of my hair.  It was clear he was very proud of his body, as he should be, and didn’t mind showing it off, but watching him do the strut of pride as he walked around my bedroom nude was a little distracting.


“Will I see you again?” He asked walking toward me.  Confidently.  I froze like a deer in the headlights, half of me wanting him to step closer, and the other half wanted to run away as fast as possible and hide.

I bit my lip in response.  Last night had been a huge colossal mistake.  A fuck up of epic proportions, did I want to see him again?  Yes and no.  I didn’t trust myself around him.  He was too good-looking, and two suave.  Totally not my type.  “Sure.” I said finally, lying through my teeth.


He stepped in close, I could feel the heat coming off his body.  He pulled me into a tight embrace and lifted my chin to kiss my lips.  The kiss was surprisingly gentle, not what I expected.  I found myself responding to it, heat pooling down low in my stomach.


I thought of the bookstore, and Janice who would be waiting there for me.  It was like someone splashed a bucket of ice water over my head.  It instantly cooled the desire I felt.  I stepped away from him averting my gaze.  I grabbed my purse off my dresser.  “I gotta go.”  I smiled in apology.  “Let yourself out, and lock up when your done.”

“Can I at least get your name?” He called as I rushed down the hall my face burning with embarrassment.

“Madeline.” I called back, not bothering to ask him for his name, it wasn’t like I intended on seeing him ever again.

“My name is Mika if you’re wondering…” I heard him say as I shut the door.


I flagged the first taxi I found outside my apartment and wondered if Mika was getting dressed and leaving like I asked him too.  For all I knew he could be robbing me blind, and I could come back to an empty house, but he didn’t seem like the type.  As rough around the edges as he appeared to be, Mika didn’t really seem like a bad guy.  I touched a finger to my lips and remembered the surprisingly gentle kiss.  Maybe there was more to this guy then I knew.  I shook my head.  No.  I didn’t even need to entertain that thought for a second.  No, it was better to pretend that last night–and Mika, didn’t exist!


The cloudy overcast day matched my mood perfectly as I stepped out of the cab right into a puddle.  I shivered, wishing I had worn something a little more substantial than a tank top, but I was in a hurry this morning, and had just grabbed the first item I saw.

For once, I was actually happy to be at work, it sure beat being at my apartment right now, besides, rainy days were always busy and working would keep my mind off all my troubles.


“Coffee.  Now.” I grunted as I ran through the doors, wiping my wet feet off at the door mat before rushing back to the small café at the back of the store.  I was just lucky the boss wasn’t here, she frowned upon employees drinking for free, but when she wasn’t in her office, like today, it was open season.

“Rough night?” Janice commented as I sat down in the chair and guzzled my coffee quickly.

“You could say that.”  I laughed, staring down into the coffee mug as if it contained all the answers to life’s problems.


“Well spill girlfriend.” Janice said sitting across from me with an eager expression.  “My life is boring as hell, I got a husband who works all the time, and 2 kids under the age of 5, I could use some good gossip.”

I didn’t know how much I trusted Janice with my secrets, for all I knew, she was another Zoe, and by the end of the night, everyone in town would know I slept with a complete stranger last night!  I stared into her eyes.  It would be nice to talk to someone.  Besides, who was Janice going to tell?  Her husband?


“I really fucked up last night Janice.” I said taking another gulp from my coffee.

“I doubt that.” Janice smiled leaning back in her chair.  “You always seem like you have everything together.  You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want too, but I find that sometimes it does help to get things off your chest.  Maybe I can help.”

I bit my lip, not knowing where to start.  “Alright.  Here goes nothing.” I took a deep breath, and told her everything, starting from the beginning right to waking up in bed with a complete stranger.

Janice widened her eyes slightly.  “Damn girl, I’m sorry I asked.  That’s messed up.  So let me get this straight.  Zoe’s a bitch, Riley is a jackass for believing her, and Mika is a complete hottie. Right?”

I blushed.  “Yeah that pretty much sums everything up.”

“Damn girl.”  Janice laughed.  “You really did fuck up.”

“Tell me about it.” I said sadly, twirling my finger around on the table top.

