1.2 Dirty Laundry pt 2

This chapter is Rated R, adult themes, language, and content.



My head feels like a cheap salvation army drum, I thought cracking my blood-shot eyes open, my cheek pressed against the cold floor.  I picked up my head off the floor groaning in pain, my cheek making a sucking sound as it pulled itself free of the sticky substance it rested upon.  I gagged, closing my eyes when I could only imagine what germs could be festering upon a public restroom floor.  I shuddered, I couldn’t remember a time in my life that I had felt as miserable as I did that very second.

Never again, I thought closing my eyes as I pulled myself up to a sitting position, another wave of nausea almost making me vomit again.  I looked up at the ceiling as if begging god, and asking for his forgiveness. I will never drink again.  I’ve learned my lesson. Never again. 

I rested my head on my knees and leaned my head against the stall wall, breathing deeply to stem off some of the nausea that crashed against me likes waves on the shore.  I lost the fight, and bent over the toilet and vomited over and over again…


As I lay praying to the porcelain god to strike me dead, I heard the bathroom door swing open and heavy footsteps enter the bathroom.

“Occupied.” I moaned as the stall door opened.  I looked up to see a pair of strong jean clad legs leading up to a handsome bemused face.

“You know you’re in the men’s bathroom, right?”  He said looking down at me in concern.  I squeezed my eyes shut in embarrassment.  I could only imagine how pathetic and tacky I looked curled up next to the toilet, my tangled blond curls full of vomit.

“Oh kill me now.” I managed to mumble, feeling a tear slide down my cheek.  “Could tonight get any worse?” I asked nobody in particular.

“Let me help you.” He reached out a hand, and helped me stand, leading me to the sink so I could wash my face and rinse my mouth out with water.  In the mirror over the sink I caught a brief glimpse of my reflection.  I looked ghastly, my eyes as red as stop lights and my hair was tangled and matted.


He put one arm around my waist and led me to the bathroom doors.  “Is there anyone I can find for you, or call?” He asked.  “Did you come here with someone?”  He asked concerned.  I thought of Zoe, and felt anger zip up my spine.  “No,” I mumbled.  “I’m all alone.”  I felt a tear slide down my face.


He led me outside, the cool night air felt wonderful on my clammy skin.  Despite how good it felt, I shivered.  He put his blazer across my shoulders and I was grateful.  Oh please don’t throw up again, I prayed, not wanting to throw up on his blazer.  I had already embarrassed myself enough for one night.

With one hand around my waist, he hailed a taxi and gently loaded me into the back, sliding in beside me.  “I don’t have any money, that bitch Zoe left me here all alone…” I mumbled pressing my head against the cool glass.

“I got it, don’t worry.” My savior in blue jeans said.

I was awake long enough to blurt out my address, and then I pressed my head back against the cool glass and passed out for the remainder of the trip home.


“We’re here.” A gentle voice shook me awake.  It hurt to open my eyes, but I managed with his assistance to climb out of the taxi cab without falling in Zoe’s ridiculous high heals.  He put his arm around me to keep me steady and led me to the front door.


He practically carried me up the stairs.  I felt like a helpless baby, clinging to him so I wouldn’t fall down the stairs.

“You’re a godsend.” I babbled.  “I’m sorry I smell.  I don’t drink very much, ok, more like I never drink.  I had a bad night, please don’t think bad of me…” I continued, embarrassed, but hardly knew what I was saying.

“You don’t smell bad.” He said, as we reached the top of the stairs.

“You lie.” I mumbled almost passing out.  I heard him chuckle softly.


He gently lay me in my bed removing Zoe’s high heals from my feet.  I closed my eyes, and tried to mumble a thank you that sounded more like a gurgle.

“Hey what’s your name?”  He whispered, covering me with a throw blanket.

“Madeline.” I managed to whisper.  I passed out before he could tell me his name, and distantly heard the sound of his retreating footsteps as they left my room.



“Make it stop!” I cried out the next morning as the bright morning light assaulted me through my window.  “Oh god, please make it stop!” I closed my eyes shut.  My head felt like someone had tried to give me a frontal lobe lobotomy with a screw driver.  I moaned and burrowed under my blankets.

