1.5 Your place or mine?

This chapter is Rated R for adult language.


After the blowout with Zoe, It hit me like a bolt out of the blue that I needed a new place to live if I was ever going to have any sort of semblance of a normal life.  The very next day I began looking for an apartment that I could afford.  I quickly found out that city living wasn’t something one could afford while working at a bookstore for minimum wage unless you didn’t mind cockroaches and mice for house guests…


“So what do you think?” The realtor asked me once we stepped inside the apartment, the last apartment on our list.  I had nixed the other ones, they were just too expensive.  I was beginning to think I would be living on the streets in a cardboard box before the week was up.


I looked around the small living room, taking in the ugly orange threadbare carpet.  Orange? Was the previous tenant color blind?  Not to mention the totally 70’s style wallpaper in the kitchen.  And what was that smell?  I had the urge to kick one of the empty beer bottles left from the previous tenant, and walk out, but I swallowed my pride and thought of living with Zoe.  I’d rather live with a cockroach, I thought sourly as I stared at the hideous chipped walls that could have been yellow, or a dirty aged beige, who could be sure anymore?


“I know this isn’t what you expected. I’ll be honest with you.  The guy who lived here was a bit of a slob, and really let the place go, but honestly, with your um…budget, this is as good as it gets.”  The realtor said, looking out-of-place in the shabby apartment, with her nice tweed suit and sensible heels.

If this is as good as it gets, I’m in a lot of trouble, I thought staring around the room with a look of disgust, feeling very sorry for myself.  I thought about the house I shared with Zoe, and even though we couldn’t stand each other, and it was on the small side, at least it was clean and rodent free.


I tried to keep the disappointment out of my eyes and swallowed back the pity I felt for myself.  This truly was the end of the line for me, but was this better than living with Zoe?  I thought for a moment, quickly weighing in the pro’s and con’s.  Yes, it was worth it, if nothing for having my privacy again, and not to have to listen to the sounds of Zoe having sex every night.  She was a screamer.  Sometimes I thought she did it on purpose.

“Can I see the bedroom?” I asked finally, my eyes downcast.

The realtor’s eyes brightened, sensing my desperation for a new place to live.  She reminded me of a shark, sensing blood in the water and was moving in for the kill.  “absolutely.  You’re going to love it.  Right this way.”


More ugly walls, and the same orange carpet awaited me in the bedroom, but at least it wasn’t littered with beer bottles.  I had to be thankful for the little things.

The realtor faced me with a big grin standing next to the window.  “You really can’t beat this view.” She said smiling a big fake smile, her bright white teeth flashed in the sunlight that streamed in through the window.

It was a view, but I wouldn’t call it a great view.  All I could think about was getting dressed every morning in front of these windows.  Plus this wasn’t exactly the nice part of town, which reminded me of my disastrous night undercover with the hookers, and the look of complete shock and horror on Riley’s face.

“Yeah, great view.” I said finally, my voice sounded very flat.  Emotionless.

If I craned my neck, I could see the warehouse the prostitutes gathered every night, in search of their next target.  Hey, I thought a little giddily.  Maybe you’ll be able to see dear old mom working her corner from here! I let out a bitter little laugh.  After all, gotta be happy about the little things, I reminded myself, wanting to cry.


“I’ll take it.” I said finally, my voice devoid of all emotion.

The realtor sighed in relief.  I could only imagine she was happy to unload this place off on anyone.   “With a little TLC this place could really be homey.” She smiled that megawatt smile at me again.

“I think it’s going to need a little bit more than TLC.” I mumbled, under my breath.

“Well let’s go do the paperwork.” The realtor said quickly, probably so I wouldn’t change my mind.


I followed her down the tiny hall.  “Is that the bathroom?” I asked as we passed a door.

“I wouldn’t go in there!” She warned me sharply, looking panic-stricken.  Wonderful.

I followed her out to the kitchen, and signed the papers, instantly having regrets.  Even though this place was a complete dump, it was still expensive, and I was really going to have to start picking up more shifts, just so I could afford to keep the lights on over my head.

