1.4 Ladies of the Night…

This chapter is Rated R Adult content and language

Authors note:  I’ve been working crazy hours at work, and I apologize that this chapter took longer then usual to come out.  I’ve even been called in on my days off, which is frustrating. I need to learn how to just say no. LOL.  So yeah, this chapter is a little bit short, but the next chapter is already in works and I hope it will make up for what this one is lacking.  Hopefully the next chapter should be out sometime this week, if I can manage to not get called in on my days off. *Crosses fingers*


I walked down Water Street, past the looks of disdain I got when I passed by a restaurant and club called “The Grind.”  I looked down at my outfit, the short shorts and heals were probably not necessary when it came to picking up a John now a days.  From the dirty looks I received it was clear my outfit was working, having borrowed my entire outfit down to the shoes from Zoe’s closet without her permission.  We hadn’t exactly been on friendly terms lately, and I doubt she would be flattered with me raiding her closet so I could go undercover to look for my mother on the streets of North Port.

It had been a week since the phone call with the private investigator, and their was no new leads.  I was getting impatient to find my mother, now that I knew she was alive, I was desperate to find her.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and search the streets on my own.


“Get a real job you piece of trash.” A woman snarled at me as I walked past her, tottering in my borrowed pair of Lucite hooker heels, why Zoe owned a pair was beyond me.  Maybe she used to work the pole, who was I to judge?

My face burned red as I stepped around the angry woman, I kept my eyes downcast, ashamed.  I was out of my element.  This was a bad idea….


Down the street at the end of the road a group of girls huddled together were my target, all three were smoking, a cloud of smoke lingered over their heads blowing away in the late night breeze that came off the ocean.

I looked both ways before I crossed the street, my heels tapping across the pavement in the stillness of the night.


They giggled when I walked closer, each looking me up and down as if they were accessing their competition.  This might have been harder than I thought. I had just assumed they would welcome me into their questionable ranks with open arms, I should have known better.

I forced myself to walk forward, pasting a fake smile on my face, hoping I didn’t look as nervous as I felt.


“Girly, I think you are in the wrong place.” The middle girl said her eyes narrowed with distrust.  “The high-class call girls don’t hang down by the docks.”  She pointed a red tipped finger nail down the street. “Now get to steppin'” She put her hand up as dismissing me.  Her cohorts giggled.  “You deaf Blondie?  Whatdafuckyouwant?”


“I’m looking for someone.” I said, hoping I sounded more brave then I felt.

“How much money you got.  I don’t normally do girls.” The middle brunette said,  she looked at the other girls who bobbed their heads eagerly in agreement, it was clear she was their leader.

My cheeks flushed hot, and I had to force myself to keep the look of panic off my face.  “I’m not here for that.” I managed to say.  “I’m looking for someone you might work with-”

“Are you a cop?” The girl in the gold hot pants cut me off, looking around wildly.  The other two girls looked like they wanted to either kick my ass, or run.  Maybe both.

“No, no, not a cop. I promise.”  I held up my hands in surrender.

“It’s a law that if you ask a cop if they are a cop, they have to tell you the truth.  I saw that on TV once.” The skinny brunette nodded knowingly, I didn’t think that was true, but I wasn’t about to contradict her.  She may have been skinny, all bones and sharp angles, but her eyes showed she was tougher then I would have given her credit for.  The other girls relaxed somewhat, and I sagged in relief.  The girl in hot pants went back to puffing on her cigarette staring down the street with a bored gaze.


“Who you lookin’ for?” The chatty brunette in the middle asked eyeing me up and down, she turned and spit on the pavement.  All class.

“My mother.” I said honestly, widening my eyes turning them into huge wet orbs of sorrow.

“What the fuck makes you think we know your mother, yeah?”  She sighed with boredom, sucking on her cigarette, blowing the smoke right in my face causing my eyes to water.

“Well she uh…works… she is like you.” I stuttered over the words, feeling my cheeks grow warm.  Way to go Madeline, I thought.


“Like us?” The skinny brunette said.  “A hooker you mean?”  She glared at me.  “You think your better than us, yeah?” She stepped forward, stopping an inch in front of my face.

“What?” I started to panic, feeling my heart race.  “No, I don’t think that.  I’m not better than anyone. I-”

“Blondie, I’m just fuckin’ with ya!” She laughed like it was the most hilarious thing in the world.

“What’s your momma’s name.” The girl with the corn-rows said blowing another cloud of smoke in my face as she took a drag off her cigarette.  I wanted to warn her about the dangers of second hand smoke, but I didn’t think she would appreciate it.

“Melissa.  She’d be in her late 40’s now.” I looked at her hopefully.  “Does that name ring any bells at all?”