Twenty more long minutes of misery and suffering I finally crawled out of bed, shutting my blinds.  I hopped into the shower, scrubbing my body until my skin was pink, the memory of the bathroom floor and the germs that probably teamed up on it still on the forefront of my mind.


I wanted coffee more than anything, not that I expected for it to cure my hangover, but I knew it would lessen some of the pain in my head.  I had heard once good old greasy food was the cure for hangovers, and I would have killed for a big mac, but I didn’t have a car, and Zoe was the last person on earth I’d ask to help me out.

Downstairs, pajama clad with my hair piled high messily on top of my head, I poured a cup of coffee and popped two Advil.  I tensed when I heard footsteps on the stairs.  A minute later Zoe entered yawning, her hair still in its pony tail, but sticking up in odd little tufts.

“Good morning sunshine!” She said heading right to the coffee pot.  I ignored her looking down into the dark liquid of my coffee.


She sat beside me like nothing had happened last night, like she hadn’t aired out my dirty laundry in front of two complete strangers, or maybe she just didn’t care.

“So was last night fun or what?” She winked at me.

I laughed, a bitter harsh sound.  “Fun?” I questioned.  “That is probably the last way I’d describe last night?”

“Quit being so dramatic Madeline.  I heard you come home last night, I told you that you wouldn’t go home alone didn’t I?  So spill the deets!”

“Deets?” I asked shocked, How could Zoe act like everything was fine after how she behaved last night.

“Was he good in bed?”  Zoe took a long sip from her steaming mug closing her eyes in bliss.

As usual, Zoe didn’t wait for my reply and instead decided to tell me all about her night, like I cared.  “Tanner came home with me last night.  I swear that man has the stamina of a bull.  I am so sore today.”  Zoe laughed, the sound making me clench my fists.  I closed my eyes and smiled a little at the thought of punching her in the face.  I would never have the balls to do it, but I had to admit that it felt good to picture in my head.

“What the hell is your problem Zoe?  How can you even act like everything is fine this morning.  You told complete strangers my personal business, and not only that, but made fun of me while doing so.  What the hell were you thinking?” I could feel my eyes flashing angrily.

“You are such a Debby downer.” Zoe laughed.  “I was just kidding around, I didn’t know you would take it so personally.  Lighten up would ya?”

I glared at her, and opened my mouth to say something that would probably get me punched when Tanner walked into the room, wearing last nights clothes.


I was silent while he went to the toaster and dug around in the freezer like he owned the place, and made some toaster waffles.  He sat down beside me with a wink.  “Want to have a threesome later?” He asked calmly, like he was discussing the weather, or asking directions to the gas station.

I rewarded him with a look of complete loathing, standing up quickly, the sound of the chair scraping across the floor made me cry out in pain.  The room titled a little, but I quickly steadied myself.

“What’s her problem?” I heard Tanner ask as I practically ran out of the room.


Alone in my room, I began to pace, back and forth, back and forth, before finally sitting down in my computer chair.  I threw my head in my hands in frustration.  How could Zoe act like everything was fine this morning?  Was she really that stupid to think that she could say all those horrible things to me, and expect me to just take it?

I knew Zoe was selfish, and self-serving, and always had to feel like the attention had to be focused on her one hundred percent of the time, but I never expected her to stoop so low and betray me like she had.  Zoe showed her true colors last night, and I didn’t think I would ever forgive her.


I stood up, full of anxious energy with nowhere to go and nothing to do.  I threw myself down on my bed staring up at the ceiling, lost in my own dark thoughts.


I pulled out my cell phone.  No missed calls, which made me cry harder.  I was alone, and I didn’t have a friend in the world.  I dialed home, needing desperately to hear a friendly voice.  I needed someone to tell me that everything was going to be ok…


“Mom?” I burst into tears when the phone was picked up.  I hadn’t called her mom since I found out she was my grandmother, but right now I realized that even though she wasn’t my birth mother, she was the one who raised me, who had given up everything to take care of me.  Who had put my own well being in front of her own.

“Madeline? Are you ok sweetheart?” She burst into tears that ripped at my heart.

