Generation 1 Prologue pt 2


Train Station:

This Chapter is Rated PG 13.  Mild Language



A couple of weeks had passed since the big reveal.  My grandmother and I were hardly talking to one another despite at her attempts to pull me into conversation at every opportunity.  I found it hard to be around her, her sad eyes followed me wherever I went, and haunted my dreams.  Just when I felt like I could forgive her deceit the pain and anger would come back rushing back full force almost knocking me on my ass with its intensity.  God bless her for trying, and it killed me to see the pain in her eyes when she looked at me.  I imagined she felt like she was losing her daughter all over again…

I wasn’t sleeping well.  My nights were spent in solitude, and I kept to myself mostly, keeping out of sight in my bedroom.  The silence in the house was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  

The minute the first rays of the sun peaked at me through the blinds I was awake, groaning at the thought of spending another day full of awkwardness and silence.  I missed the way it used to be between us, and now, I wasn’t sure if it would ever be the same…

I finally gave up on sleep and sat up rubbing my eyes, and shoved my feet into my old comfortable yet worn out slippers.


The fluorescent lighting hummed when I turned on the bathroom light in my bathroom.  The lights hummed for a moment steadily growing brighter causing me to squint at my reflection.

I studied my features, wondering how much of my mother’s DNA attributed to my overall appearance, and what of my father? Did I inherit some of his features, maybe the curve of my nose or my strong jaw line? Some nameless John off the streets looking for a quick bang and a good time, who had no idea I was even alive.

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.  I barely made it to the toilet in time before I heaved out my stomach contents into the toilet, which wasn’t much considering I wasn’t a stress eater, and eating was the last thing on earth I felt like doing.


I filled up the sink with cold water and splashed my face, patting it dry with a fluffy hand towel.  I vigorously brushed my teeth afterwards to get the sour taste out of my mouth.  I stared into the mirror.  Get a grip, Madeline. I scolded myself.  You’re losing it.


The shower felt heavenly on my tired achy muscles.  I had never realized how much tension I had been carrying around in my back and shoulders for the last couple of weeks.  I closed my eyes and let the water cascade over my body.

As the thick spray pounded on my back and the glass shower doors began to steam up I thought about my Grandmother.  Would I ever be able to say that word again without wincing, like I had just stuck my finger in an electrical socket?

If I was honest with myself, I had to admit that I was pretty lucky growing up. We didn’t have the nicest house on the block, or take fancy vacations, but I grew up knowing that I was loved, and I knew my place in the world.  Growing up, my grandmother worked 2 jobs to support me, and my house was always filled with love and laughter.

I closed my eyes, trying not to break down in the shower, even though I wanted to curl up in a fetal position and let myself drown.  That was the hardest part.  I grew up feeling so loved and secured, despite my lack of father figure growing up, she was both mother and father to me.  It was all a lie…


I sulked in my room after my shower till about noon.  The house was silent.  Had she left?  The sounds of my stomach growling reminded me that although I didn’t feel hungry, my body demanded nourishment.

I poked my head outside my bedroom door making sure she wasn’t down in the kitchen, otherwise I’d rather assume I starve to death.   Coast was clear.

In the kitchen I heated up a breakfast burrito and sat down at the kitchen table.  It tasted like saw dust in my mouth, but I had to eat something to keep me going.

I had just finished my last bite when a shadow appeared in the doorway of the dining room.  My mother, clad in a pink flowered bathrobe leaned against the door frame and cleared her throat looking down at the carpet.


I pushed my plate out-of-the-way and looked down at the table, counting the grain in the wood, wishing the earth would open up and swallow me whole.

“Mind if I join you?” She asked quietly, her green eyes so full of sadness that I had to look away.

“The seat isn’t taken.” I said stiffly.

“Maddy…” She began.  “I just”

“Jesus Christ!” I swore knowing that it would really rub my mother the wrong way, she was a religious but fair woman. “I’m not ready to talk about this yet, can’t you just leave me the hell alone and let me get over this?” I looked up briefly, guilt flaring in my gut for the pain I caused in her eyes.

“Madeline Elizabeth Drake.” She said firmly.  “I know you are angry with me right now, and I understand that, but I raised you better than this.  We have never fought like this before, it kills me to see you hurting.  I may have not given birth to you, but I raised you and loved you, and will continue to love you no matter what.”

I stood up before she could see the tears that formed behind my closed lids.