After I signed my name on the line, she handed me a pair of keys, and with that she disappeared, her relief was evident, all that lingered was the smell of expensive perfume.


I threw myself onto the ugly couch left over from the previous tenant and sighed.  I had a lot of work to do to make this dump livable.  I looked down at the beer bottles, and the trash that littered the carpet, then into the kitchen with the old fridge that probably didn’t work anymore, not to mention the broken leaky sink.  I really admired the use of the newspaper rug to sop up the water that leaked from the pipe.  It was a nice touch.  I laughed bitterly and rubbed my eyes….I had a lot of work to do, and if I was going to be able to sleep here tonight, I’d better get started now….



A whole week later, my little shabby apartment was now livable.  Gone were the ugly yellow walls, with a new layer of wallpaper to cover up the ugly chipped walls.  I had never applied wallpaper before, and I was amazed at the amount of work I had been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  If you looked closely you could see the flaws, I was in no way a professional, but it was much better than it had been.  I also applied new carpeting, found at a discount carpet store because of the flaws in the manufacturing.  I didn’t care.  It was better than burnt orange, and didn’t have cigarette burn holes in it.


The furniture was nothing fancy, and was pretty beat up if you looked close enough, but I was living on a tight budget, considering I was only making minimum wage at the bookstore, and blowing through my college money quickly.  I had hit up garage sales, and second-hand stores.  I had discovered the act of bartering, and was amazed how quickly I could talk people down on the price of furniture they didn’t no longer need.  Most people were happy to just get rid of the stuff.

I looked around my tiny apartment. It wasn’t much, but it was now mine, and I was proud of what I was able to accomplish.  And best of all, I was now free of Zoe.  If only the rest of my crappy problems would start working themselves out as easily.

Speaking of Zoe, I still had to swing by her house to pick up the last of my stuff. Something I wasn’t looking forward too.  Once she found out I was moving she went from being a bitch, to being a mega bitch, and it was clear that any friendly feelings Zoe may have had for me in the past, were long gone.


As I walked out of my apartment and into the elevator that thumped and hummed so loudly I worried it would get stuck in between floors, I realized I just didn’t care.  Once I had collected the last of my pitiful few belongings, I would never have to see Zoe Conner’s again.


I smiled as I exited the dark lobby and out into the bright midday sunshine.  It was a beautiful day and filled me with hope that things were going to start getting better.  First things first, fix things with Riley no matter what I had to do.  I hated the thought of him thinking I was a prostitute and a liar, even if he hated me after this, at least he would know the truth.  I had to hope he was able to forgive.  I should have been honest with him from the beginning and told him the story from the start.


Once the cab dropped me off, I looked up at the house, seeing a strange SUV in the driveway.  definitely not Zoe’s beat up station wagon.  Great, she had company, maybe it would keep her busy long enough to let me gather my things and get the hell out as fast as I could without incident.


As I pushed open the door I felt the blood drain from my face, and my stomach slam down into my shoes.  Riley.  What was he doing here?  My heart began to race, and my palms started to sweat. I wiped them on my khakis.  My tongue felt glued to the roof of my mouth, and for a few agonizing seconds, I was unable to form words.  Was he looking for me?


“What are you doing here?” I squeaked pitifully, my voice sounded so small.  I frowned at Zoe.  Was that one of my dresses?  I took in her outfit, down to the shoes on her feet, the outfit did indeed belong to me. Revenge for stealing her clothes, or did she want to look nice for Riley?

“I came to talk.  Zoe was kind of enough to fill me in with what’s been going on with you.” Riley said as Zoe looked on smugly.


“Oh I just bet she has.” I spit out feeling my eyes flash angrily.  “Zoe’s a cunt.” I swore, instantly feeling my face flush hot. I’d never used that word before, and by the look on Riley’s face, I could see he wasn’t impressed with my vocabulary.  I felt my eyes burn with angry tears.  “Riley, Zoe lies.” I begged searching his eyes desperately.

“Madeline, you’re the one who has been lying.” Zoe said quietly from the couch, her hands in her lap.  She spoke softly, and didn’t even sound like herself.  What a fake, I thought wanting to scream.