“But its fixable.  If Riley cares for you, he’ll come around.  And if he doesn’t, then fuck him, he’s not worth your time.  You may think that your one night stand with Mika was a mistake, but maybe he’s a pretty decent guy, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss him.”

“He’s so not my type.” I groaned.

“What is your type than?” Janice asked.

“Well…” I started, I didn’t know where to start.

“Exactly.” Janice gave me a satisfied smile.  “You don’t even know what your type is.  Let me tell you something.  When I met my husband he wasn’t my type either, but sometimes opposites attract, he might just be what you need.”

“But he’s so….” I didn’t even know how to explain just how exactly Mika was wrong for me.  “I mean, I picked him up in a bar for Pete’s sake.”

“Well you were there.  Does going to a bar make you a bad person?  Do you think you’re a bad person?” Janice asked.

“Honestly?” I said glumly.  “I’m starting to think that maybe I am.  Ever since I got to North Port, my life has been one big jumbled mess.  Every time I try to fix a mistake, something else goes wrong, or gets even more fucked up.”  I felt tears prick behind my eyelids, and closed my eyes.

I felt Janice’s hand close over mine.  “That’s called life sweetheart.  Mistakes are part of growing up, and every mistake we make molds us into who we are.  Everything may seem ‘fucked up’ now, but I promise one day you’ll look back on this, and you’ll laugh.”

I opened my mouth to say something else when the bell on the front door let out a little jingle that announced the arrival of a customer.


I wiped the tears from my eyes with the back of my hand quickly and put on my brightest smile.

“Good morning, welcome to-” my voice trailed off when I saw Zoe’s face.


“Oh well isn’t this quaint.” Zoe said stepping inside closing her umbrella.

“Zoe.” I stood up.  “I don’t want to fight with you. Please.  You won, just let it go.”

Zoe looked down at her fingernails as if admiring the polish.  She was still wearing my dress and red boots.  “Oh I haven’t won yet, but I will.  All Riley can talk about right now is you.  Madeline, Madeline, Madeline.  I can’t wait until he sees you for the pathetic piece of white trash that you are.”

Janice stood up.  “The only piece of trash I see right now is you.”  She took a step forward.  I was scared for the older woman, but it warmed my heart at the same time that she would be willing to stand up for me.  I knew first hand how nasty Zoe could be.

“Zoe please just leave, ok.  You won.  Riley believes you.  Thanks to you, he doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

Zoe smiled.  “Your right.  After I’m finished with him he wont even remember your name.”



50 thoughts on “1.6 The morning after.

  1. I’m so split right now… T_T I don’t know what to think, other than Zoe can go to hell!! Dahh!!!!! I want her to be with Riley, but at the same time I don’t. And I think that my jaw dropped all the way to the floor when the mysterious guy got a name. Mika. OMG!! That’s one of my nicknames so I just… o_O mo.. but handsome he is and I aprove. Either him or RIley and I’m just curious to see what happens next and if the detective have found anything new; its been a while since she heard anything and made any progress about her mother..
    Loved this chapter and I wish you a merry christmas to!!! 😀

    • Oh weird. What a coincidence that is your nickname. Glad you approve of Mika, he is handsome, and a pretty decent guy. Madeline is still kind of stuck on Riley for all the wrong reasons. Riley looks better on paper, but has a tendancy to be a little judgemental. Thanks for reading!

    • I’m happy that Madeline has someone to stick up for her, although she doesn’t know Janice really well, she’s been a much nicer friend to her then Zoe. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Aw, Mika seems like a pretty nice guy, she should just date him and ignore Riley. LOL She seemed pretty over Riley the night before, anyways. Hmm, can’t help but wonder why Zoe is doing all of this.. She seems like more than just a girl that’s mean, she comes off as someone a little sadistic to me haha like she can never NOT have drama in her live, so she just causes if when she’s bored and then becomes relentless. I’d be scared if I was Maddie XD

    • You are right, Zoe is a little crazy, and sadistic. Kind of how I wanted to portray her. Zoe lives on drama, but also has deep seated emotional issues that causes her to act the way she does. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • Madeline does have a tendency to place herself in the strangest of situations. Case in point, her field trip with the hookers of North Port. Who would think of something like that? lol.