I got up from the table and walked out into the hall with her close behind.

“Madeline, I’ve let you had time to process this all on your own, but enough is enough, we are going to talk about this now, one way or another this ends now.”

I sighed and sat down stiffly in the living room.

“I get your hurt, confused, and more than a little angry.  I need you to realize that all I did, I did out of love.  I was worried about your safety.  Every night I would lay you down in your crib I was worried Melissa would come back for you and steal you away in the night.  She was a very troubled young girl, but I couldn’t lose you Madeline, I just couldn’t.  It kills me to think that things might not ever be the same between us again.” Her voice trailed off as she burst into noisy tears that tugged at my heart.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this.” I began quietly. I looked up to meet her eyes, knowing my  next words were going to break her heart.  “I’m leaving. You told me a few days ago one of the last leads you had on my mother was in North Port, Virginia.  Maybe she’s still there.  You might have given up on her, but I will not just let her live on the streets.”

I watched the blood drain from her face, she went so still it was eerily frightening.

“We can hire a private investigator to track her down, maybe a new lead will turn up.  Anything, but please don’t leave.” She begged, her hands in her lap twisting her bathrobe anxiously, tears streaming down her face.  “And what about college, Madeline.  Your future.”

“I’m not asking your permission.” I said meeting her eyes boldly.  “If my mother is out there, I will find her.”


I left her crying on the couch, and felt little regret with my choice.  This was truly something that I had to do, after all I couldn’t live at home forever.

I found myself out in the back yard staring up at the house I had called home for my entire life.  I laid down in the grass propping myself up on my elbows.  The house wasn’t much, Not the biggest grandest house on the block, the vibrant red brick was fading, but it had been my home, and I would miss it.  The tree above me that partially shaded me from the warm spring sun, I used to climb in as a kid.  My mother would always fret watching me climb the tree, worrying I would fall out and crack my skull one day.

So many memories…  I looked toward my mothers flower garden.  Tears clouded my vision as I pictured her in the garden with her garden gloves and spade, lovingly tending to her flowers.  I swallowed the lump in my throat and widened my eyes to keep myself from breaking down.


You don’t have to do this Madeline. I told myself.  You can forgive her, go to college, have a life, and forgive and forget.  This hurt angry person isn’t you.  She raised you better than this.  I closed my eyes against the flood of emotions.  Forgive her…

Suddenly the baby picture I found in my Grandmother’s dresser of my mother popped into my head.  In my mind’s eye, like a movie, I saw my mother happy and healthy on her mother’s lap.  She had been loved and cherished once.   She needed me, even if she had left me and never looked back.  As much as I tried to be angry with her, I couldn’t.

I didn’t know much about my mother, I didn’t know the circumstances, that drove her to a life of prostitution and drugs,  but all I knew is that she had made sure I was safe before she left.  She dropped me off at the one place she could trust that I would grow up loved and wanted.  I owed it too her to find her.  There simply was no other option for me.



My grandmother drove me to the train station in silence, but not before stopping at the bank and withdrawing a few grand out of my savings for my trip.  In the parking lot she turned to me pressing the thick envelope into my hands.

“It’s not too late to change your mind Madeline.” She said huskily, grabbing my hand and holding it tight.  “You don’t have to do this.  We can hire another investigator.”

“It’s time to go.” I said simply removing my hand from her grasp and opening the car door.  She followed me into the train station.


I purchased a one way ticket to North Port, Virginia, and after several minutes of silence between my grandmother and I, my train was called.

She was stiff, her eyes red rimmed from crying as she faced me outside by the boarding train.  “I always assumed I would say goodbye to you heading off to college, and not like this.”  She sighed, the sound sounded heavy with regret.

“I know.” I said quietly.  “Thank you for letting me use the money I had saved up for college.”

“It’s your money. You earned it.  And it’s up to you what you do with it.”

My tongue felt glued to the roof of my mouth, and every time I opened my mouth to say goodbye, I found myself unable to speak.  Finally my mother made the first move.

“I love you Madeline.” She said huskily.  “I love you so much, so much that I’m willing to let you go.  But know, that at any time, you can come back, and that I’ll support you no matter what decisions you chose in life.  Just please take care of yourself.” She started to cry in earnest, tears streaming down her face.  “Please stay safe Maddy.” She closed her eyes and said a silent prayer.