“What the hell are you doing in my clothes!” I yelled turning my anger on Zoe who smiled at me smugly when Riley looked away.

“What do you mean your clothes?” Zoe looked puzzled looking down at my dress.  And the award for best dramatic performance goes too….I thought amazed at her talent for lying.  “Madeline, I don’t know what you are talking about.  You need help.” Zoe looked up at me, her big grey eyes soft and limpid.  Riley fell for it, hook line and sinker.

“Madeline, Zoe isn’t the problem, she cares about you and wants to help.  Let us help you.” Riley said.  I closed my eyes and counted to 10, letting out my breath in one big whoosh.  This sounded like a bad after school special, only I couldn’t change the channel.

“The only one who is going to need help is Zoe, when I kick her ass.” I yelled.  “Riley, listen to me, she’s lying.  Remember when you found me passed out in the bathroom, at the club. Zoe was the one who left me there.  The other night, when you found me on the street corner, those were Zoe’s clothes.  I only wore them because I needed information.” I began my eyes pleading for him to believe me.

“I told him everything Maddy.” Zoe butted in, sniffing away a few fake tears that glimmered in her eyes.  I think you missed your calling Zoe, I thought.  You should have been an actress. “I didn’t want to betray your trust, but he was so worried about you and came looking for you here knowing that their had to be some explanation.  I told him about your mother, and how finding out she was a prostitute made you go a little crazy.”  She buried her head in her hands and started to cry.


“Riley she’s lying!” I threw up my hands amazed that such a smart caring guy could fall for such a load of bullshit.


“Madeline, its only understandable that finding out something like that about your own mother could cause you to follow in her footsteps.  I wouldn’t have believed it at all, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

“We just want to help you Madeline…” Zoe cried from the couch.


“It’s true, my mother is a hooker, I admit that.  It’s not something I told you because I didn’t want you to think bad of me.  I did dress up, and head down to the docks.  I did that so I could get information and find my mother, not because I was hooking myself.  Not to mention, what the hell were you doing down there anyways Riley?”

“I volunteer down at the youth shelter, and I thought I recognized you so I followed you.”

He’s a saint.  I thought sadly, volunteers his time, just wonderful.  Madeline your crazy idea really blew up in your face big time, I thought.

Riley looked at Zoe like he didn’t know what to believe anymore.

I watched as Zoe’s bottom lip began to tremble, and her eye’s filled with tears.  He took the bait.  “Madeline, your friend is clearly upset and wants to help.”


My head began to pound.  I rubbed my forehead and leaned against the wall suddenly feeling very ill. Clearly he believed Zoe, and nothing I was going to say was going to change that fact.


Riley stood up, and touched me on the shoulder.  “I’m here for you if you need to talk, so is Zoe.  She’s a good friend, and is very hurt that you are moving out.  She’s worried about you.”

I closed my eyes tiredly.  “I doubt that.” I said softly, more to myself, my voice barely above a whisper.


I looked back and forth between Zoe’s earnest face, and Riley’s sad expression.  I had to get out of here.  I burst into tears and spun on my heel and left on foot, not bothering to call a cab.  I didn’t care if I ever returned to get the rest of my things.  From what it looked like, she had claimed my stuff as hers anyways, and it seemed as though Riley was a gullible sucker who would fall for a few tears and a bullshit act.  Fuck him, I thought as the tears streamed down my face.


I passed a bar.  It looked like the last place on earth I’d be caught dead in, but suddenly I was dying for a drink.  I just wanted to forget my problems.  Look how well that turned out last time, I thought standing outside the door.

The place looked dead, with only two cars in the parking lot, but then again, it was only the afternoon.  Before I could talk myself out of it, I pushed open the door and hurried inside.


I didn’t even look at the bar tender as I sat down at the bar.  “A beer.” I said as he approached.  I chugged it down, gagging on the taste, but it was cold, and I was thirsty, and I just didn’t give a shit.  “Another.” I barked out my order.  I tossed that back just as quickly.