  3. The encounter with Mika in the morning made him seem like a nice guy, the way he asked if he would see her again. I got the feeling he was nice, and he didn’t care that they met at a bar. That picture of him just waking up, he’s so cute! 😀 I feel like even though Janice is at a different stage of life than Madeline is, Janice should have been the one Madeline made friends with. LOL. She’s way more down to earth than Zoe is. Zoe coming into the bookstore… I once knew a girl like that… she made her life all about me, yet she claimed to hate me a lot. I always thought, well… if you hate me, why the fuck don’t you just stay away from me instead of always being in my face and yelling at me? LOL. So yeah, same to Zoe, if you hate Maddy so much just cut her out of your life like a normal person, oh wait, you’re not normal, never mind. ROFL.

    • Mika is a nice guy, and although he was at the bar, it doesn’t make him a bad person. That’s just Madeline’s assumption, that if you meet a guy in a bar its bound to not work out, or there must be something wrong with him.
      I too knew a girl like Zoe, I’ve kind of based her on a previous situation. Girls can be evil. Thanks for reading!

  4. Now I’m torn between Riley and Mika. Mika seems like a decent guy: he was just cute in how he treated her the morning after ;).

    Janice seems great. Just the kind of friend Madeline is in need of right now :D.

    And Zoe, as bitchy as always. She can just drop dead for all I care! >:-(

    • I’ve been fighting the urge to kill Zoe off. Maybe I will at some point. Muahahaha. *Cough* anyways…Riley Mika triangle, I like the idea. I’m torn between them as well, and so Is Madeline. She feels that Mika is wrong for her, and she is stuck on Riley, even though he might be the wrong one. We’ll have to see! Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi! I just started reading this legacy and I cannot wait until the next chapter. Any chance you will be updating soon? All of the other legacies I’ve been reading are a few years old, so I love the idea of a legacy that is still being written!

    I definitely think that Madeline should hook up with Mika more in the future! He is a cutie 🙂 If Riley is dumb enough to believe Zoe, Madeline definitely does not need to reproduce with him! Those poor children! Speaking of children, since Madeline cannot remember if she used protection or not, could we be seeing the first possible heir soon? I would love to see a mini-Mika. However, Mika does seem to be somewhat of a gentleman, I find it hard to think he would sleep with Madeline without using something to protect them both!

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting! To answer your question, yes i’ll be updating soon. I just had some computer issues that have pushed back the update further along then I wished it. My computer was in the shop. I had withdrawls…ROFL. Glad you like Mika, he is cute! I like him too. 🙂

  6. I vote that Madeleine should give Mika a chance. A hottie like that is worth a second date at least. Riley is being such a dick anyhow not believing Madeleine although he had no good reason to not really knowing Madeleine, but still. He could get her side of things at the very least. Well Madeleine sure knows how to mess up with the best of them, but Mika might not turn out to be a mistake. Time will tell.

    • Thanks for the comment!! I agree that Madeline shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Mika. Hopefully he will prove himself worthy of not being a complete douche 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  7. omg what a way to lose your V-card. That’s grim! imagine not remembering! I feel so bad for Madeline but at least Mika seems like a decent guy? Maybe she ought to give him a chance? But maybe i’m still holding out hope that Riley will come around. Oh god. Zoe at the end: “Isn’t this quaint?” I’ve rarely felt such venom towards a character but omfg i want to kick her teeth in

    • Yeah it wasn’t a memorable first time at least, it would suck not remembering your first time. LOL. Yeah Zoe isn’t a very nice character that’s for sure. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  8. I love your stories so much, although I’ve never commented.. Damn you awkwardness! I can tell you work so hard on them ♥ 🙂 Your legacies inspired mine 😀
    Also, Mika is a cutie I hope we see more of him in the future, I can’t wish that for Zoe though, ugh just leave. Lol c:

    • Thank you so much!!!! I do try and work hard on them, I really enjoy the story and being creative, sometimes its not very easy. I’m so glad I inspire you, that made me blush. Thanks so much 🙂

  9. Oh what an interesting web Madeline has found herself in! Stinks for her but provides a good story for us.

    Mika. . .I’ve changed my mind Madeline, go for him instead of Riley. Phew! How did she have the control to go to work instead of staying home?