“No, everything’s not ok.  I should have never came.  You were right.  I want to come home.” I sobbed, holding onto the phone like a life-preserver.

“It’s ok Madeline, tell me what’s going on.”

In a few quick sentences, I told her everything, leaving out passing out in the men’s bathroom with my face stuck in my own vomit.  I was grateful that she didn’t judge me, just let me rant and cry.

“I raised you to be strong Madeline.  I need you to calm down a little bit.  Everything is ok.  If you really want to come home, you know you are always welcome.  But you need to do what is right for you.  Its time I let you rest on your own two feet for a while Madeline, and be the girl I know I raised you to be.”

I flicked away a tear and sniffled into the phone.  “I love you mom.” I said.  “I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you.”

“It’s ok Maddy, I understand.  Nobody knows how they will react when faced with such news.  I should have been honest with you from the beginning, but I was so scared you would hate me.  I’m always here for you, no matter what.  You can call me any time, night or day, it doesn’t matter.  You are my daughter in every sense of the word.  No go wipe those tears from your eyes, and lift that chin.”

We said our goodbyes, and I tried my best to follow her advice.  She was right, it was time to grow up a little.  It was so like me to be defeated by one obstacle, and totally give up and throw in the towel.


I straightened my spine and walked to the window overlooking the ocean, and planned my next move.


Zoe’s Point of View:


I listened to Madeline cry on the phone with a slight smile.  Deep down I felt a little guilty, but I buried the annoying feeling deep down.  Madeline deserved it, I thought.  I claimed Tanner first, and she had no right flirting with him in front of me.  I thought with a scowl.  Besides, she’s way too touchy, and needs to lighten up.

I sighed and walked back downstairs not wanting to be caught eavesdropping outside of Madeline’s room, even though It was my own house, and I could do what ever the hell I felt like.  I was glad Tanner left.  He was hot, and the sex was good, but I didn’t want him around Madeline.  I didn’t want to admit it, but I was jealous.  Madeline is way prettier then I am, even though I would never admit it.   She was also kind and smart, everything a man could want.   The kind of girl you would be proud to take home to mom.

Still in my pajamas only slightly hung over, I stepped out to check the mail, almost knocking over a glass vase of beautiful long-stemmed red roses.  “Oh Tanner, you shouldn’t have!” I squealed, hopping up and down in excitement like a little child.

I stooped to pick up the roses, inhaling their beautiful scent and ripped open the envelope with an eager smile on my face. Probably wants to thank me for last night, and tell me he can’t wait to see me again, I thought grinning with anticipation as I started to read.


My smile froze on my face, and turned into a grimace.  Madeline.  I should have known.  Everything was always about Madeline.  I set down the vase, and ripped up the letter until it was nothing more but a few scraps of paper that fluttered away on the wind like snow.  I smiled in satisfaction, grabbed the vase, and headed back inside whistling.


I sat down the roses on the kitchen table.  Mine now, I thought crossing my arms over my chest.  I had no clue who Riley was, but I would find out, and Madeline would only be a distant memory when I got finished with him…



67 thoughts on “1.2 Dirty Laundry pt 2

  1. *gasp* bitch! Zoe is so horrible and jealous oh my God.. why can’t she just let Madeline be happy? Unfortunately people like Zoe actually exist, which is the most sickening thing. I really hope that Madeline chooses to stick it out and doesn’t give up the ghost and run home to her grandmother. Poor thing, shes so young and all. Ugh as a reader I even feel protective over her! great chapter x

    • I’m glad you feel protective over her. It’s my intent to have her grow throughout her generation, and become a much better person then how she started out. 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment!