Before I knew it, the counter was cluttered with empty beer bottles and my head was starting to swim with thoughts I didn’t care to indulge.  I put my head in my hands and stared down at the ugly brown counter top.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a dark-haired guy approaching me.


“Can I buy you a drink?” He asked, his voice was rough and gravely, and kind of sexy, I had to admit to myself.  I briefly looked up, then back down at my empty bottle.

“I’ve already had one to many.” I started to laugh, slurring my words a little.

He laughed, a rich sound that felt sent shivers down my spine.  “Care for a little bit of company then?”


I looked up, and focused on his handsome face, intense dark eyes under thick brows, and in bad need of a shave.  He was definitely hot, but looked like trouble, and I needed more trouble like I needed a hole in the head.


I shifted on my bar stool, and stumbled, he touched my shoulder, his palms were hot on my skin, and I shivered again, this time with desire.  What was wrong with me?


“Do you want to get out of here?” He asked leaning close, he smelled of spicy cologne, and a little bit of beer that was on his breath.  Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to feel his tongue in my mouth, to taste him to see if he tasted as good as he smelled.

This is a bad idea Madeline, my inner voice whispered.  But I was beyond caring.

“Yes, let’s get out of here.  Your place or mine?” I whispered as his hot hand closed around my upper forearm, and we walked toward the entrance.

“Yours.” He whispered, his breath tickling my ears as he leaned so close.  He licked my ear lobe, and I about melted on the spot.

I closed my eyes and pictured Riley’s face, his golden eyes and warm smile, it was quickly replaced by an image of the complete look of disgust he gave me when he saw me on the streets.  He believed Zoe over you, I thought sadly.  Fuck Riley.



57 thoughts on “1.5 Your place or mine?

  1. Woohoo, I’m glad she moved out and got away from Zoe, even if her new apartment IS a dump! She certainly did a great job making the place look pretty, though.


    I hope Madeline doesn’t get into too much trouble. D:

  2. riley you are a moron! how can you believe that harlot! and i’m saying the nice term for what she is. i’m with madeiline screw you riley. and don’t do it madeiline! sleeping with a strange guy when your drunk is a bad idea!

  3. Zoe that daughter of a *****!!!! I hate to see that Riley believe Zoe, but then again Zoe seem to know how to get her way, even if it means using dirty means and big lying. Oh it feels good that she got a new place now, but I can’t shake the feeling that things will go downhill from here, one way or another… Great chapter btw! I loved it and really looking forward to the next one! 😀

    • Yes, Zoe is good at getting what she wants. She wouldn’t even want Riley if Madeline hadn’t been interested first. She’s very jealous and gets off on stealing men away from other woman to make herself feel better. Glad you liked the chapter! Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Hmm… So no big surprise from Zoe’s behavior… stealing Madeline’s clothes and lying to Riley. It seemed to me that Riley wasn’t super upset with Madeline, so even though he may have not been able to see through Zoe’s lies, he did say that he was going to be there for her… so I’m not giving up hope on Riley just yet. 😀 I agree with melanie, recording Zoe sounds like a smart thing to do. LOL.

    Hehe, guy at the bar is a hottie. You did a nice job with that apartment! o.O It looks a million times better than it originally did! 🙂

    • Glad you like the bar hottie, and the new look of the apartment. You are right, Riley wasn’t super upset with Madeline, he kind of went into Mr. I want to save the girl Mode. Thanks for reading!

  5. Great to see she finally got her own place. Hopefully, she gets over Riley quickly. The fact that he believed Zoe over her combined with his trust issues do not sound like the makings of a healthy relationship, IMO?
    Awesome update 🙂

    • Yes, you are right that since he didn’t believe Madeline that maybe that potential relationship was doomed from the start before it could even get off the ground. Thanks for reading!