    Zoe. . .Can I jump in your story and beat the living crap out of her? What a bitch. I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

    Janice. . .I like her. She seems genuine.

    Riley. . .The verdicts still out on him. I’m waiting to see what he’s like a little more before I make up my mind.

    • Glad you liked Mika. And yes, its quite a web Madeline has found herself in. Poor girl really does have a knack for ending up in tough situations. Thanks so much for commenting!

  10. Janice is the right person Maddy needs in her life right now! She seems like such a caring and genuine person…she could be a really good friend! I’m starting to think that Maddy should forget about Riley! Mika seems alright too!

  11. You sure know how to write an evil bitch! And I take back my sleezeball comment about Mika. I hope he’s a nice guy and that she gives him babies. (I might be a tad bi-polar lol)

    • Thank you so much! I do like to write the part of an evil bitch, its pretty fun 🙂 Glad you ended up liking Mika. I did have intentions to turn him into a sleezeball, then decided I liked him. Thanks for reading!

  12. I find myself jumping on the Mika bandwagon. He was so sweet in the morning and even wanted to be sure Madeline knew his name. Sounds like he wants more than a one-night stand to me. 😉 Not surprisingly, my feelings towards Zoe are unchanged. Blech. Go. Away. Bitch. Now.

  13. Sigh… The best course of action – because I’m actually pretty good at reading these games, because my mother and sister have played them all my life – would be to hook up with Mika and pretend you don’t really give a damn. But you’d have to be willing to play Mika, and you’d have to be willing to hurt all three of them to defend yourself against Zoe. And, even if she knew that was the answer – which I would seriously doubt – she’s not the kind of girl to do that. Or, at least, I hope she’s not…

    I just wanted to stop here and mention that your writing skill has dramatically improved since your first story. In the first legacy of yours I read, it felt a little forced – and it definitely reflected the game it was contained within, but by the end it really had merit and depth. The second started with depth, but your character felt a little wooden and predictable.

    In this one you really have a great thing going. You have the depth and drama and their’s no hint of the sims weighing it down. The drama is also really cohesive, with lots of players, and very real characters. All of your characters seem “real” they seem fleshed out, with their own character and thoughts and motivations – even the ones that aren’t the main character.

    All in all, I’m really enjoying this story. I can’t believe how far behind I fell, but it’s really making my day off fantastic to have this to wrap my head in.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I would agree that I’ve learned a lot from my first story. When I started the Gallaghers I was always in a rush to post something, and thought that if I didn’t crank out chapters like a machine that people would get bored and quickly move on. I didn’t really have any plan or direction, I kind of just let the characters do what they wanted and make a story around it. I remember all the zombie stuff I had in the first generation on the Gallagher Legacy, and it makes me cringe. I think it did get better around generation 3 with Cole, when I started to focus on the characters more, and slow it down.

      The Hunt legacy had a good idea, but yes, was predictable, but I really liked that story, but yes, looking back on it now, you kind of knew everything that Grace was going to do. You knew in the beginning she was abused, that she left home to start a new life, and you know that her evil abusive husband was going to look for her. It was like a very predictable movie. LOL, but I liked it, and I think had I not lost the save that it would have gotten better the second generation.

      I dunno, with this story I’m trying to think how people really act. I know personally I make a lot of mistakes on a daily basis. I do stupid things that I instantly regret. I added a lot more characters to give her life more depth, because we all aren’t just sims living on our own in an empty world. Real life has friends and enemies, and I wanted this story to be realistic on all those levels. Madeline pisses me off sometimes. I wouldn’t doubt that at times of this legacy that people didn’t even like Madeline as a person. She’s been sheltered, and slightly spoiled, has no idea that the real world can be cruel and chew you up and spit you out, but she’s learning. Deep down she’s a good person who’s trying to find her way, but god knows she’s a little stupid. She’s a bit of a dreamer but one thing I can promise you is, that after all this shit she’s going to go through, she’ll learn along the way.