Suddenly I found myself in her arms.  Her familiar perfume enveloped my senses, intermingling with her shampoo that smelled faintly of citrus.  It smelled like home.  Tears pricked beneath my lashes and I let them fall.  I rested my head on her shoulder comforted by her scent and softness.

It’s not to late to turn back, my inner voice whispered once again.  But I couldn’t.  If my mother was out there, I would find her.


I boarded the train, taking my seat next to the window.  My grandmother looked so lost and alone standing by the empty gate.  I waved through the window and pressed my hand against the cool glass.  I kept it there until the train screeched against the rails and began to move.  I watched my grandmother wave until she was out of sight.

I kept on waving, until I couldn’t see her, and finally rested my head against the headrest and closed my eyes allowing the tears to fall.


Author’s note:  Thanks so much for reading!  North Port is a fictional city based off a real life town near my hometown in Michigan.  I chose the state Virginia due to its location on the coast, so I can use all the functions of the expansion, Island Paradise.  Also for the fact that Virginia has 4 distinct Seasons, although somewhat milder then what I deal with here in Michigan.  I hate playing in tropical places since the snow from the expansion pack Season’s doesn’t make much using palm trees.  I hope the fictional city makes sense. 🙂


59 thoughts on “Generation 1 Prologue pt 2

  1. Good chapter! I go to school in Michigan but I’m from Illinois and my father is from Virginia so I know what you mean about the weather patterns lol. It’s really interesting how you’re dealing with the seasons for the game 🙂

  2. I’m kind of mad at her, I know she’s young, and I understand wanting to find your mother. But, giving so much credit and choosing the woman that abandoned you, over the one that took you in and raised you without a second thought is very selfish.

    I wonder if she’s thought much about HOW she’s supposed to find this woman. The last lead was what? a decade old? found by someone who’s a professional at looking for said tips?

    Very rash. But, I can tell she’s a good girl, and I think she’ll land on her feet.

    • I 100 % Agree with you. As I was writing this, I found myself angry with her as well, which made it more fun for me to write. She’s young, and in her mind she believes she’ll find her mother, even though she doesn’t really have much of a plan, and they’ll hug it out and everything will be sunshine, roses, and lollypops. She’s young and optimistic, but I agree, she has been horrible to her grandmother who has done nothing more then love her from the beginning. Thanks so much for reading!!! ❤

  3. Oh, she’s off to look for her mother, how exciting! Hopefully, she won’t get disappointed (or worse :() in the end…

    That last scene was deeply moving <3.

    And I know what you mean about snow and palm trees, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever! LOL

    • Thanks for reading! I’m excited for the story with her mom to unfold. I’m glad you liked the last scene. It was short, but I don’t like to give people too much to read cause I worry they’ll be bored. And yeah, haha, palm trees and snow don’t mix to well. 🙂

  4. Oh this was good, like not just good, but very, VERY good. It feels good to know that she always will have someone waiting for her if her plans turn sour. I’m happy that even if she wasn’t told the truth until now, at this stage in life, she had someone to who loved her. I hope that whatever she finds will satisfy her and I pray like really, really much that she won’t face to much trouble. That trainstation btw, gorgeous! :3

    • I loved the train station too, I didn’t build it though, I couldn’t ever build anything that nice. LOL. I downloaded it. And I agree. It’s good to know that if it doesn’t work out she always has a place to go. 🙂

  5. Maddy, Maddy, Maddy. What are you thinking? Young people are always so sure that they are right. Everything for them is so simple and clear cut isn’t it? That girl needs a foot up her butt to wake her up. She was blessed to have the life she did, and going to look for her mother will only lead to more pain.

    She is going to regret doing this I believe. Hope it doesn’t turn out the way I fear it will.

    Can’t wait to see more.

    • Yes, she was very lucky. She had a great life growing up, thanks to her grandmother who only wanted the best for her. Going to look for her mom is only going to add to the pain, you are right on that, but she is acting on impulse at this point, and nobody will be able to tell her otherwise. Thanks so much for reading. 🙂

  6. My opinions of Maddy were pretty mixed in this chapter. I do understand her being upset, and stomping off in the previous chapter. In this one though, I’m like, yeah she can still be upset cause she was lied to for a while, but shutting her grandma/mom out like that wasn’t wise. I feel like she could have at least tried to start mending fences with grandma/mom, at least without snapping at her at every turn.