  6. Ahh, I see now, Riley was volunteering somewhere. Now I’m thinking that since Madeline took Zoe’s clothes without asking, she did the same thing in return just to get on her nerves. Zoe really is a terrible person.. *slaps her*
    Oh Riley.. I want him to believe Maddie, but after seeing her dressing the part and hearing Zoe’s side of the story first, I can see how he might believe her more. He doesn’t really know Zoe is known for being this much of a bitch either like Maddie does. So much drama T_T
    And now Maddie is getting drunk again like she said she wouldn’t and is going home with a guy!? Ahh jeez.. I feel like she just keeps making things worse for herself without ever realizing it XD

    • Yeah Riley is one of those super good guys who do stuff like volunteer. *Rolls eyes* He can be very judgemental as well. You are right. Madeline does have a knack for making things worse for herself. Its kind of endearing in some strange way, the crazy idea’s she comes up with. LOL. Thanks so much for commenting!

  7. I loved Maddie’s irony while browsing apartments; it’s good she’s not lost her sense of humour, after all. And she did a great job furnishing the one she got in the end. Now it looks rather cosy :D.

    And, Riley, um,… I like his explanation for being in that part of town :-(. Anyway, his wanting to ‘help’ Madeline shows he’s a nice guy, which I like :D.

    As for Maddie herself, now girl! Getting drunk and going home with a stranger!? Seriously!? You should have listened to that inner voice of yours…

    • Glad you liked the makeover of the apartment. I do agree it looks much better. Decorating in the sims is not something I’m very good at.

      And yes, Riley is a great guy. He volunteers. Is good to his mama, goes to church. Works hard. Perfect right? Maybe not so much. Sometimes one needs a little imperfections to be perfect for someone.

      LOL Madeline definitely wasn’t thinking with her brain and let her hormones run the show. She’s going to awaken with serious regrets….Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Poor Madeleine. I can’t believe that Riley would believe Zoe over Madeleine. Where is the trust? I mean he doesn’t really know Madeleine, but couldn’t he have give her a chance to explain regardless?

    No Madeleine. Run, don’t go home with that guy. You will regret it. Revenge is a bitter pill to swallow.

    Great story so far. Really enjoying it.

  9. Please tell me you’re going to upload Zoe so I can download her and drown her. I hate her so much. I hope karma comes back around and bites her in the ass.

    I did love Maddy’s new apartment. Well, after you redecorated it of course. Orange is my least favorite color and I was crying inside just looking at that place.

    • ROFL. Yeah Zoe was next on my upload list, so she’ll be free to torture and maim as you see fit. LMAO!! I’m glad you liked the new look of the apartment. Thanks for reading!

  10. *whelp* Riley is in my bad books no doubt! How could he believe Zoe? but then again he’s got what he thinks is evidence in his own head, if only he’d listen to Madeline! Her home was an awful dive at the start too, but the makeover was fabulous. I hope Madeline gets everything together! although I kind of liked Roley but 😦

    • Riley definitely is a sucker for believing Zoe over Madeline, but eventually he’ll see the error of his ways. Maybe it will be too late for him then. 🙂 Glad you liked the makeover! Decorating or building anything is very hard for me. I envy people who are good decorators. LOL. Thanks for the comments!

  11. Awesome apartment makeover!

    I literally started pounding the table when Riley believed Zoe over Madeline! Makes me so mad! Still hoping things work out for them but I have a bad feeling abour what Madeline’s about to do. . .

  12. OH NO! I can’t believe Riley believes Zoe over Maddy! Hopefully he will soon come to his senses and realizes Zoe is lying! I really like the apartment makeover…it looks great!

    • I’m glad you like the makeover. Decorating is not my thing. I wish I was better at it, but at least it looks better then the hideous ugly walls that she had before. LOL Thanks for reading!

  13. You did a great job with making over that craptastic apartment into a lovely, homey place. 😛 Zoe … ugh … she is a piece of work and deserves the best actress award. Riley should’ve listened to Madeline when she said Zoe was the person who left her stranded, passed out at the club. Then maybe he would’ve believed Madeline over Zoe. I had wanted to see Riley & Madeline together, but now, I’m not so sure. Gotta see what happens with the hottie from the bar. 😉

  14. I love her new apartment. So what if the colors were outdated and it was dirty, great view and it ended up really good 🙂 I think she’s becoming more and more like her mom, making really bad choises here in this chapter. I tend to like hot guys that seems like trouble, always hoping they will change… Almost never happens though! ;-P

    • Thank you so much! Her apartment isn’t really that bad, she does got a view and she’s right in town, so what else could you ask for. You are right though, she is becoming like her mom though, making horrible snap descisions on a whim. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  15. Sigh. She is the queen of terrible snap decisions. But it makes sense at her age and how much she was sheltered…

    Whatever. I hope this guy doesn’t hurt her too much.