The girls all looked at each other. The skinny brunette just looked bored, and the girl in the gold hot pants just shrugged.

“You really are stupid Blondie.” The girl in cornrows said.  “Nobody uses their real names out on the streets.”

“Yeah.” The girl in the hot pants chimed in. “That shit would get you killed.”

They all nodded in agreement.


“Get lost Blondie.” The girl with the corn-rows said.  “What makes you think your mom is hookin'”

“It’s a long story, but I know she is, and she lives in North Port.  Look.  Do you know any place I could look for her, anywhere she might be hanging out?” I asked desperately.

“Yo mom’s kind of old to be hookin.” Skinny brunette giggled.  “The old ones hang in the bad part of town, I knew an old whore once who could unlock her jaw like a Burmese python”

“Isn’t this the bad part of town?” I asked looking at the warehouse behind us.

The three girls looked insulted, each glaring at me.  I had clearly offended them.

“What you tryin’ to say blondie?” Skinny brunette glared at me, she took a step forward, and I shrank back.

The girl in corn-rows looked like she was ready to throw down, but lucky a car pulled up and the girls attention shifted instantly, to the lone occupant, a skinny looking dude who reeked of desperation.

“Hey how you doin’ honey.  You lookin’ for a good time?” The girls called out.


I watched completely shocked as the man climbed out of the car.  The girls approached him like a cat in heat, each hanging all over him like he was the last man on earth.

This was a mistake, I should have never came here.  It was clear these girls didn’t know my mother.  This was a huge waste of time, I’ve learned nothing.  My eyes filled with disappointment.

“Madeline?” A voice said from behind me.  My heart dropped in my shoes and I spun around feeling the blood drain from my face.  Riley!


“A bookstore huh?” Riley laughed, the sound harsh and bitter.  He threw up his hands and fixed me with a look of disgust and disappointment.

I chewed on the inside of my cheek, and felt my eyes fill up with tears.

“Riley it’s not what it looks like!” I managed to cry out taking a step forward, teetering on my heals.

“Madeline.  Save it. I don’t want to hear anymore lies.”

With tears streaming down my face, I walked forward, and stopped as he held his arms out in warning.  “I know what this looks like, but I swear I’m not like these girls.  If you’ll only listen to what I have to say-”


“Don’t come near me.  You lied to me Madeline.  I don’t want anything to do with you.” He spat, and backed up as far away from me as he could possibly get.  I swear I could feel my heart breaking in my chest.

“Riley please.” I begged.


Riley gave me one last searing look of disappointment, shook his head once, and ran off across the parking lot in the other direction before I could say another word.

Tears streamed out of my eyes and ran down my cheeks, I let them fall and didn’t wipe them away.

“Way to go honey.  You suck at this.” Skinny brunette girl said laughing as she leaned against the brick wall sucking on a cigarette.

“Yes I do.” I whispered more to myself.


I stared down the street in the direction Riley had left praying for him to come back, to let me explain.  If he would only listen I would tell him everything, every sordid pathetic detail no matter how embarrassed I was.  The truth would be better than him thinking I was a prostitute.

As the girls stared at me and laughed, I cried, not caring how pathetic I looked.  I was only concerned about Riley.  We weren’t an official couple, and had only been out twice, but he was something special, and maybe could have been the one.  Now I would never know…



I ignored the dirty looks as I walked home.  I stared down at the ground, only lifting my eyes off the ground to cross the street, and not wanting complete strangers to see the tears that streamed down my face, or their looks of pity.

Of all the people in the world that could have shown up to see me talking to hookers, Riley had to be the one.  He was the last person on earth I wanted to see me like that.  I would never get his expression out of my mind as long as I lived, not in a million years.

My eyes widened in shock when I threw open the front door and saw Zoe and Tanner making out on the couch like a couple of teenagers. I sighed, Zoe was never up this early.  Figures the time I would want to sneak in unnoticed would be the time she would rise early.  My shitty day just got worse.


Zoe jumped off Tanner and fixed me with a glare.  “Is that my shirt?”  She hissed.

I crossed my hands over my chest, caught red-handed, but I felt no guilt, I was too exhausted, and beyond caring.  I just wanted to rip this shirt from my body and fall into bed and forget I existed.

“And my shoes!” Zoe yelled pointing. “What the hell Madeline?”

I burst into angry tears and turned away from Zoe before she could see the tears that streamed from my face.

“Your stupid slutty clothes ruined everything I had with Riley.” I sobbed.  “Are you happy?”

“If you don’t like my clothes then why the hell did you take them?” Zoe yelled.