    I’m a little worried for her in the fact that she’s seeing her real mom through rose colored glasses right now. She only sees it as her mom left her with grandma/mom out of love and because she thought that was best for her. Not to dis her real mom, but her reasoning could have been way different. Like her real mom could have left her there because she didn’t want to raise her. I guess I’m worried that Maddy will get there and her mom will be like wtf are you doing here? Get out, or something like that. LOL.

    Grandma/Mom was so nice here, I felt her heart breaking a little, I hope she continues to just remember that Maddy loves her deep down. *hugs Grandma/Mom* 😀

    • That’s exactly what I was going for with this chapter. I like conflicted characters that don’t always do the right thing. Sometimes you hate them, sometimes you love them. And yes, she is seeing her mom through rose colored glasses, thinking that she dropped her off there out of love instead of selfishness. You are right on the money there. Grandma/mom knows that she has to let Maddy do her own thing right now, to tell her what to do will only push her away further. Sometimes you have to let the kid fall flat on there face, you can’t always shield them from the cold hard truth. Thanks so much for reading. 🙂

  7. maddy going to end up getting her feelings hurt. if her mom hasn’t came back in eighteen years that should let her know your momma don’t want your butt. she’s not being optimistic she’s being plain stupid. if my mom did that to me i would wash my hands of her and go to college.

    • I agree. One would probably just assume that her momma don’t want her, which is sad, but that’s life sometimes. 😦 But she’s acting on pure emotion and will not understand or listen to reason at this point. Sometimes to learn you just have to let shit blow up in your face, good or bad. LOL

  8. i’m so excited for this! It’s such an exciting start and i can’t wait to see what does down in Virginia. Madeline is so pretty too! 🙂 Wow i can really relate to her feelings of not really wanting to leave her grandmother but at the same time knowing that she needs to. It was so sad when she was remembering being a kid and climbing those trees or her grandmother gardening. ugh *wipes tear*

    • It makes me happy you were excited for the new story. I kinda felt like a jackass having to start another, and I never would have except the saves just aren’t playable anymore. Thanks so much for checking out the story and commenting 🙂

      • Oh yes, I feel you on playing in tropical worlds with Seasons. Most of my Sims live on IP but my favorite season in game is winter. So its kind of weird seeing a snow covered palm lol. I in the NYC world with other Sims and its gorgeous during winter plus the world reminds me of the real NYC.

  9. Oh Madeline! I just wanted to pull her off the train and try to convince her to not go. But she went and now she’s going to have to live with the good and bad of her decision. Hopefully this journey will bring her some peace but I have a feeling that’s going to come later rather than sooner. : )

    • LOL. Yup! Madeline made a very rash not very thought out decision that will probably blow up in her face. She will have to learn the hard way, but such is life. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  10. Aww, I’m glad she’s going on her own way and going to try to find her mother. Her grandmother was so heartbroken, yet I’m glad she was able to let her go and let Maddy do what she wanted. I hope she finds her mom and doesn’t regret it after maybe finding what she was looking for :O

    • Her Grandmother knew that if she wouldn’t let Madeline go, she was going to lose her forever. Madeline is an adult, yet still has a lot of growing up to do in a lot of ways. She’s going to encounter a lot of bumps in the road on her way, but she’ll come out of it as a better person. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

  11. Madeline’s so very brave for taking this upon herself, not knowing whether or not she’ll find her mother or how she’d even react.

    As a sidenote – Madeline’s heels are crazy high, I’d break my ankles, lol.

    • Madeline is brave, and a little bit headstrong. She doesn’t really have a plan in place, she’s just following her gut instincts. 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment, and for reading!!! 😀

  12. Madeline is extremely brave for taking on such an adventure. She doesn’t even know if her birth mother is alive, yet she is willing to do this. I do hope Maddy visits her grandmother sometime.

  13. Madeline is quite impetuous. How on earth does she think she’ll be able to find her mother? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. A lone 20-year-old looking for her mother among drug users and prostitutes living on the streets. Yep. That should go well. I feel terrible for Meredith. She must feel like she’s losing Melissa all over again.

    • You are right. Madeline is very impetuous, and rarely thinks things through before she reacts. She’ll learn the hard way, as people sometimes do in life. Thanks for reading!

  14. I agree with many of the others. She’s being extremely selfish. However, I remember when I was young (like a few years ago) and how I just wanted to do what I wanted and didn’t much care for the right way. Also, I found it very interesting that she wasn’t even sure what to call her grandmother/mother. She keeps going back and forth. Great way of making her seem even more mixed up!