  2. That son of a bitch! 😡 I want to shove down some common sense into that Zoe girl! Oh god how I hope that mister handsome Riley rejects her soo bad!! Poor Madeline, I just want to plop myself into your game and be her friend. ^^ how does it comes that it’s the nice girls who go through hell? But I kinda understand Zoe’s thoughts even if I don’t like it…. Great chapter and can’t wait for more! 🙂 Also good that Madeline finally realised all the sacrifice that her grandmother did for her :3 ❤

    • LOL yeah its always the nice ones who go through hell I’ve noticed. Madeline is no exception. And yes, Madeline has realized the sacrifices that her grandmother has made for her. Seems she is growing up a little. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. i know i said this once before but i will say it again zoe needs an ass kicking!! do you have that big of a low self confidence you have to treat others badly. here’s some advice zoe close your legs and maybe a guy would actual see you as more than a cheap lay that you don’t bring home to your mamma

  4. What a jealous little bitch. I hated how she said “everything’s always about madeline” when it’s totally not. It’s always about ZOE.. UGH *screams*
    I really hope she gets what’s coming to her.. And I reeaalllyy hope Riley comes back around and Maddy finds out about what Zoe did. Where did Maddy find this roommate, too? http://www.appartmentsforrentwithbitches.com? XD A little cheesy, but whatever.
    Zoe sucks. LOL Looking forward to more.

    • LMAO. Your comment made me laugh. When I was writing this, I kept thinking of the brady bunch instead of marsha marsha marsha, zoe would be saying Madeline, Madeline, Madeline. She’s insanely jeaous and a very insecure person, and puts on airs so people see her as this outgoing confident person that she clearly is not. Thanks for reading!

  5. Jesus Christ, Zoe. What the fuck is up her ass? LOL. *gets in a huge fight with Zoe, throws her off a cliff* Hmm… Riley doesn’t know Madeline never got the flowers, I wonder what will happen with him, if he’ll just disappear or if he’ll try again. What is (ok this is rhetorical, LOL) Zoe’s problem, why is she out of the blue so jealous about Madeline, just cause she “imagined” Zoe flirting with a guy she doesn’t even want? *flamethrows Zoe*

  6. Those jealous little bitches are always the nastier! That Zoe! >:-(

    I love Riley already <3, too bad Madeline never got his flowers or his lovely note…

    Oh, and I loved how Madeline called her grandmother "mom" when she was talking to her on the phone, because that's what she's been. It was really very sweet <3.

    • Yes, Madeline was very lucky to have such love and support growing up, not that she didn’t make mistakes, but who doesn’t. I’m happy also that she has finally seen the light. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Ugh, Zoe… sometimes I just want to strangle her. Ok all of the time but that aside. She is such a terrible… um person? She sure as hell isn’t Maddy’s friend. It’s almost like she’s the evil step mother from Cinderella, almost. And now Maddy won’t get the note Riley sent her or know his name >< Gah! -punches Zoe repeatedly-

  8. ‘I will never drink again. I’ve learned my lesson. Never again.’ I know that mantra well. 😉 Poor girl, I can’t imagine anything worse than waking up hungover on a public bathroom floor of all places!

    Uggh, I hate girls like Zoe. They never take any kind of responsibility when they hurt someone. They would rather turn it around on the other person.

    I’m glad Madeline contacted her Grandmother and apologised. That was sweet. ❤

    It was interesting getting Zoe's POV and learning how she thinks. Wow, she is warped!

    • ROFL. Me too. And then I do, and the same thing happens again. >.< Yes, waking up on the floor of a mens bathroom has to be the worst possible place to pass out. I kind of gagged a little imagining what could be on that floor. Piss puddles from men with bad aim. *Gags* And yes, sadly there are a lot of people out in the world like Zoe, who can't take responsibility for their own actions. Yes, Zoe is very warped, she's not a very good person, but I kinda like writing about her, not sure what that means about me…lol. Thanks so much for reading!!! 🙂

  9. Oh no she didn’t! Madeline you need better choice in friend, I know you don’t know it yet, but I have to say I agree with your choice of wanting to go home as well.

    Eager for what happens next 🙂

  10. It’s only chapter four and I’m already hooked! Holy wow, this is good!
    And Zoe is such a bitch! I can’t believe that, I honestly thought that she was just going to be the slightly annoying and really slutty housemate… but now her true colors have shown!
    Seriously though, I can’t wait for more!!

    • I’m glad I got you hooked this early on. That makes me happy to hear. 🙂 Yes Zoe is a bitch, I wanted to add someone into the story that’s the complete oppiset of Madeline, since Madeline has been so sheltered and “The Good girl” her whole life, I needed someone who could push out the bad side of her character. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  11. I am completely hooked! It just keeps getting better and better! I really am starting to hate Zoe. That girl needs to get over herself asap! Hopefully Maddy and Riley meet again!