“Because you dress like a damn whore Zoe that’s why.  I needed to look like a hooker, and you know what Zoe, mission accomplished.”  I laughed at the stunned expression on Zoe’s face, and without another word, or maybe part fear of being punched, I ran upstairs two at a time.  The sound of my bedroom door slamming echoed throughout the house, and I flung myself on the bed.  Only then did I let myself cry….


52 thoughts on “1.4 Ladies of the Night…

  1. Thank god she finally told Zoe off but damn she could’ve thought of a slightly better plan to try and get closer to finding her mom. My ship boat totally sunk with Riley’s horrible timing T-T I hope he gives her a chance to explain herself in the future.

  2. Nooo…. *sad face* Riley, give her a chance to explain or you’re just the worst thing ever!!! Dammit all! It was a bad plan and why….. why… *cries even more*. T_T
    But that felt good! Finally telling Zoe of like that and just priceless to read her reaction X3 She deserves it, but now I wonder what the consequences will be of this… don’t let her get kicked out… *hold thumbs*

    • Yeah it was a bad plan. Madeline doesn’t often think stuff through, she gets an idea in her head, and runs with it. Most of her ideas turn out terrible. At least she got to unleash some of the rage she felt towards Zoe. That had to feel good! Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Aghhhhh that’s actually the worst part about any romantic comedy movie. “Let me explain!” “No.”
    And then everyone is hurt because they wouldn’t just listen to reason. I hope everything works out, he’s a cutie!!

    • Yes! I often got so mad at Romantic comedies when they did stuff like that. Riley has been lied too in the past, so that’s why he reacted the way he did. He’ll listen to her eventually. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!!

    • You are right. Riley should have at least let her explain, but to his eyes, all he saw was Madeline hanging out with the hookers, dressed like one, and just assumed the worst. LOL. Thanks for reading Terrika!

    • LOL. Riley is angry that he feels he’s been lied too. Hopefully he’ll come to his senses soon and want to listen to Madeline’s side of things 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!!

  4. LOL that stuff she said to Zoe was hilarious. What was Riley doing in that part of town? o.O Hahaha. Too bad the hookers couldn’t give her more information. Madeleine was right, it was a bad idea to pose as a hooker and do her own research. I wonder what she’s going to do now…

  5. How did Madeleine not know about hookers using street names or whatever? Hasn’t she ever watched SVU?
    Also, I feel like if Riley had really cared about her, he’d have dragged her away from those hookers and gotten her side of the story before flipping out….Bc even after getting her side of the story, he’d still have a good reason to flip out. Hopefully, he manages to overcome whatever happened to him in the past, so he can learn to trust Madeleine more.

  6. Ooh, undercover~! Skinny brunette was pretty scary. It’s a shame Riley had to see Madeline at such a bad time! I wish he would have at least stuck around to hear her out. Silly boy.

    “Because you dress like a damn whore Zoe that’s why. <– HAHAHAHA!

    Great chapter!

    • lol, yeah skinny brunette hooker was pretty scary. She’s had a tough life getting knocked around by John’s I guess. She doesn’t take any shit. LOL. She’s pretty ugly so she has to be tough. I’m glad you liked the chapter! Thanks for reading!!

  7. Wow, that last remark Madeline so ‘kindly’ offered Zoe was great LOL! That’s my girl! Very well said!

    I’m so sad Riley had to see her dressed like that, but what was he doing over that part of town, anyway? Hmm…

    PS: I hope you don’t get too burnt out at work *hugs*.

    • Glad you liked the exchange between Zoe and Madeline. I was proud of her as well for finally growing a pair of balls! You are right, Riley was in the bad part of town, but the next chapter will tell why and it will make sense. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

  8. Hmm.. Maybe not the best choice Madeline could’ve made to hopefully find her mother.. Why the hell was Riley there in the bad part of town anyway? He didn’t really have a right to yell at her like that, especially when they still don’t really know one another all that well. I don’t really understand Maddie’s argument with Zoe, either.. Maddie was in the wrong by taking her clothes, so why wouldn’t Zoe get mad? I feel like Maddie just doesn’t think sometimes.. :/

    • I wanted to throw in that argument over the clothes because it seemed like something 2 girls who are roommates would totally do, besides, I wanted to showcase that Zoe is a complete slut anyways. Sadly I didn’t have any slutty clothes to chose from, and those clothes weren’t really slutty to begin with. You are right. Madeline does not think….most of the time. LOL. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  9. Wow what ever made Madeleine think dressing as a hooker would help find her mom? I think she is going about this all the wrong way. She should let the PI do the job she hired him for. Poor Madeleine. I think she should have asked Riley what he was doing in the place where hookers hang out lol.