    • You are right. Madeline was sheltered and she doesn’t know what its like to really struggle. She assumed moving to the big city would be exciting, that it would be easy to find a job, and finding her mom would be a breeze and they would all live happily ever after. What madeline doesn’t realize is that the world is cold and cruel, and eat you alive and spit you out just as fast. Thanks for commenting!

  16. Where to begin? Im glad Maddy got away from Zoe and her apartment looks nice after she redecorated it. Zoe truly is awful, tricking Riley. He cares and thinks he’s trying to help, which is sweet of him, but he’s believing ZOE without even bothering to listen to Madeline. And I’m guessing she’s in for another bad night after getting drunkish at a crappy bar. :/ She’s hurting herself more than she’s hurting Riley.

    • It’s very good indeed that Madeline moved out of Zoe’s house and is now living on her own. That doesn’t come without its own sort of problems as Madeline has been sheltered her entire life. She’s in for a rude awaking. Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂

  17. Okay “Fuck him” was right. I get Riley wants to help and he means well but even I’m pissed at him for believing Zoe over Maddy. If he’s that easy to persuade then yeah, fuck him. Okay I’m lying a small part of me is hoping Riley gets some sense and gets with Maddy lol. Maddy you really are becoming your mother huh? Maybe when you do meet her you guys can drink and pick up men together :/ She’s making one bad decision after the other. The only thing she did right was put Zoe in her place or try to. I know her grandma would die if she saw what Maddy is becoming..

    • ROFL! Your comment made me laugh. She does have a little more of her mother in her then she cares to admit, especially in the decision making department. One bad one after another! You are right about how her grandmother would feel…Thanks for the comment Tiff. 🙂

  18. I was really hoping Madeline would slap Zoe, what a fake! Ugh! Riley fell for her act, well at least I know why he was down there with the hookers. Poor Madeline. At least she hooked up her new place, good for her. Great update!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the update. I’m sure Madeline also wanted to smack Zoe, but she isn’t quite ballsy enough to do that yet. Besides, I’m pretty sure Zoe could whip some ass if she really wanted too. Thanks for reading!!!

  19. Oh dear! Fuck Riley indeed, he’s a nice guy but stupid Zoe being an amazing actress..but Madeline…oh dear. Great chapter!

  20. I actually thought the apartment looked pretty nice once it was all cleaned up.

    And while it broke my heart that Riley didn’t believe Maddie or give her a chance to speak for herself… I really didn’t blame him. I mean, WE knew that Zoe was no-good satanic succubus spawn… but he didn’t!

  21. So glad that Maddie moved out of the house and got away from Zoe.

    Not surprised that Zoe took over her things and playing the part of concerned innocent friend to endear herself to Riley. Riley’s an idiot for believing her, even though I understand that at this moment she appears more believable than Maddie does. Maddie should have just told him her story from the start and could have avoided this altogether.

    Maddie you’re only making things worse. Getting drunk and going home with the good looking stranger is not the answer to your problems.

    • Yes It’s good that Maddie got out out of the house and away from Zoe. Maybe this will be able to force her to grow up a little, and to be a bit more responsible. Zoe is a good actress and sadly Riley fell for her act hook line and sinker. Thanks for reading!

  22. Oh my god–Zoe is like literally a sociopath! I wasn’t too surprised that she had basically claimed Madeline’s stuff as her own, but the whole bit with Riley!? I didn’t see that coming AT ALL.

    It’s reallllly unfortunate that Riley fell for Zoe’s act, but ugh, at least she’s out of there now. Although, judging by the end of this chapter, Zoe’s impact will continue to be felt anyway >.<

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