      With all that said, I’m glad your enjoying the story. And don’t worry about falling behind. Real life happens. I’m behind on so many stories I love. I read so many that its hard to keep up with them all. Truthfully I’m amazed and shocked that people even read this.

      I mean, I’m definitely no wordsmith. I used to write novels when I was younger and even had a teacher wanting to publish my stories, but writing a story without pictures is so much easier. I find whats hardest about sim stories is having to match the picture to the story, and since this is a game, the limitations are there. I’m honestly a much better writer when it’s not sim related.

      Another point I want to make is, that because this IS a sims story blog, I try to keep it short. I realize that people want to look at pretty pictures mostly, and not read a damn novel that keeps them at their computer for hours. That’s how I feel at least. Although some of my favorites stories are long ones and very in depth. I cut a lot of that stuff out and kind of dumb it down to make it easy and quick to read.

      I hope this makes sense, I’m very tired. It’s been a long day.

      • No, that makes perfect sense, and I think that’s why I sometimes struggle with the whole thing. I look back at my own writing and I get frustrated because I feel like I could do better. But, I don’t know how to handle time – lapses (even outside of sims related stuff I struggle, not to mention the sim’s limited concept of aging) and I agree that keeping it shorter and closer to the photos you take are soo much more important here. I find myself just throwing photos at things sometimes because I know what I want to say but I don’t know how I’m supposed to represent it… If that makes any sense. lol

        Sorry for the rambling. I hope I didn’t come off as arrogant or presumptuous in any way. I just wanted to recognize the effort that is obviously there.

        As a side note, if you ever have anything non-sim related I’d be interested in reading that as well. It really makes me curious since I know I write on such different subject matters when I’m not writing for the sims – to the point that I think it might shock some people, lol. I know not everyone would be interested, but I am and I’m sure others are as well.

        No pressure or anything though. I know you put a lot of work into your blogs and I wouldn’t want to take away or ask a lot more work of you. Just wanted to let you know – even though it feels impossible to get attention with the art of writing – there are people out there that are interested 😀

    • I’m the biggest critic when it comes to my own stories. I hate re-reading them because I cringe with all the things I wish I would have added, or just think that it all sucks in general. Basically I tell myself that I’m not a professional, and I do the best I can and recognize that its just a game with limitations. That’s all I can do. Don’t worry, I didn’t think you were arrogant or anything. 🙂

      I know what you mean about the time passing thing. I also struggle with that. And yes, its often very hard to portray what you want to say threw pictures. There are a lot of great poses out there, but there aren’t poses for everything, so yeah….

      I have tons of word documents on my computer of stories I’ve written. I’d love to share them someday, but I’m honestly not sure if I’d ever get the balls. They are good to me, much better then these sim stories by miles. I don’t know if anything will ever become of them, but probably not. LOL

  14. Zoe needs a life. I wish Maddy, Janice or a complete stranger would just knock her out already. I love Janice. She’s telling Maddy the truth. Although Maddy has made some BIG mistakes, hopefully she can turn things around. I’m getting my hopes up again for her, just a bit. So she lost her virginity to a stranger..okay. At least he was still there the next morning lol. Maybe he isn’t so bad? I don’t trust him but you can’t judge a book right? Maybe he’s a good guy.

    • Zoe definitely needs to be punched in the face, and who knows, maybe one day Madeline will stand up to her and do just that. And yes, Madeline may have slept with a random guy, but maybe he’ll be decent. Hehe. Thanks for reading Tiff!

  15. I feel for Madeline, I know how she’s feeling, your last night’s mistakes turns in today’s regret. Too bad she gave up her V Card to a stranger. I would not have been so quick to tell my business to Janice, but she is young and she will learn you can’t trust everybody. Ugh Zoe, she is asking to get slapped. I really hope Madeline puts her in her place. Janice was right, if Riley cares, he will believe Madeline. I hope things can work out for them, great update!