    I loved the comment about how Zoe might have done the pole (a little snarky on Madeleines part even if it was a thought she had lol).

    Loved the argument between the girls. That was so true to life lol.

    • Dressing up as a hooker was definitely not a bright idea. She made the situation way worse, she just doesn’t think sometimes. >.< Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm glad the argument between the girls was true to life. 🙂

  10. Ohh I don’t think it was a smart idea for Maddy to go undercover and find her mom on her own. She should leave it to the investigator to do the dirty work. Hopefully Riley gives her a chance to explain! They could be great together!

    • LOL. I know, right? This was a definite what was she thinking moment? Her heart is in the right place and wants to find her mother, but she really needs to look before she leaps. Thanks for the comment!

  11. More of Madeline’s impetuousness shines through in this chapter. Seriously? Dressing up as a hooker to try and find your mom? And what if you DID find her? Wouldn’t that be a lovely mother/daughter reunion.

    I’m bummed that Riley was in the wrong place at the right time. I hope Madeline gets a chance to explain herself in the near future. Riley seemed like the kind of guy that would give you the benefit of the doubt.

    • LOL, yes Madeline definitely doesn’t think things through, very evident in this chapter, but it was so so fun to write and take pictures of. And yes, what if she would have found her mom, wouldn’t that have been an awkward moment! ROFL. Thanks for reading!

  12. I hate to say it, but cockroaches and mice might make better room-mates…

    Though – seriously girl. What the HELL were you thinking!!! That was by far the WORST possible way to do the DUMBEST thing you could have done.

  13. ROFL. Yeah….I think I’d rather live with a roach then live with Zoe, but that’s me. LOL. Yes, Madeline’s little stroll through hookerville wasn’t very bright. But I was in a goofy sort of mood, and I thought it would be fun. So yeah. LMAO! That’s all there is too it. Thanks for reading.

  14. Maddy…what is wrong with you? Did she really think she could find her mom on her own? And the hooker was right, her mom is too old to be doing that. I was just restoring my hope into her too 😦 Poor Riley. I am slightly bothered by his reaction though. He doesn’t know her all that well and it’s not like they were engaged. He was kinda over dramatic I think. He could at least give her the chance to explain. On the bright side, Zoe got dissed lol.

    • ROFL, yes, she definitely is the queen of dumb ass decisions. Only Madeline would think dressing up like a street walker was an acceptable idea. And yes, Riley did over react. You’ll see why in future chapters. 🙂 Thanks for reading Tiff! I love your blog 🙂

  15. I know this was a serious chapter, but I could not help but laugh at some stuff. First, I noticed, isn’t that poor Pablo Martinez looking for an ass and his wife Jennifer berating Madeline? LOL I can just imagine them out there like that, I use random EA Sims for stuff all the time too. I was like OMG @ “knew an old whore once who could unlock her jaw like a Burmese python”, what an image! This story keeps getting better. Madeline was smart, if she wanted to look like a hoe, she knew where to go, right in Zoe’s closet. I was like, damn! Riley spotted her, then I was like, what was Riley doing down there where the hookers hang out? I hope Madeline stops being afraid of Zoe, I think she can take her! Great update! 🙂

    • lmao!!! YES! It was Pablo Martinez looking for a peice of ass, and his wife jennifer the one berating Madeline. ROFL. Glad you enjoyed this chapter, i had fun with it. 🙂

  16. Oh dear me Madline, I’m glad you finally smacked down your crappy room mate but really… Undercover hooker detective? Not the best plan ever, the Riley thing was unfortunate… I hope he hears her out

  17. Maddie’s plan didn’t work out quite as she planned. I could just imagine her thinking that if I look the part of a hooker than the real hookers will just open up and talk to me and tell me everything I want to know. Sorry Maddie it doesn’t work that way! I doubt she even considered what would happen if someone she knew saw her and it’s even worse since it’s Riley who does.

    I can understand why Riley didn’t want to listen to her explanation. Really what could she say? I kept thinking the worst thing she could do at that moment would be to ask the ‘real’ hookers to back her up in confirming she wasn’t one of them. That would have backfired even worse then having Riley run away from her. Hopefully once he calms down he’ll listen to her.

    Zoe had every right to be upset with her for taking her clothes without asking but at least Maddie stood up for herself. That’s a step in the right direction.

    • Madeline’s plan was quite lame, which goes to show how much she needs to grow up. She still thinks that everything will work out fine The real world doesn’t work out that way sadly. As for Riley, he’s going to believe what is right in front of him, what he saw with his own two eyes. Madeline hanging out with hookers dressed like one, of course he’s going to believe it. Thanks so much for commenting Debbie. Your comments are always so insightful. 🙂

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