    • I don’t either. She’s not a very nice person at all. With friends like that, who needs enemies. Madeline can do so much better the a back stabber like Zoe. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  12. Wow, Zoe is one stone cold bitch. Leaving Madeline behind when she knows she’s dead drunk and sick as a dog, an easy target. Luckily for Madeline, Riley was a really nice guy. I was a little nervous for her at first when he took her home. Zoe stealing Madeline’s flowers & that sweet note from Riley? She needs to get her ass kicked for sure. I’m loving your story! 😀

  13. Oh my god. I actually wish she would have just gone home. This bitch deserves to die. 😡 If she were real, I would kill her.

    • Zoe definitely did some evil shit to Madeline, and hiding the note and flowers was a new low even for her. She is so miserable with her own life that she just can’t bear to see others have any shred of happiness in their lives. Thanks for the comment!

  14. Zoe is such a slutty bitch! I can’t believe that she abandoned Maddy for a one nightstand and is now ruining a potentially great relationship. 😦 I’m looking forward to reading more and I hope Zoe gets what she deserves.

  15. That bitch! Zoe is going to have to grow up and actually punch her in the face. Seriously the end had me wanting to be a sim and kick her butt lol. How can she be so jealous? Isn’t she Miss hot stuff? lmao. I’m glad Maddy and her grandma made up! So so happy. Madeline I think I like you again. I hope Riley bumps into Madeline again, he is a really sweet guy. And he could be the friend she needs because Zoe is not it.

    • LOL! Zoe deep down is a very insecure girl with a lot of emotional issues, and she is insanely jealous of anyone who is more attractive then her, even though she fakes it. Thanks so much for commenting!

  16. See, I knew Zoe was a hater before I even read this chapter. That cow, ripped up Madeline’s letter. I felt bad for Madeline. I know exactly how she feels, being in a new place, feeling totally alone. I would have checked and slapped Tanner for even suggesting to have a threesome. Why was Zoe even sweating him that hard? He wasn’t even all that, Madeline didn’t even seem interested. Now Madeline could have a potential friend and she doesn’t even know Riley stopped by with a letter, now he will probably think she blew him off. Madeline, please put on your big girl panties and tell Zoe off! I loved this chapter 😉

    • Glad you liked the chapter! Yes, Tanner wasn’t all that, but to Zoe, it wasn’t that Tanner was all that amazing, she was jealous, pure and simple. The thought that Tanner would prefer Madeline over Zoe made her feel simply awful on the inside. Thanks for reading!!!

  17. Boo you who’re Zoe. Riley is dreamy and I’m sure he won’t fall for her crap but still, she’s unbelievable!

    I hope Maddy sticks it out but more than that I hope she’s gives Zoe what she deserves, a really scathing dressing down.

  18. Zoe is so horrible! I slightly want to feel sorry for her, her insecurities and all but she is just awful. Sorry if i’m commenting too much i’ll try to rein it in. Loving your story!

  19. You know… I really liked Riley. Err… more so than Mika. Don’t shoot me. It was just nice to see him come to Madeline’s rescue.
    All the comments on here seem to be about how evil Zoe is, so I almost don’t want to add to them. But gosh dang it, Zoe is bloody EVIL!

  20. Madeline probably met the man of her dreams and doesn’t even know it. I hope Riley tries again. Zoe should be taught a lesson. Why is she so jealous of Maddie? It’s not like Madeline is trying to compete with her or something. I hope Zoe doesn’t get her claws into Riley. But I think Riley might be able to hold his own against her. He doesn’t to be the kind of guy that goes for girls like that.

  21. Aw man! As soon as I saw the photo of Zoe bending over those flowers I just knew she was going to sabotage them. Still, when I read the words that confirmed my suspicions, my jaw dropped anyway. I can’t believe someone could be so horribly rude! Insane!

    On another note though I am extremely relieved that Madeline made up with her Grandma/Mom. I thought that she treated her totally unfairly and it broke my heart to see Madeline treating her like that, so I’m really happy to see their relationship repaired. Phew!

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