    • You are right. Madeline is young, she’s headstrong and full of emotion. Thank you. I purposely at times called her grandmother, and mother for that exact reason. I wasn’t sure if it came across to you guys that way, but I wanted to show how Madeline was conflicted. It would be awfully confusing for one day to find out your mom wasn’t really your mom, but your grandmother. Thanks for reading Lovesstorms!

  15. I understand that Maddy wants to find her mother and uncover everything, but I can’t help and feel bad for her grandmother who just lost another daughter (even if Maddy technically was her granddaughter)… I don’t think that running off and throwing away the path she was the best choice, but I’m fairly certain that until Maddy goes to Virginia and searches she won’t be happy. Hopefully things aren’t too disastrous…

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are exactly right. Her grandmother feels like a scab has been pulled off her heart, just when she comes to terms with losing Melissa, she loses Madeline. Madeline is very impulsive and young, and doesn’t think things through like she should. Thanks for reading!

  16. I loved this update. You’re description of Madeline’s thoughts and feelings are so
    real. She deserves to be upset, I just hope she realizes her grandmother loves her. I wonder what she’ll find out there? Is she going to find heartbreak? Is she hoping for a happy reunion? For her sake I hope she finds what’s she’s looking for. Great imagery and scenery with conveying Madeline’s emotions. I really love your pictures.

    • Yes, Madeline does deserve to feel upset, as anyone would be in that situation I think. She knows her grandmother hid the past from her to keep her safe, but Madeline is young and stupid, and she doesn’t think things thoroughly like she should. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked the chapter 🙂

  17. I actually wanted to cry reading this. I know Madeline was hurt, but I wish she hadn’t been so harsh to her grandmother. She did the best she could even though she did keep a huge lie from her. I understand both sides but in the end she will see (or I hope) that a safe, loving home is better than sleeping on the streets or being exposed to her mother’s lifestyle. Your pictures are awesome btw. I’m cursing my laptop for not being good enough :p I hope Madeline IS safe during her journey. If anything happened to her I know it’d kill her grandma 😦

  18. I find Maddie’s reaction believable. I find her decision…well…unwise and exasperating. But then, I’m in my 50s and I identify more with her grandmother.

    • I’m glad you found her reaction believable. Her decision, well I chalk that up to being young and stupid. I’m only 29 and I agree with her grandmother more as well. lol Thanks for reading 😀

  19. Loved the second part of the prologue. Poor Madeline, I hope she is able to find what she is looking for. I know she’s looking for her mother but it also feels like she’s looking for more if that makes sense.
    I feel sorry for her grandmother. Overall, I agree with her more than Madeline. Maybe it was a mistake not to tell, but she did it for love and protection from what I understand.
    Ahhh cannot wait to read more ❤

    • Makes TOTAL sense. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the second part of the prologue. I feel sorry for the grandmother as well, and Madeline one day will grow up and realize how lucky she really had it. She has a lot of growing up to do. Hopefully I can manage to portray that well enough. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  20. Aowww – I feel so bad for her mom (gran). Poor Maddy needs to be free but I have such a soft spot for my grandma that it killed me. I have the feeling this one might be a weepy legacy for me (great writing btw).

    Rose/Sneaky XX

  21. Great chapter! You have me hooked on this story now and tears ran down my face. I hope she finds her mother and I feel so bad for her mom (grandma). Great writing!

  22. It was really sad to see her leave her gran, but at the same time I know that finding her mom is just something she needs to do. Reading this in hindsight (because as I established in my first comment, I’m a no-good lurker and have already read the part where she finds her mom. Heh) I think she was also striving to find herself and who she would be when she was independent of her grandmother.

  23. In my opinion Madeline is upset/angry with the wrong person. All her grandmother/mom tried to do was love and protect her. Granted she also lied to her about who she was but it was done with the best of intentions. I can understand why Madeline would be upset but to leave on a fools mission to find her mother when professionals couldn’t seems fool hardy. I know being young attributes to that decision but it’s also a slap in the face to the grandmother. Hopefully in time she realizes how much her grandmother loves her.

    • You are correct! She is angry at the wrong person. Yes, she shouldn’t have lied to her for all these years, but she did it out of love and concern, and that should count for something. Madeline has a lot of growing up to do, for sure! Thanks for reading!

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