  16. Helloooo Mika. I think Zoe might officially be satan’s spawn. I mean really… Has she nothing better to do? Maybe she’ll get hit by a bus. And Janice is cool, Madeline could seriously use some solid advice right now.

  17. “God, he’s gorgeous, I thought. At least my drunk self has good taste.” Agreed, and while I have freely admitted to liking Riley more than Mika… I still think Mika’s pretty awesome. If you have to get wasted drunk and bring home a random dude, you could certainly do a WHOLE lot worse. =D
    And ❤ for Janice. I would make a stabbing emoticon for Zoe, but I don't think that there is one.

  18. Mika seems to be a nice guy, at least he was interested enough to get her name and ask if he’d see her again. I’m thinking she should give him a chance. Just because she met him at a bar doesn’t make him a bad person anymore than it makes her a bad person for picking him up at a bar.

    Mixed feelings about Riley. He should have given her a chance to explain herself before believing everything that Zoe told him. There’s two sides to every story and he should have listened to both. So right now Zoe can have him!

    Zoe is an awful person that I hope gets run over by a bus. Oh sorry that’s probably bit to harsh but at the moment I don’t like her and probably never will.

    Janice seems to be a genuinely nice person and I hope Maddie gives here a chance to become friends. Goodness knows she needs someone she can talk to.

    • Mika is a good guy, and you are right, just because you pick someone up at the bar doesnt automatically make them a bad person, although I have had some AWFUL bar pick ups in real life, hehe. LOL, and I don’t think you were being too harsh about Zoe. Getting hit by the bus is how I feel about her also. Thanks for commenting!

  19. Zoe is SUCH a troubled person. I am beginning to think that she actually has some deep-set psychological issue that NEEDS to be dealt with. Just wow.

    But Mika….I wasn’t so sure about him at first, because I’m automatically suspicious of anyone who would just walk up to someone in a bar and immediately take them home, but he actually seems kinda sweet. I am intrigued ^_^

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A Sims 3 Legacy Story

A Legacy of Misfits

"Welcome to the island of misfit toys"

The Hostage

My Sims 3 Story Blog

Bane of My Existence

Some Questions are Better Left Unanswered...

Breaking The Rules

A Sims 3 Story...


The Darling Family Legacy

The Complexity of Us

Love is a curious thing.

Catch & Release

The Harridan Curse

The Flame Family Legacy

A Sims 3 Historical Legacy

Reagan Leeds: Run The World

A Sims 3 Story Of A True Diva

The Life & Times of the Willows

When evil has a pretty face.

Future of the Fae

A Sims 3 Supernatural Legacy

The Harley Legacy

A Sims 3 Legacy Story...

Our Lives are Better Left to Chance

Dont let me be lonely tonight...

The Cortez Legacy

Love Transcends All

Dustland Fairytale

Out where the dreams are high, out where the wind don't blow, out here the good girls die and the sky won't snow

Iomai's Sims 3 Stories

A Blog For My TS3 Non Legacy Matter

The Withersby Legacy

From the 100 Girls Legacy Challenge

The Torres Legacy

Secrets have a way of getting out


Just another WordPress.com site

The Ballentine Legacy

Woah... it's a Sims 3 Legacy!

Moonlight and Sims

Where Sims 3 meets historical fiction

The Collier Legacy

A Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

The Darroch Legacy

A Sims 3 Legacy blog

The Solis Legacy

A Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

My Darling

Sims 3 bring me to life challenge (may not be suitable for younger readers.)

Bookworm Saffi

The ramblings of a Bookworm

The Legacy of the Xavier's

A Story Of A Man, A Dog, and Their Legacy

The King Family Legacy

A sims 3 Family Legacy Story

The State Legacy

A Sims 3 Blog

Random Branches

a Differences in the Family Tree Challenge

Late Knight Simmer

I write Sims 3 stories in my spare time.


Stories I wrote based on the game TS3

Champs les Sims

I still can't think of a better name...

The Black Occultist

A SimComix Story

Sim Stories

Stories from the Sims 3

The Taylor Legacy

A Sims 3 & 4 Legacy Story

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